Want A Loving, Sexual, Dream-Girl Of A Wife?

Why do so many men foolishly think their wife will be something other than what they themselves are?

Why do so many men misbehave on many different levels and in many different ways but expect their wife to behave on all levels and in all ways?

Fellows, the “do as I say and not as I do” model does NOT work!

Men, life is designed so that you get FEEDBACK in every area of your life…including your marriage relationship.

The attitudes and behaviors your wife projects at you are feedback!

Your wife’s reactions and responses to you are feedback!

When are you going to start paying attention to that feedback?

The better question is, “When are you going to shift your own attitudes and behaviors so that you can start getting the kind of reactions and responses from your wife that you want?”

And, a related question is, “Just how long do you ASSUME your wife is going to wait around on you to get it right?”

There are literally millions of men right here in the USA who thought their wife would wait around on them forever…and they were SHOCKED when she moved on.

I’m not sure what these men were thinking…I guess they thought their wife would be perfectly happy and contented with their marriage spiraling downward and downward…that she would just hang around to see just how low the marriage could go.

Back to the topic of this article…

I’m wondering…have you noticed yet how your wife WILL take your negative behaviors and attitudes, morph them into her own personalized versions and exhibit them right back to you?

Do you want some morphed version of YOU coming back at you?


Then don’t LEAD your wife in that direction!

The rule is: NEVER show any kind of behavior or attitude except the ones you want your wife to exhibit.

You can’t hold grudges, speak sarcastically, act spitefully, talk critically, operate lazily in important areas, behave sloppily, etc. and expect your wife to be a loving, sexual “dream-girl” because it’s NOT going to happen.

Well actually, a woman WANTS to be a loving, sexual dream-girl…that’s why she so wants a “dream guy” who operates in such a way that it’s safe for her dream-girl to come out and “play”.

So, what I should have said is that if your mode of operation is primarily negative, then your wife isn’t going to be a “dream-girl” with YOU…but she WILL BE a dream-girl for the guy after you who has an attractive, appealing, and sexy mode of operation.

Or, you can hurry up and become her “dream guy” before she moves on and it’s too late.

Wouldn’t you just hate for some other guy to get all the love and sex that’s in your wife waiting to come out?

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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