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Do You Desire Affection And Sex From Your Wife?

For the "undeveloped" married man...those who haven't yet learned how to turn their wife on sexually, their willingness to have sex is mostly based upon one factor:

Is my wife giving me any indication that she will she let me "have" her?

If the indications say "Yes", then the "undeveloped" husband starts hollering "Yee-Haw" in his mind and "in" he goes.

The problem is, there are very few wives around who value themselves so little that they'll stoop to the "undeveloped" man's low value of himself...and the "undeveloped" man doesn't get very much sex.

Given his sexless state of affairs, the "undeveloped" husband quickly realizes that he's got to offer his wife something if he's ever going to "convince" her to have sex with him. So, in his simplistic, one-track-mind kind of way, he offers up his paycheck and "niceness" as "payment" for sex.

Now, offering up a paycheck and "niceness" works a little better than offering nothing...but not much better.

And that's where MILLIONS of frustrated, unhappy, husbands who are stuck in what is essentially a sexless marriage find themselves.

And, they are SO FRUSTRATED because in their mind, they have "paid" for the sex and therefore, they should get it. They "feel" like they've "paid" for the sex by:

1. Working a job and bringing home a paycheck.
2. Doing all sorts of tasks and chores around the house for their wife.

They keep offering up these "payments" for sex...they keep doing the same old thing in an effort to get sex...and they keep on feeling "ripped off" and "cheated" because their wife isn't giving them sex for their "payment".

Every day, literally, I encounter guys who have stayed STUCK in this model for YEARS...until their wife finally realizes, "This guy isn't EVER going to "get it" so I better go find myself another man before my ENTIRE life is wasted!"

The wife then moves towards some other which point these guys FINALLY decide they need some help and they find me.

Here's a quote from a real man that serves as an example of what I'm talking about:

"Calle Zorro, my problem is that I clean and do almost everything around the house so she will appreciate me and it seems like the more I do the less I get...and I don't just mean sex. I FEEL LIKE I'M BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!! I'm always paying her complements and getting none in return. We haven't made love in three months and we used to do it three times a week. I ask her, "What's wrong? Am I doing something wrong?" She tells me it's not me it's her so I've been trying to be patient but I'm so frustrated because I see it all coming to an end...and that's the last thing I want. I love her so much and don't want to lose her. She tells me she loves me to but I can't believe the way she shows it. I could go on and on but I'm on egg shells here."

Do you feel how sorry this guy is feeling for himself? Do you see how cheated he appears to be? Do you hear how mistreated he sounds?

Now, back up and read that paragraph I quoted again...does this sound like a man that a woman could be sexually attracted to?

Well, I can tell you that any woman reading this man's quote would RUN from him because this quote reveals to a woman that this guy is breaking every cardinal rule of being a sexy, attractive, appealing man.

Stated differently, this man has the kind of mindset and behavior-set that THOROUGHLY turns a woman off...and he doesn't even know it.

There are at least a dozen things wrong that this man is doing but I'm only going to give two clues here. The first is...

1. When a woman hears a man ask the question, "What's wrong? Am I doing something wrong?" or say its cousin statement, "What is it that you want...just tell me what you want!" she IMMEDIATELY KNOWS that this man does not have the capacity to take her to the satisfying and intimate relationship that she craves.

So, she "shuts down" while she figures out how to EXTRICATE herself from the mess that she's in. And, to give herself "time" to figure it out, she gives her husband something like, "It's not you, it's me." because she knows she can push him away with a statement like that and there's nothing tangible for him to "grab hold" of. In other words, he can't argue with a statement like that.

Now, here's a second clue...

2. Picture in your mind a totally grotesque woman. Really picture her until you can feel the repulsion in your stomach. Add in a terrible smell that surrounds this woman...a smell that's so bad, you have to hold your breath. Make sure you've really got the full sense of a completely nasty woman who completely turns you off and repels you.

Now, imagine this woman doing all sorts of nice things for you. She's cleaning your house...she's doing your laundry...your dishes...and so on.

Not only is she doing all these nice things for you, but she also is offering to rub your back or your feet or to massage you...because she wants to have sex with you...

Do you want to have sex with her?


Why not?

I mean...after all...she IS doing nice things for you...why wouldn't you want to have sex with her?

I'm pretty sure you got the point.

If you're doing things to try to "get" your wife to give you sex, then what you need to know is that while you're seeing yourself as a "great" husband because you are helping around the house, buying her presents, being affectionate, etc. and bringing home a paycheck, your wife is actually seeing you in the same light as you just saw the grotesque woman.

