A Magic Marriage Secret for Men

I’m going to share a MAGIC MARRIAGE SECRET with you. Keep reading to discover it…

If I asked you what a team is, you would probably answer me with something like, “A team is a group of people aligned on the same “side”…a group of people who are associated together for some common cause, purpose, or action.

If I asked you what teamwork is, you would probably answer me with something like, “Teamwork is when a group of people coordinate and cooperate harmoniously…it’s when a group of people work together and support each other…in order to achieve a common goal.

But, if I asked this question:

Are you and your wife REALLY a team?

Or, if I asked you:

How much teamwork is there between you and your wife?

What would YOUR honest and truthful answers be to these questions?

If I was face to face with you right now, would you be “dropping your eyes” because of the truth?

Are you and your wife on the same “side”? Or, are the two of you disconnected individuals? Even worse, does it seem like the two of you are on opposing sides more often than not?

Are you and your wife aligned and associated in love, companionship, fellowship, enjoyment, care, concern, support, respect, honor, appreciation, affection, and intimacy?

Are you and your wife REALLY “for” each other?

Or, do you and your wife primarily cohabitate as neutral and platonic roommates? In effect, are you and your wife two people whose “deepest connection” is sharing the costs and burdens of life…instead of the joy and intimacy of lovers?

Sadly, too many men are in a relationship with a woman that they “love”…but their relationship is SO DISSATISFYING…and it doesn’t have to be this way. A man really CAN take the lead and create a happy, affectionate, and intimate marriage relationship with his wife.

Do you realize how wonderful…and how priceless…it is to be in a marriage that REALLY IS a team? Well, I can tell you from first-hand experience, it is well worth the effort and the expense to create a happy, harmonious, aligned, affectionate, and intimate MARRIAGE TEAM!

And, my hope is that as you are reading this, you begin to feel such a level of encouragement and inspiration that you start arranging you and your wife into a team…and orchestrating teamwork between the two of you.

This brings us to the MAGIC MARRIAGE SECRET…

Teamwork is NOT where you get to be the “quarterback” of the team and your wife gets to be the “water-boy” and “chore-boy” (just as it’s NOT you being the “water-boy” / “chore-boy” for your wife either). Teamwork…in a marriage relationship…is SHARING what you have…that is good…that is best…that is important…that is valuable…that is desired…with your wife…and vice versa. It’s making your wife a “star” who “wins”…while your wife strives equally to make you a “star” who “wins”.

Now, what makes this a MAGIC MARRIAGE SECRET?

Well, when you consider that the unhappily married MAJORITY of men do the exact opposite…they direct and channel their energy and effort so that THEY get to be the “star”…THEY want to be the “winner”.  They want what is good, best, important, valuable, and desired for themselves. And, their mode of operation conveys the belief that in order for them to be the “star” and the “winner”, they must ONE-UP their wife…they must rise ABOVE her…they must assert themselves OVER her…and push her DOWN…they have to get the good BEFORE she does…or at least as much of it as they can…or she’ll take it all for herself…and leave them with nothing.

Apparently, the idea that BOTH they AND their wife can be a “star” and a “winner” at the same time…that they can BOTH SHARE AND ENJOY that which is good, best, important, valuable, and desired…is unfathomable to them.

Now, couple this with the fact that the unhappily married MAJORITY of women are doing the SAME THING…they are trying to be the “star” and the “winner”…they are trying to get all the good…at the expense of their husband…and you can begin to realize…

This notion of marriage teamwork…this notion of sharing a part of what you have…a part that is GOOD…is a SECRET…and as soon as you apply it to your MARRIAGE…and inspire your wife to do the same…you will find that it works MAGIC!

Now, really personalize this concept.  Within your marriage, when it comes to money, time, chores, enjoyment/fun, and all the other things that are important to a person, are you manipulating things so that you GET the best for yourself (even if it means your wife gets less or none)…or are you striving to GIVE the best to your wife…so that you inspire her to GIVE the best to you…so that you BOTH are blessed in your marriage?

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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