For The Husband Who Says, “I Want To Make My Marriage Better”

I want a happy marriage

Husband, do you feel stuck and helpless in your marriage because it is less than it could be (and should be)?

Do you feel like your marriage relationship is in a disappointing, frustrating rut?

Are you ready for your marriage to be more than it is now…and better than it is now?

Do you want the relationship you have with you wife to be more enjoyable, satisfying, and fulfilling?

Do you want your wife to have the same feelings and affections towards you that you have towards her?

Have you tried everything you can think of…and everything you have heard about…in an effort to improve the relationship quality between you and your wife…and yet, nothing seems to make a difference of any significance?

If yes, that means you do not yet know about the things that WILL improve the quality of relationship between you and your wife.

Most likely, you have been saying and doing things in an effort to get your wife to like you more…things that were designed to make her to come closer to you.

Odds are, what you have been saying and doing were all intended to get your wife to give you more interest, attention, affection, intimacy, and sex.

But, ALL THE WHILE that you have been doing this…you have been invoking the wrong kinds of feelings within your wife towards you…which is why no matter what you do or try, your wife continues to remain disconnected, distant, aloof, non-affectionate, and/or cold towards you…or she becomes even more disconnected from you.

In other words, because of what you do not yet know, you are in fact working against yourself…you are defeating yourself…you are effecting the opposite of what you want.

What this means is that the harder you try, the worse you will cause your marriage relationship to become.

If you want to improve the results that you experience with your wife, then you have to change what you know about yourself AND your wife. You have to understand things that you have never understood before. You have to become aware of things you have never been aware of before.

As an analogy, a woman is very much like raw foods and spices. What the raw foods and spices become depends entirely upon the understanding, awareness, and abilities of the person cooking them.

Within themselves, the raw foods and spices are neither good nor bad. Their goodness…or lack of goodness…is a product of the person cooking them.

In the hands of an undeveloped cook who lacks the proper knowledge and understanding, the food will turn out bland at best…or horrifically bitter and nasty at worst.

But, in the hands of a developed cook who has purposely developed his understanding of food items and spices…well, the results are going to be varying degrees of Heavenly.

It is exactly the same in a male/female relationship. An undeveloped husband IS going to produce a marriage relationship that is bland at best…or a wife who is bitter and nasty at worst.

In contrast, a developed husband…a husband who has made it his business to develop himself into the kind of man that his wife cannot help but find attractive, appealing, and desirable…is going find that his marriage relationship is indeed Heavenly.

Here is the good news: IF your wife is still in the same house with you, then YOUR wife WANTS you to succeed with her!

So, no matter how much of a hell your marriage has previously been, WHEN you learn the things that are necessary and required, then you too can succeed with your wife on the level that you are wanting to succeed at with her.

In other words, you CAN create the kind of marriage relationship with your wife that you are wanting. You just have to gain the necessary and required knowledge, understanding, awareness, and skills that enable and empower you to create what you want with your wife.

However, this may not be easy for you. Here is why: you are going to have to become willing to open yourself up to a level of learning that you have never before been open to or exposed to before.

Think about that. How long have you been married? Years? Decades?

The point is, IF the solution to creating the kind of marriage you really want to have with your wife was within your scope of awareness and understanding, you would have long ago created the kind of marriage you want.

But, the solution is not within your current scope…and that is why you are going to have to open yourself up to a more substantial level of learning…IF you are ever going to enjoy the kind of relationship with your wife that you are wanting to have with her.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you are doing everything wrong and nothing right. No doubt you are doing several things right…but those are not the things that are the problem. Those are the things that have kept your wife with you this long.

The problem in your marriage relationship is all the things that you do not know…that you are not aware of.

What you are blind to…what you are uninformed about…THAT is what is blocking you from having the kind of relationship with your wife that you are wanting to have and to enjoy with her.

So yes, you no doubt have your strengths…but your weaknesses are what must be addressed…because they are blocking you from having the quality, enjoyable, satisfying, affectionate, intimate, and sexual relationship with your wife that you are wanting.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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