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How To Be A Lover Who Really Inspires And Satisfies A Woman

Have you ever wished that you could be the kind of lover who really inspires and satisfies your woman?

Great news...husbands are able to become a better lover and when you become aware of how a woman naturally makes love then you too will become a better lover who inspires and satisfies your wife.

Let me help you increase your awareness...

A man's approach to making love is very linear. It's very sequential. It's very direct. It's a straight line from start to finish that looks something like this:

1. At the moment of opportunity...
2. Express interest in sex...
3. Engage in just enough foreplay for the woman to lubricate...
4. Intercourse...
5. Orgasm...
6. Clean up...
7. Go to sleep or head off to do some work.

Left to his own devices, this is pretty much how a man would do it starting with about his second or third sexual encounter and continuing until his last sexual encounter.

This is precisely why so many women are uninspired by their man and dissatisfied with his performance as a lover.

Now, let's look at a woman's approach to making love. A woman's approach is very NON-linear. It's NON-sequential. It's iterative. It's a blend of direct and indirect. It's a looping process that repeatedly brushes through many different components such as:

A) Sexuality
B) Loving connection
C) Conversation
D) Shared activity
E) Physical touch
F) Emotional touch
G) Foreplay
H) etc.

And, somewhere in this looping process all of the same things happen that happens in a man's linear model.

The difference from a woman's point of view is that the contrasting stimulation spread out over time and the tease of moving away and then coming closer and the difference between the physical and the emotional and silence complimenting the conversation all merge together to create an inspiring, fulfilling, satisfying form of intimacy that REALLY WORKS for a woman.

And so, the man who wishes to be a better lover need only broaden his perspective of making love and embrace more of an iterative, looping approach that so inspires and satisfies a woman.

Ok, consider that I've pointed this out to you, you recognize that this is true. You can look back at examples in your personal history with your woman and recognize the pattern I've described in your woman's behavior, can you not? And amazingly, it didn't ever "click" until you just now read this, right?

And I'm wondering just how many other "secrets" like this one that you haven't recognized or become aware of yet – and I'm sharing them with men from all over the world. I'm also wondering, do you recognize opportunities for getting more of what you want when they confront right now?

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NOTICE: This is a deprecated (old, not-used, not-updated, not-serviced) blog that's here only for old links sake. Please visit our new blog or our sitemap

More Sex And A Happy Marriage. Is That Too Much To Ask For?

Too many men find themselves in an unsatisfying relationship with their woman. Too many men WISH they had a woman that they could get along with. Too many men are trudging along in a sex-poor or even completely sexless marriage.

If you are such a man, let me tell you; you really can have a happy marriage and enjoy frequent sex.

It's true. I KNOW it's true because I've helped men from all over the world create exactly that kind of marriage. The strange thing is, when these men came to me, they THOUGHT there was no hope for them because they THOUGHT their wife was non-sexual. They THOUGHT that's how she was and that there was nothing that could be done about it.

They were wrong.

Now, after some "fixing", their biggest concern is whether or not they are going to be able to keep up with their woman sexually.

Ok, you might be wondering how that kind of transformation could come about, right?

You might be wondering, how did these men "fix" their wife?

Well, they did have to do some fixing...

They did have to change some things...

They did have to shift their focus...

...from "fixing" their wife to "fixing" themselves.

Their wife wasn't the non-sexual problem.

The MAN was the problem. The man was doing things in such a way that HE was burying his wife's sexuality deeper and deeper with each passing year that they were together.

This was EVIDENCED by the fact that the woman became less and less sexual the longer they were together.

And, the problem is, a woman is a VERY SEXUAL much so that eventually, she's going to TURN AWAY from the man who DOESN'T know how to help her express her sexuality but is instead causing her to bury it deeper and deeper.

Now, I'm not saying that a woman won't bury her sexuality of her own accord because she may well do exactly that – that can definitely happen too. Both he AND she can be doing things that bury her sexuality deeper and deeper. And, that doesn't matter.

At a subconscious level, all a woman knows is that she wants and needs a man who knows how to help her express her sexuality at a satisfying and fulfilling level in spite of herself and if he cannot do that, she will become very disillusioned with him and will eventually begin to seek out another man – whether through divorce or extra-marital affairs.

So, what's the solution?

How did these men I referred to earlier turn their marriage around from non-sexual to highly sexual? Well, they educated and developed themselves in a specific order.

First, they learned exactly and precisely what the emotional needs of a woman are and they began to meet those needs on purpose. ( For help in this area, check out these sites: )

Second, they learned to be the masculine kind of man that is attractive to a woman and began to operate in that mode. ( For help in this area, check out this site: )

Third, they learned how to invoke sexual thoughts in their woman's mind.

Fourth, they learned how to sex their woman in a way that satisfied her and inspired her to want more and more of that satisfaction. (For help in these last two areas, check out this site: )

And now, they are both amazed at just how sexual their woman really is...

And, they're asking me about dietary supplements that will give them the strength and energy to be able to keep up with their woman's sexual drive.

That would be kind of a nice problem to have, don't you think?

Beware: many a man has tried to skip past the first three items because he was only interested in the fourth item – sexing his woman so that she would want more. In fact, it's because of this "popular demand" that bookstore shelves are lined with books promising men some new technique that will give a woman such spectacular pleasure that it will "blow away" all her resistance and reservation.

But, what you must know is that it doesn't work that way. It never has and it never will. A woman is not interested in any kind of a sexual relationship with a man who does understand and operate by the first three items and she's certainly not interested in more sex with him. If the first item isn't firmly in place, the second item won't work. If the first and second items aren't firmly in place, the third item won't work, and so on.

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Permission is granted to reprint this article as is and unchanged ONLY if the following is included with it:

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