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More and Better Sex - 8 Tips for Men

1. The more emotional pain a woman carries, the less she wants to be touched in her private areas. And, unless a woman has a man who completes her, she IS carrying emotional pain – it's just a matter of what degree. Most women do NOT have such a man. That means you have a huge opportunity...

2. Take the judgment out of sex. Forget about questions like, "Did I do it right?" or "Was that good for you?" or "How do I feel / look?" Instead, make it a time of connecting, exploring, and experimenting. Make it a time of conveying feeling. Make it a time of expressing love through touch and skin contact. Make it a time of playfulness. Have a sense of humor. Let silliness, awkwardness or mistakes be ok and something to be laughed about.

3. Come up with words that work for you and your woman that you can use to build excitement when making love. Come up with a way that you can "talk dirty" and it be exciting for your woman. Vagina and Penis are a little on the clinical side for most women. On the other hand, hardcore street language is too crass and demeaning for most women. There's something in between that does work though.

4. Be courageous enough to communicate directly with your lady. For example, using the preceding point, ask your lady what she would like for you to call her vagina during foreplay and when you're making love with her. You can start with soft terms like "flower spot" or "honey pot". You can give her off-beat terms such as "juice box", "yum-yum", or "happy valley". You can give her the standard terms like "muff", "pussy", or "slit". And just for completeness sake, be sure you give her the option of selecting some of the hardcore terms that you would never think she'd like. Some women will surprise you. You've got to find out because you never know what words your lady has a positive association with. And, while you going through this process, you should also find out which words she has a negative association with so that you can avoid those words.

5. Specifically say and do things to make your wife feel special and loved. You may know that you love her but unless you explicitly convey it to her, she doesn't know. Further, just because you're going on a vacation next month doesn't mean you've expressed love to her. Just because you've spent money on her or gave her money for something she wants doesn't mean you've communicated to her your love and affection. The physical nature of money and things is a long, long ways from the emotional nature of connection and communication. Don't ever forget that.

6. Related to the previous, providing for basic needs is NOT the same thing as satisfying and fulfilling. If you are a normal guy, your parents provided for your basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. But, you DID NOT want to stay with them for the rest of your life, did you? No! You wanted something more. You wanted a woman...someone that could satisfy and fulfill you. It's the same for your lady...she wanted a man who could and WOULD satisfy and fulfill her.

7. Do something really sexy...stop trying to impress your woman in whatever ways you're trying to impress her and instead, be impressed with her. Be impressed with who she is. Be impressed with all that she offers. Be impressed with all that she does. Be impressed with how she loves you and excites you. Be impressed with her goals, dreams, and aspirations. Be impressed with the endless zenith of love and joy that's within her. Be impressed with her for a change and she'll be impressed with what a sexy man you've become.

8. Help your wife boost her self-esteem and her willingness to get sexual by providing her with the way and means of dolling herself up at whatever level works for her. Even if it's more practical for her to wear "boring but functional" clothing, she can still rev things up within her own mind by wearing something soft, lacy, and pretty underneath. It doesn't matter where it's at or even if it's completely in her head – as long as SOMETHING is giving her a notion of "pretty" then she'll FEEL prettier – and she'll become more interested in connecting with her man.

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10 Sex And Marriage Truisms That Affect YOU

Men, have you thought about the following truisms and how they impact you lately?

  1. The more sex you have with your wife, the less likely she is to cheat on you.
  2. The more sex you have with your wife, the less likely she is to be pursued by other men.
  3. You ambition and drive for resources is far more important to your wife than your looks.
  4. Keeping your relationship happy and sexual is how you keep it going – it's how you retain your lady.
  5. Spying on your wife, snooping through her private places, exhibiting jealous behavior around her and/or creating a big fuss when others get too close to her is a way to try to keep your wife loyal to you but it doesn't work very well.
  6. Children desperately need you and your wife to model a happy, sexual marriage union to them so that they can go repeat the process – and the world thereby becomes a happier, more enjoyable place.
  7. Loving and being loved is what makes the world go around. Are you helping the world go around?
  8. The most dangerous and destructive thing you can do is let your wife get bored.
  9. There are plenty of simple ways to poison and destroy all that you hold dear. Ones that have been proven include: criticizing, dwelling on hurts, trying to change others, ignoring others, and behaving selfishly. If you'd rather keep your family, then try encouraging, accepting, noticing, and giving selflessly.
  10. The better you keep yourself looking, the more your wife will feel a need to keep herself looking good.
  11. It's good to want and work for better things so that you and your family can enjoy a finer life. Just remember to appreciate and enjoy all that you already have. That way, you achieve success and have happiness. That way, your wife and children can appreciate what you're doing instead of despising you for it.
  12. At one time, your wife was a special person to you. How much better might things become for you if you once again elevated her to hat position of being "special"?
  13. God wants you, your wife, and your children to enjoy the abundance and fullness of life. Don't miss out because of lack and emptiness of love.
  14. You can't build up your marriage by tearing down your wife.
  15. It's a surprising irony...there can be people all around you and you can still be lonely. Never forget though, the greatest antidote to loneliness is lovingness.

