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Men, Here’s One Way You Cause Your Wife To Be Attracted To OTHER Men…

In my business of helping men create a happier, more sexual, more intimate marriage relationship, I sometimes have to tell men things they don’t really want to hear…

But, they’re things that will make a positive difference in their sex-life!

One of the things that women frequently tell me is, “I wish he would understand that spending 12 hours a day at work isn't the sum total of his life.

Right on the heels of that, women frequently tell me, “The only thing worse than him working all the time is him coming home and whining and complaining about things at work – especially griping about his boss.

It’s these two statements that I want to discuss in this article – and thereby help men create a happier, more sexual marriage relationship.

With regard to the first statement, it’s as simple as this…

What you give positive energy to grows and what you deprive of positive energy dies.

When you give positive energy to your marriage relationship, it can grow. To give positive energy to your marriage means that you give it time, attention, and care.

For your marriage to be successful, you must nurture it.

But, you already knew this…

Now, it’s time for you to START DOING what you know you should do…if you want to improve your sex-life that is.

Ok, let’s go to the next statement… What I’m about to say will probably be a revelation to you…an insight into a woman’s mind that’s never occurred to you…along with the high cost you’re paying for your ignorance.

First, never, ever, ever whine, complain, or gripe about how “oppressed” you are at work.


It’s because a MAN doesn’t complain or whine. Little boys complain and whine. MEN don’t!

A mature woman is not attracted to little boys…she’s attracted to a MAN!

In the context of a marriage, there’s absolutely nothing about complaining and whining that endears a woman to her husband.

In a woman’s mind, if things are really that bad at work, then BE A MAN AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Otherwise, stop crying about it like a little boy.

Second, never, ever, ever whine, complain, or gripe about your boss.


In a woman’s mind, to do so merely makes you look weak and your boss strong.

In other words, to complain and gripe about your boss makes HIM more ATTRACTIVE to your wife and YOU LESS attractive.

There are men everywhere who come home every day of the week complaining about their boss – wanting boyish sympathy from their wife – and they don’t even realize that all they’re doing is CAUSING THEIR WIFE TO HAVE SEXUAL FANTASIES about another man – their boss.

So, if you’re doing it, the price you’re paying to come home complaining about work and your boss is to turn your wife off towards you and on towards another man.

Granted, it may not be your boss but I can assure you that negativity on your part will ultimately REDIRECT your wife's attraction onto some other man besides you.

That’s so important, let me say it again…

Negativity on your part will ultimately REDIRECT your wife's attraction onto some other man besides you.

Now that you understand how your wife views negativity – especially work-related negativity…

…do you need to make some changes?

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“How Do I Seduce My Wife?” A Piece For Husbands…

Men generally understand that women are attracted to a man who is strong, confident, and masculine. Knowing that this is true, men most definitely want to be such a man.

However, how to “be” such a man isn’t exactly the clearest thing in the world to many men.

In spite of the masculinity-bashing TV shows and the movies portraying men as emasculated men who are subservient to women that are so prevalent today, many men realize they can’t be a “sissy”, a “weenie”, or a “pussy” because that’s definitely not attractive to women. So that’s definitely out.

This leaves men struggling through this mental dilemma where they’re trying to figure out how to be strong, confident, and masculine without being a “Jackboot” – a rule-maker, rule-enforcer, judge, and executioner all in one person.

Now, some men might say, “Don’t worry about it. Just be a Jackboot.” But, at some level, many men realize that being a Jackboot is at best a zero-sum game and at worst, it’s a guaranteed negative game.

And they’re right.

Attempting to be a Jackboot is at best a zero-sum game.


First of all, it’s a game where all but one must lose.

Second, it’s because a thing obtained by force or superior power can only be retained by force or superior power. And, in the long run, NOBODY can sustain the required force and superior power against all comers. Sooner or later, someone bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, or whatever comes along who is able to overpower the original person.

In contrast, a person who obtains a thing through ATTRACTION, is able to keep it as long as they want because the thing is attracted to them. That’s why your sole job is to work on being the very best that you can be – both personally and professionally – and you are competing with NO ONE except YOURSELF.

And, as you continue to develop, expand, and enhance yourself through your competition with yourself, through your constant improvement of yourself, you become more and more attractive. Consequently, those things that you have attracted will be even more attracted to you because you are more than you were before.

So, you don’t want to be a “weenie” nor do you want to be a “Jackboot”. You want to be ATTRACTIVE.

And, when I say attractive, I’m not referring to how you look. Yes, you should take care of your body. Yes, you should be a clean, well-groomed person. But, what I’m really talking about is being a happy, positive, loving, accepting, approving, ever-improving person who knows who they are, where they’re at, and where they’re going while positively impacting as many people as possible on their way.

That’s what makes a person attractive.

And, as you’re on your journey of self-development, expansion, and enhancement, there will be those who are “ahead” of you. That’s ok. Bless them and wish them their very best. They’ve developed themselves and they deserve their good.

Someday soon enough, you’ll be at their level or even higher. Soon enough, your day will come.

Remember, at birth EVERYBODY is virtually the same in what they can do and EVERYBODY must develop themselves thereafter. The real difference is that some people are fortunate enough to have been born into an environment where their development was fostered and supported or maybe even demanded. Others were not so fortunate.

Either way, the fact remains that we must ALL develop ourselves. So, the sooner we get busy developing ourselves (and thus our attractiveness), the sooner we can reap the rewards that we desire.

Copyright 2008, Article by Calle Zorro. Permission is granted to reprint this article ONLY if a resource box pointing to is included with it.