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Hello Friend,

One, I'm looking for a few quality people who'd like to make money with me. 

Two, I'm looking for people who have a strong personal interest in marriage enhancement and relationship improvement.

If both of these are true for you, then I invite you to consider the Affiliate / Partner Program.

This program is a wonderful way for you to start making money for yourself right away.

This is an excellent business that you can succeed in.

This is something you really can generate income from.

This is a way to get checks coming in the mail to you in a short amount of time.

However, there's more to this than just making money.  This is also about making a meaningful difference in people's lives, marriages, homes, and families.   It  just so happens that you get compensated for making a difference.

This business is a venue where you can serve and help people and get compensated for your service and help so that you can serve and help an even greater number of people -- and enjoy life to the fullest in the process.

As is true in all areas of life, the greater the number of people you serve and help, the greater the good you provide to mankind, the greater the good you get to enjoy in life.

Also, because this is an Affiliate / Partner relationship, it's as important to me that you be successful as it is to you.  The more money I help you make, the more money I make.  That means I have a built-in incentive to help you succeed.

Here's how it works...

When you become an Affiliate / Partner, you'll be given a special ID that you use to refer people to any one of my sites (see below).  Then, you get a commission -- a check in the mail -- or via PayPal if you prefer -- on any and everything they buy.

Now, the level of success you'll enjoy in this business -- i.e. the amount of money coming to you -- is dependent upon how well you do this one thing:


Now, don't let that scare you because all you have to do is recommend that people visit one of my websites via your affiliate id where I do the selling.

Promotion is simply informing men about the the marriage / relationship enhancement products available to them through this Affiliate / Partner program and recommending that they take a closer look at them.

Ways you can promote include:

  • A blog

  • Advertisements (online or offline)

  • Articles

  • Business cards

  • Classifieds

  • Commenting on other people's sites / blogs

  • eMail

  • Flyers

  • Word-of-mouth / Direct selling

  • Any number of other marketing techniques

Now, you can pick which methods you're most comfortable with but the more of these methods you use, the greater your success and income will be.

It's as simple as that.

And just so you know, everything is tracked automatically by a third-party software program so that you absolutely get credit for every single sale that's made as a result of your promotion, recommendation, or referral. 

Not only that, but you also get credit for any follow-up sales that occur.  In other words, if you refer someone who buys a given product, and then they come back later to buy another product, you get a commission on follow-up sales as well.

Now, here are the details of the program...

As an Affiliate / Partner, you earn a 40% commission on each and every sale resulting from your promotions, recommendations, or referrals.

Commissions are paid:

  • At the end of each month

  • On all unpaid commissions past the guarantee period (30 days)

A few other details that you probably want to know include:

  • The current refund rate is 0.0167% (roughly 1.5 refunds per 100 sales)

  • Presently, my websites are converting in the 5.5% to 23% range. (roughly 5 to 20 sales per 100 visitors)

On a side note, it's actually quite easy to get 100 visitors to the sites.  Every time I write and publish an article, multiple thousands of men read it and a good portion of them come visit my websites.

Another side note is that I only expect the conversion rate to improve as I am constantly working to enhance and improve the sales copy so that it sells even better.

Of course, my disclaimer is that these are the results I get based on my efforts, strategies, and techniques.  Obviously, there's no way I can guarantee that you'll get results this good just as I cannot guarantee that you won't  get better results.

Actually, you may well get better results if your audience knows you and trusts your recommendations to them.

Now, products available for commissionable sales include:

Product Website Retail Price Commission Per Sale
"Budget Marriage Bundle Catalog $64.00 USD $25.60
"Happy Sexual Marriage Bundle" or or or or
$106.00 USD $42.40 USD
"Get-More Marriage Bundle" or or or or
$181.00 USD $72.40 USD
"Get-It-All Marriage Bundle" or or or or
$251.00 USD $100.40 USD
"Get Everything Marriage Bundle" Catalog $800.00 USD $320.00 USD
"Ignite Your Wife's Desire For YOU And Intimacy"
$247.00 USD $98.80 USD
"A Wife's Letter of Secrets" Catalog $15.00 USD $6.00 USD
"How To Turn Your Wife Into a Nymphomaniac" Catalog $27.00 USD $10.80 USD
"How to be the Best Lover Your Wife's Ever Had (And Get Her Initiating Sex More Often)" Catalog $27.00 USD $10.80 USD
"How To Make Your Ejaculate Shoot" $27.00 USD $10.80 USD
"How To Create A More Sexual Marriage Relationship" Catalog $37.00 USD $14.80 USD
"Real Wife Secrets" $49.00 USD $19.60 USD
"How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband's Guide (How To Be A Secure, Charismatic Man Who Projects A Manly Aura)" $75.00 USD $30.00 USD
"How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband's Guide (How To Be A Man Of Purpose And Money)" $47.00 USD $18.80 USD
"How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband's Guide (How To Be A Man Who Is Attractive, Desirable, And Sexy To His Wife)" $97.00 USD $38.80 USD
"How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband's Guide (How To Open Up A Wife Who Resists Being Affectionate Or Sexual)" $67.00 USD $26.80 USD
"Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling" (digital book) www.HusbandWifeHelp $97.00 USD $38.80 USD
"Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling" (printed books) www.HusbandWifeHelp $147.00 USD $58.80 USD

As you just saw, you can make as much as $320 per sale.  With commissions like these, you can rack up some serious cash in a short amount of time.  And there are more high-end (i.e. bigger commission) products soon to be released.

Ok, if you're ready to make yourself some extra money and to make a real difference in marriages and families, become a Affiliate / Partner today.  Click:

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If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate...just call me directly at:

(918) 814-3480.

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I look forward to much success for you and me both.


Calle Zorro

Clarification Note: Commissions are paid on all sales on the above products that you refer.  Commissions are NOT paid on products you purchase for yourself.