Husband, The Risk Of Losing Your Wife Is Greater Than You Realize

Husband losing his wife

Husband, Protect Your Marriage

Some women get very angry at me when I share things like what I am going to share with you in this article. But, because I care most about helping husbands protect and prosper their marriage…and because I care about the well-being of families in general…I am going to share it anyway.

Let’s get started…

Betrayal In Marriage

There are few situations more heartbreaking than the one where a good husband…one who deeply loves his wife…who has always been faithful to his wife…who has worked hard to support his wife and to care for her well…who has committed his life to her and his family…finds out that she is having a porno-level affair with some other guy.

In MOST cases, the hurtfulness of the whole situation is multiplied by the fact that the husband had tried everything he could to get his wife to be more sexual with him.  But, no matter how hard he tried…no matter what he tried…his wife only became LESS affectionate, intimate, and sexual with him.

With that as our foundation, let’s take an unvarnished look at the current world in which husbands live.

Why Wives Throw Away Their Marriage

In the advertisement-laden, entertainment-driven world in which we live…it is increasingly common for FOOLISH wives to throw away their marriage and to let go of the best man they will EVER have.

Why do these wives do this?

It is because they look at the idyllic, romantic notions in advertisements and popular entertainment…then they compare that to their own life…not realizing they are foolishly contrasting something that is both real and good with something that is a pretense, an illusion, a lie. From there, they start thinking they would be better off with some other man besides their husband…and that eventually leads them into throwing away the best man and the best relationship they will EVER have.

These wives look at how exciting the men in advertisements and entertainment appear to be…and they compare those men to their “boring” husband…and they foolishly decide that they would be better off leaving their boring husband and finding themselves a more exciting man. (Never mind that their husband is “boring” because he is working ultra hard to give her and their children the very best that he can.)

These wives look at how certain men project themselves as super fun, interesting, and sexy in online social networking sites such as Facebook…and then they look at their husband…a man they are so familiar with and used to that he now seems quite dreary, drab, uninspiring, and non-sexy…and they foolishly decide that it really is in their best interest to go find themselves another man who is sexier..and to repeat one last time, they throw away the best man and the best relationship they will EVER have.

Of course, it never occurs to these women that any guy who has the time and inclination to set himself up in an alluring manner online…and who is strangely available at odd hours of the day or night…cannot possibly be up to anything honorable or good.

But female gullibility aside, here is what a husband better understand…

Husband, Your Marriage Is At Risk

When you combine how emotionally-driven MOST females are…with the high standards posed in advertisements, entertainment, and social networking platforms…you can readily recognize that all but the highest-quality, most morally-grounded, most practical females ARE soon enough going to do something stupid, foolish, and destructive when their man fails to “hold” them within a satisfying connection and relationship.

To say that more pointedly…no matter how much you think your wife is exceptional and atypical…the reality is that you most likely have a normal, typical woman for a wife…which means she IS emotionally-driven…which means she is NOT as morally grounded as Mother Teresa…and so, if you are failing to “hold” your wife in a satisfying connection and relationship, then your wife COULD do something stupid, foolish, and destructive far more easily than you as a male could ever imagine.

Yes, one could say that this is a major flaw and defect in females…but it is what it is…this is the world we men live in…and the requirement is that we be our best and not ever let up. And if we do let up, then we cannot be surprised when our woman pulls some irrational, foolish, and destructive shenanigan.

The point is this: we live in a world where there are simply too sirens calling out to a woman for her man to get complacent in providing her with what she needs in order to remain happy in her marriage relationship with him.

Now, you are free to not believe me. Over and over, men come to me devastated because they have just found out about their wife’s departure or infidelity…and up to the moment of catastrophe, they did not believe it either.

You are free to believe that your wife is so exceptional and morally-grounded that she would never leave you or cheat on you.  But, I know better because I have dealt with too many situations where the wife explained away, excused, justified, and blamed her GOOD husband for why she “had” to do the BAD things she did that DESTROYED their marriage, family, and lives.

It could be that your wife truly is exceptional and sufficiently morally-grounded.  But, it is the bond of fidelity between you and your wife that you are are gambling with.  Is that bond…that is supposed to remain sacred, unique, private, and cherished between you and your wife…something you that you really want to gamble with?

The Worst Part Of A Husband’s Betrayal

The sickening part for the husband who has been betrayed or left behind is that when his wife pulls her shenanigan, it is usually with some low-integrity, dishonorable, unethical guy who is not interested in marrying…who just wants no-strings-attached sex with as many women as he can get to lay down for him.

It is common for the kind of guy I am talking about here to brag about having had sex with hundreds of women…both single and married.

How do these guys pull this off?

Well, it is relatively EASY!

How To Have Sex With Lots Of Women

If a guy had the goal of having sex with 1,000 women, that would be a goal that is actually quite attainable.

All such a guy would have to do is realize that there are more than enough females who:

  • Have fairy-tale fantasies running through their mind.
  • Believe that life is all about them.
  • Believe that their job is to be the pretty princess that their charming prince comes chasing after.

And with this realization, all an unethical guy has to do is fabricate the illusion…the ruse…that he IS these female’s fantasy come true…

All he would have to do is present and position himself in alignment with what is already going through the heads of these foolish females the world over…

And like Eve in the Garden of Eden, MANY of these foolish females WILL BELIEVE the deception and the lie…and the unethical guy is correspondingly able to use them or take advantage of them in just about any way he wants.

And then, the unethical guy is off to his next conquest…spending his life preying on the silly, foolish hearts of women as they search for and pursue their Prince Charming / Cinderella illusions and fantasies.

Now, I STRONGLY advise men to NOT go down this unethical path I have just described because it is a path that ALWAYS ends in misery and destruction. Sure, you could wreak havoc for a while.  But ultimately, nobody can use, discard, and harm other people without themselves eventually being used, discarded, and harmed.

The reason I am revealing this to you is so you can understand just how easy it would be for an unethical guy to capture your wife’s imagination and emotions…and then lead her off down a path that destroys both her and you!

Husband, Do Not Take Your Wife For Granted

What I am asserting is that if you care about the well-being and fidelity of your marriage, then you cannot take your wife…or your relationship with her…for granted.

Everywhere your wife goes, she sees and hears the message that something or someone better awaits her…and if EVERYTHING is not good enough at home between you and her, then eventually, those alluring messages ARE going to become very appealing and desirable to her…and when that happens, it won’t be long until you find yourself getting emotionally-devastating news of one kind or another.

So, what should you do?

You should:

  1. Further develop yourself to the extent that you protect yourself and your marriage relationship!
  2. Increase your knowledge of male/female relationships and how to create an amazing relationship between you and your lady.
  3. Increase your understanding of what your lady really wants and how she thinks.
  4. Get the training that enables you to become the most attractive, appealing, and desirable MAN your wife knows regardless of what she sees elsewhere.

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