Sexually Adventurous Wife: How Do I Get My Wife To Be More Sexually Adventurous?

How do I get my wife to be more sexually adventurous?

Do you sometimes ponder the question: “How do I get my wife to be more sexually adventurous?

If yes, then you are at the right place because I am going to share with you exactly what has to be in place in order for your wife to be more sexually adventurous with you.

And, you should be excited because what has to be in place between you and your wife is well within your power to develop.

So speaking procedurally, there are three steps (i.e. requirements) to having a more sexually adventurous wife:

  1. Develop your male/female relationship skills. That is, develop your ability to interact and relate to your wife in an attractive manner…and learn what your wife’s needs are and how to meet them in an attractive way.
  2. Develop a proper masculine presence within yourself.
  3. Develop your ability to lead your wife during a sexual encounter.

Now, the first two steps are about getting your wife attracted to you so much so that she WANTS to have hot sex with you.

This is a big deal…and must absolutely come first. A lot of wives SEEM like they are not sexually adventurous…but the REAL problem is that they are not attracted to their husband enough to even want to be sexual with him…let alone be sexually adventurous with him.

To illustrate what I mean, here is a little exercise for you:

Picture the grossest, most repulsive, most disgusting female you can imagine…a female so nasty that just thinking about being in a sexual setting with her triggers a gagging response within you.

Now, do you want to step into “adventurous” sex with this gross, repulsive female?

Well, IF you have pictured a female that is truly gross to you, the answer is DEFINITELY NOT!

And, this is exactly how it is for many a wife.

Her husband is “gross and repulsive”…not because of how he looks…but because of how he acts, interacts, and relates.

Her husband may in fact be nice looking…but that is NOT enough to compensate for him being a relationally-ignorant, undeveloped guy who:

  • Is unable to create attraction, desire, or turn-on within her.
  • Relates in a way that is gross and repulsive to her.
  • Operates in a way that turns her off sexually.

To make the whole situation worse, her gross, repulsive husband is constantly leering at her…talking sex-talk to her…hitting on her…doing all the things that an undeveloped, unattractive husband does.

Her husband is constantly circling her like a buzzard over road-kill…just wanting her to give her sex organs to him.

And all the while, the very thought of being in a sexual setting with her husband is ALMOST enough to trigger a gagging response within her…and the thought of being “sexually adventurous” with her husband DOES trigger a gagging response in her.

So again, if you want a sexually adventurous wife, then the FIRST STEP is that you must first become an attractively-operating man who your wife WANTS to be sexual with.

Now, once you ARE a man who HAS developed male/female relationship skills…and once you ARE a man who HAS a proper masculine presence…such that you ARE attractive, appealing, desirable, and sexy to your wife…THEN you may well find that she is plenty “sexually adventurous”.

But if not, then that means you are going to have to go a step farther because your wife has some mental hang-ups and/or emotional issues related to sex.

Specifically, you are going to have to develop your ability to gain your wife’s respect and trust…and your ability to lead her sexual actions…during your sexual encounters with her.

So altogether…

Once you have developed male/female relationship skills…once you have a proper masculine presence…and once you have your wife’s trust…such that she will let you lead her in your sexual encounters with her…THEN you WILL be able to enjoy a wife who is “sexually adventurous”.

Now having said the preceding…IF you are wanting something that is destructive, wrong, or evil…then shame on you…and hopefully your wife is a strong enough woman to reject both you and what you are wanting her to do.

But, assuming that what you want falls within the realm of fun, exciting, adventurous, multi-position, multi-location oral sex and intercourse between you and your wife…then the above 3 steps (i.e. requirements) are exactly how you get what you want with your wife.

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