I hope you also get the point that it's time for you to DEVELOP yourself into the kind of man that IS appealing, attractive, and sexy to a's PAST TIME for you to become the kind of man that your wife DOES want to get affectionate and sexual with.

Go here:

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Husband Warning: Does Your Wife Have a Guy-Friend?

If you are a married man, this article may save you significant grief...

Let's start by asking, "Why does a wife cheat on her husband?"

Reason #1 is that her husband doesn't know what her needs are and so therefore, he doesn't meet her needs...which leaves her looking for fulfillment in some other man besides her husband.

Reason #2 is that her husband fails to think and operate in a way that's appealing, attractive, and she goes looking for a man who thinks and operates in a way that IS appealing, attractive, and sexy to her.

Reason #3 is what I want to talk about in this article...and it typically goes something like this...

* The wife has a guy-friend.

* Usually, the guy-friend was a "friend" before the husband met his wife...but not always.

* Usually, the wife denies that anything intimate or sexual has ever happened between them.

* Sometimes, the guy-friend is several years older...or younger.

* Usually, the wife claims they are "just good friends" or "he's like a big brother to me" or "he's like my favorite uncle" or even, "he's like the dad I didn't ever really have".

* The husband doesn't want to come across as insecure or jealous or a "prude" so he accepts that his wife's guy-friend comes over to their get-togethers and parties...and that she goes off to lunch or dinner or other activities...alone...with her guy "friend" on occasion.

* The husband trusts and assumes that because he is honoring his wife and marriage that she is doing the same towards him.

And then comes the surprise...

Somewhere along the way...often it's 5, 10, 15, or even more years later that the husband DISCOVERS that there WAS more to the guy-friend than just "friendship".

But what did the husband expect? The guy-friend was CONVENIENTLY "there" for the wife. There was a CONNECTION the wife could go to in the guy-friend for CONSOLATION during hard times, tough times, and especially during husband-problem times.

While the husband was busy making a living and providing for his family, another man was COMFORTING his wife...and CONNECTING with her.

So, the very thing that the husband's "gut" warned him about in the beginning became a reality.

That's why I advise men to mandate the rule: ONLY couple-friends are individual opposite-sex friends allowed...PERIOD! No exceptions!

And, should a husband make exceptions...should a husband let his wife bulldoze him into making an exception (which goes back to reason #2 on why wives cheat)...then he better get ready because the day will come when he'll get to enjoy the not-so-pleasant consequences of having made that exception.

Now, if you're in a situation where your wife has a guy-friend like I've talked about, then I advise you to immediately become the kind of man who understands what his wife's needs are and who thinks and behaves in a way that's appealing, attractive, and sexy to your that she loses all interest in the other man because her interest is now on YOU.

You can do that here:

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Lack Of Intimacy And Sex: Wife's Sex Drive Is Dwindling

There is a pattern that men play out over and over and over...the one where they take their wife for granted...they give her little to no attention...they give her very little of their interest...they show very little care or concern for her...their only REAL interest in her is sexually...until she gets major upset at which point they start paying attention to her and being "nice" to her...until she returns to "normal" which point they go back to taking her for granted again.

This cycle repeats itself in a series of "wife training lessons" over the course of several years until finally, the wife "learns" that her husband's "attention" and "niceness" is disingenuous, insincere, hypocritical, deceitful, and manipulative.

And of course, with each "lesson" the wife becomes less and less sexual. Until at the end, after the wife "learns" and "accepts" the "truth" of what her husband really is...once she gives up hope that her husband has the ability to be sincere, genuine, honest, caring, or loving...and she starts moving towards another man...or towards divorce, THAT is WHEN these men usually come to me and want to know why their wife isn't responding to their "niceness".

Usually, they say something like, "Calle, I don't know what far as I could tell, my wife and I were getting along more or less fine...nothing had really changed...and then all of a sudden she just blew up. And now, no matter how much I tell her I love matter how much I do for matter how much I bend over backwards for matter how nice I try to be to her, she just tells me that she doesn't have feelings for me anymore...that she just doesn't love me anymore...that she needs to find someone else who can give her what she wants. Calle, I love my wife...I don't want to lose her...What can I do to salvage my marriage?"

So, if you're one of those guys who has been taking your wife through the "training process" I've just described, realize that with each iteration of the process, you're one step closer to hearing your wife tell you that she doesn't love you and that she has found...or is going to find...another man.

My hope is that you're getting this "message" from me...and that you take it to heart...and that you decide to do something about your situation...rather than continue on in status quo until your wife gives you the "message" that she no longer loves you or is attracted to you and is ready to split up.

Either way...whether you're getting the message from me...or your wife has already given you the message, go here:

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