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Men, How About A More Sexual Marriage?

If you are a man in a relationship that's not as sexual as you would like, then I have good news for you: YOU CAN HAVE A MORE SEXUAL MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP.

Yes, you really can. As impossible as it may seem to you right now, I can assure you that enjoying more sex is entirely possible for you.

However, I must also tell you that creating a more sexual marriage or relationship is an up-hill battle that will require courage, strength, patience, persistence, education, and personal growth on your part.

Here's why...

How a woman views things of a sexual nature depends upon how she has been conditioned to think about them and how she chooses to think of them now.

A person can't really help it if they grew up being conditioned with thought processes and perspectives that have proven to be ineffective or even harmful. But, as an adult, they CAN NOW change their viewpoints, beliefs, and behaviors so that they can get a better outcome.

Unfortunately, it's a rare person who chooses to do this – who chooses to think for their own self when they move into their adult years. Most just continue on for the rest of their life operating according to their childhood conditioning and programming.

That would be ok if most people's conditioning was geared towards top success in all the important areas of their life – but that's not often the case.

Relative to the topic at hand, more women that you might imagine are conditioned to believe that sexual pleasure is PERVERSE.

They are conditioned to believe that sex for the purpose of procreation is TOLERATED and anything beyond that is wrong.

They are conditioned to believe that ANYTHING that could be a source of sexual pleasure should be avoided.

And, given that most women are unwilling to go against the norms that are a part of their culture, society, and/or religion – it becomes MOST IMPORTANT to them that they maintain an OUTWARD exhibition of NON-sexual conduct and behavior.

The problem is, there is a part of a woman that craves sexual pleasure.

So, some women learn to masturbate in secret. They hide it from everybody. And, should the subject ever come up, they vehemently argue that any such behavior is "wrong" and emphatically state that they would NEVER do such a thing.

In other cases, women indulge in vivid, hardcore fantasies. But again, they deny all such activity and will in fact "condemn" such behavior in a public setting.

In cases like these, a woman has a "dirty little secret" that she must hide – and the most common way she chooses to hide it is to become even more anti-sexual in public.

In other cases, women have the moral stamina to "resist" the temptation to touch their self or to entertain thoughts of a sexual nature whenever they crop up – but, it's such a constant struggle that they remain depressed and despondent most of the time. Such women feel dirty, evil, and guilty because sexual thoughts and feelings keep rising up inside.

But, far and away, the biggest problem with all of this is that as part of maintaining that OUTWARD non-sexual appearance, a woman squelches and minimizes her sexuality in her marriage – in many cases to the point of avoiding intimacy whenever possible and rejecting it when confronted with a request.

And of course, she would never let herself experiment with new positions, oral sex, or fantasy role-playing – even though in the deep recesses of her mind, these are EXACTLY the things she wants to do.

Because she fails to realize that sexual expression is a good thing created by God to be enjoyed within the confines of a marriage, she behaves in a way that often harms or even destroys the very institution that God created for her to enjoy sex within.

So, here's the point that men must embrace and begin to work with now...

In order to fix this marriage-harming or marriage-destroying behavior of sexual denial and avoidance, a man must lead, teach, and help his woman past the conditioning and programming until she is able to express herself sexually without reservation.

Men want sex and orgasms. Women want sex and orgasms too. And, the lack thereof is a major source of tension, stress, and aggravation within a relationship...not just for men but for women too.

The issue is...your woman's desire for sex and orgasms may be so hidden away that it never sees the light of day.

That's why your happiness AND your woman's happiness depends upon you making the decision to find out how to bust open the shell that surrounds and hides all of your woman's sexual desires.

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