What Do I Need To Do More Of In Order To Get My Wife To Be More Sexual With Me?

Over and over, husbands ask me, “What do I need to do more of in order to get my wife to be more sexual with me?

Here is what you must understand: success with a woman is NOT so much about “doing more” of something!

Success with a woman is far more about whether you think, behave, operate, interact, relate, and process in a manly, attractive way…and these are things that happen between YOUR ears first and foremost.

Granted, there are things you should “do” relative to your wife that are important and needful.  You most likely already know what some of these things are…and you should just do them.  Unfortunately, as many a husband has found out, doing these things RARELY translates into more sex.


It is because “what you do” is not nearly as important as “who you are“.

Who you are flavors what you do…and the manner in which you do it…and everyone knows that the flavor of something can be an attractant or a repellant.

Who you are flavors your marriage relationship such that YOU are either sexually attractive and desirable to your wife…or NOT sexually attractive or desirable to her.

So, IF your wife is not as sexual with you as you would like for her to be, then STOP thinking in terms of trying to “do more” so that you can “get more”…because when it comes to male/female relationships, that is the pathway to guaranteed FAILURE.

In fact, the more you “do” to try to get your wife to be more sexual with you, the LESS sexual she is likely to become with you.  Husbands by the millions have “discovered” this phenomenon.

Instead, CHANGE the “flavoring” that YOU infuse and diffuse into your marriage relationship…so that you can START getting a more sexual response from your wife.  THIS is the path to success!

The good news is that you CAN change YOUR “flavoring” such that you begin to attract and turn-on your wife affectionately, intimately, and sexually.  The trick is that YOU HAVE TO LEARN the things that you have not yet learned about male/female relationships…so that you can change what happens between YOUR ears!

The men who enjoy a great sex-life have already learned these things.  Isn’t it about time that you learned them too?

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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