For Women Only...

Dear Adult Woman,

In order for a woman to have the happy, enjoyable, pleasant, satisfying, fulfilling, and intimate relationship she desires and deserves, she MUST have a man who knows what her needs are...and who meets her needs...and her man must think, behave, operate, and interact in an attractive, appealing, desirable, and sexy way.

As a woman, you've had personal've observed other women's experiences...and you have had private conversations with other women...such that you know a lot about how men succeed or fail with a woman...and I am asking you to share a few key points from your accumulated knowledge with me in this anonymous, private, totally-confidential research.

As you can probably attest, there are too many women who are unhappy, dissatisfied, and even miserable because the man in their life does not know how to meet their needs...and the man operates, behaves, and interacts in an unattractive way.  The good news is that right here, right now, you have a chance to help make things better for a good many women.



It's because WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!  By helping me in this private research, by filling in the survey questions below, I can better help men all over the world become better relationship partners.  Your input can help me create more goodness and happiness in the world

And, by you being a blessing to all of these relationships in this way, a blessing MUST come back to you in your own relationship.  That's the way it works.

Now, just so this is easy for you...this private survey is not about you personally...this is about sharing the insight about how females think and what they want that you have accumulated through the years. 

So, I am asking you to become an anonymous "Jane Doe" for the next few minutes so that you can be completely comfortable sharing your accumulated female insight.

Straight up, this is totally secure, private, and anonymous.  Nobody will ever know who you are -- not even me. 

There is no place for you to enter your name or email address because who you are is not important in this private research.  What is important is you sharing the knowledge, understanding, and insight you have accumulated as a woman...and your sharing will help me help men all over the world become better partners.

So, right now, I ask that you step into the mind of "Jane Doe" and share what you have come to know in this private, anonymous survey.

"Jane Doe", Tell Me What Women Wish Their Man Would Do To And For Them That Would Make Them A Happy Woman Who Is Attracted To Their Man.

On my end, I am striving to help men become the kind of men that women want to spend their life with.  So, "Jane Doe", the more you share your accumulated knowledge, the more I'll be able to help men...and the happier the women who are married to these men will be.

"Jane Doe", I am about to ask you 14 questions.  Some may be easy for you to answer...while others may require you to reach deeper into your accumulated knowledge to find the answers.

Either way, please access "Jane Doe's" mind and answer every question. 

Remember, this is TOTALLY anonymous.  And, I assure you, the sole motive behind every question is me being able to better help men become the kind of man that a woman wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Also, I've intentionally made some of the questions similar because sometimes saying something in a slightly different way from a slightly different angle is all I need to fully "get" what "Jane Doe" is saying.

Lastly, after "Jane Doe" has answered the questions, remember to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. 

Now "Jane Doe", please BLESS a whole lot of women by fully answering each of the following questions so that I can help a whole lot of men become better partners...

What key concepts would "Jane Doe" like for her man to
understand in the areas of marriage, love, and romance?:

If "Jane Doe's" man was really meeting her needs supremely
well, if he was doing things that emotionally satisfied her
and attracted her to him, what would he be doing?:

What are some things that "Jane Doe" finds very romantic?
How might "Jane Doe's" man be more romantic?:

What advice would "Jane Doe" give to the man who
wishes his lady wanted sex more often?  What are
some specific things that men can do to create a
happier, more sexual relationship with their lady?:

When it comes to sex and intimacy, what
does "Jane Doe's" man do that she likes and
what does she wish he would do differently?:

Knowing that many women are uncomfortable being
direct and open about their innermost sexuality, how
would "Jane Doe" suggest a husband find out what
really excites and turns on his wife?:

Based on the fact that their wife seemingly never wants to
have sex with them, some men believe that most women
don't want sex, have no interest in sex, and never think
about anything of a sexual nature.  What about "Jane
Doe"?  How often does "Jane Doe" think about
something of a sexual nature?:

Describe what men do that turns "Jane Doe"
off emotionally and sexually towards them:

Reflecting back on times when "Jane Doe" found herself very
sexually attracted to a man, what was it about him -- what did
he do, what did he say, how did he act, how did he carry himself,
how did he think, how did he interact, what was his relationship to
others, etc. -- that caused her to be attracted to him? What was it
that he did that really turned her on sexually...that caused her to
want to get sexual with him? (Alternatively, what would be the
description of a man that "Jane Doe" would be very sexually
attracted to and turned on by?):

Regardless of whether "Jane Doe" would really do them or not,
what kinds of sexual thoughts and fantasies does "Jane Doe"
find appealing and exciting?  What sexual thoughts does she
hardly let herself think about but yet they still cross her mind
from time to time and are exciting to her?  (Alternatively, if
"Jane Doe" was forced to write an erotic story, what kinds
of sexual experiences and encounters would take place?):

During sex, what does "Jane Doe" tend
to find herself thinking and feeling?:

When "Jane Doe" was a single teenager...say from age 14
until the day she got married, she spent a lot of time thinking
and dreaming about being in a relationship with a guy.  What
kind of relationship was it that she thought and dreamt about?
I am certain that she did not dream about being in a platonic
marriage where she and a man went to a job during the day,
came home and went through bland, meaningless evenings
filled with nothing but chores, tasks, and separate individual
time, after which she put on her grandma pajamas...and her
husband put on his grandpa pajamas...and they both went to
their separate bedroom...only to repeat the same routine the
next day.  So, in detail, what was it that she really wanted?
What were the feelings she wanted to feel?  What were the
experiences she wanted to have with a man?  What were the
things she wanted to do with and to a man?  What did she
want to receive from a man?  How did she want to live
with a man?  What did she want to share with a man?
What pleasures did she want to enjoy with a man in life?:

In terms of creating a happy relationship that works for both a man
and a woman, what else should I have asked "Jane Doe" that I did
not ask and what would her answer have been had I asked it?:

What else would "Jane Doe" like to say relative to helping us
men become the kind of man that a woman can
respect, appreciate, and be attracted to?:

"Jane Doe", thank you for sharing your accumulated female understanding and insight.  I will thoroughly study your input so that I can improve my ability to help men be better partners to their lady.

Women, here's a survey where you can give us men input on how to be a better man, a better husband, and a better lover.
Calle Zorro