10 Sex And Marriage Truisms That Affect YOU

Men, have you thought about the following truisms and how they impact you lately?

  1. The more sex you have with your wife, the less likely she is to cheat on you.
  2. The more sex you have with your wife, the less likely she is to be pursued by other men.
  3. You ambition and drive for resources is far more important to your wife than your looks.
  4. Keeping your relationship happy and sexual is how you keep it going – it’s how you retain your lady.
  5. Spying on your wife, snooping through her private places, exhibiting jealous behavior around her and/or creating a big fuss when others get too close to her is a way to try to keep your wife loyal to you but it doesn’t work very well.
  6. Children desperately need you and your wife to model a happy, sexual marriage union to them so that they can go repeat the process – and the world thereby becomes a happier, more enjoyable place.
  7. Loving and being loved is what makes the world go around. Are you helping the world go around?
  8. The most dangerous and destructive thing you can do is let your wife get bored.
  9. There are plenty of simple ways to poison and destroy all that you hold dear. Ones that have been proven include: criticizing, dwelling on hurts, trying to change others, ignoring others, and behaving selfishly. If you’d rather keep your family, then try encouraging, accepting, noticing, and giving selflessly.
  10. The better you keep yourself looking, the more your wife will feel a need to keep herself looking good.
  11. It’s good to want and work for better things so that you and your family can enjoy a finer life. Just remember to appreciate and enjoy all that you already have. That way, you achieve success and have happiness. That way, your wife and children can appreciate what you’re doing instead of despising you for it.
  12. At one time, your wife was a special person to you. How much better might things become for you if you once again elevated her to hat position of being “special”?
  13. God wants you, your wife, and your children to enjoy the abundance and fullness of life. Don’t miss out because of lack and emptiness of love.
  14. You can’t build up your marriage by tearing down your wife.
  15. It’s a surprising irony…there can be people all around you and you can still be lonely. Never forget though, the greatest antidote to loneliness is lovingness.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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