Better Sex (And More Sex). Here Are 8 Tips for Men…

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Hey husband, you are interested in better sex…and more sex…with your wife, right?  If yes, then here are eight tips you can use right away for good effect.

1. The more emotional pain a woman carries, the less she wants to be touched in her private areas.  And, the less skilled a wife’s husband is at creating peace, connection, unity, harmony, and turn-on WITH her, the more emotional pain she IS carrying.

Unfortunately, many wives are with a husband who is not very skilled at creating these things…which means these wives are carrying a substantial amount of emotional pain…which means they are not very interested in sharing their private parts with their husband.

What this also means is that YOU probably have a huge opportunity for better sex and more sex between you and your wife by doing nothing more than improving your marriage relationship skills.

2. Take the judgment out of sex.  Stop asking your wife questions that invoke judgment and analysis…and that assess performance…such as:

  • Did I do it right?
  • Was that good for you?
  • How was that?
  • How do I feel?
  • Etc.

Instead, make lovemaking a fun time of connecting, exploring, and experimenting. Make it a time of conveying feelings of appreciation and total acceptance. Make it a time of expressing love through touch and skin contact. Make it a time of playfulness. Have a sense of humor. Let silliness, awkwardness or mistakes be okay and something that bring you and your wife closer together…that endears your wife to you.

Bottom line, when you stop turning lovemaking into such a judmental, analytical, and performance-based activity, THEN you and your wife will end up enjoying better sex.

3. Come up with words that work for you and your wife that you can use to build excitement when making love. Come up with a way that you can “talk dirty” and it be exciting for your wife.

Vagina and Penis are a little on the clinical side for most women. On the other hand, hardcore street language is too crass and demeaning for many women.  But, there is something in between that does work though.  And, in this acceptable middle, you and your wife can find and enjoy excitement that results in better sex.

4. Be courageous enough to communicate directly with your lady about sexual matters. For example, using the preceding point, ask your lady (at an appropriate time) what she would like for you to call her vagina during the different stages of lovemaking.

Now, your wife may want you to use the same term all the way through.  But some women prefer and enjoy different terms at different stages…prefering certain terms during foreplay…enjoying different terms during intercourse…and getting fired up by still different terms as they near or experience orgasm.

In this discussion, you can provide your wife a verbal or written list with some ultra-conservative and soft terms like “flower spot” or “honey pot”.  You can give her some off-beat terms such as “juice box”, “yum-yum”, or “happy valley”.  You can give her the standard terms like “muff”, “pussy”, “slit”, or “hole”.  And just for completeness sake, you can give her some hardcore terms that she can select from if she wants.

You may be surprised at what your wife has a positive association with. You may find out that she likes terms that you would have never imagined she liked.  Also, while you going through this process, you should find out which words your wife she has a negative association with so that you can avoid using those words.

As before, as you communicate more openly and directly with your wife about sexual matters, the more the two of you can enjoy better sex together.

5. Specifically say and do things to make your wife feel special and loved. You may know that you love her but unless you explicitly convey it to her, she doesn’t know…and she is left wondering…which means she is turning herself off sexually because of your failure to explicitly convey your love to her.

Further, just because the two of you are going on a vacation next month does not mean you have expressed love to her. Just because you have spent money on her or gave her money for something she wants does not mean you have communicated to her your love and affection. The physical nature of money and things is a long, long ways from the emotional nature of connection and communication.  Always remember that.

The point is, the more special and loved you make your wife feel…while maintaining yourself as a man that she can respect, admire, and be attracted to, the better sex will be between the two of you…and the more sex your wife will likely want to enjoy with you.

6. Related to the previous, providing for basic needs is NOT the same thing as satisfying and fulfilling.

If you are a normal guy, your parents provided for your basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. But, you DID NOT want to stay with them for the rest of your life, did you? No! You wanted something more. You wanted a woman…someone who could and would satisfy and fulfill you.

It is the same for your lady.  She wants more than a mere provider.  She wants a man who is developed and skilled enough to satisfy and fulfill her…a man that she can look up to and enjoy all the perks of marriage with…including better sex.

7. Here is something you can do that is really sexy: stop trying to impress your woman in whatever ways you are trying to impress her and instead, be impressed with her.

Be impressed with who she is. Be impressed with all that she offers. Be impressed with all that she does. Be impressed with how she loves you and excites you. Be impressed with her goals, dreams, and aspirations. Be impressed with the endless zenith of love and joy that is within her.

Be impressed with your wife for a change and she will be impressed with what a sexy man you have become.  And, you will be impressed by the better sex the two of you enjoy together.

8. Help your wife boost her self-esteem and her willingness to get sexual…maybe even sexually adventurous…by providing her with the way and means of dolling herself up at whatever level works for her.

Even if it is more practical for her to wear “boring but functional” clothing, she can still rev and amp things up within her own mind by wearing something soft, lacy, and pretty underneath.  It really doesn’t matter where it is at or even if it is completely in her head.  As long as SOMETHING is giving her a notion of “pretty”, then she will FEEL prettier…and she will become more interested in more sex and better sex with you.

Now, here is the sum of the whole matter…

YOU can enjoy better sex and more sex with your wife by becoming a man who interacts and relates with her in a more attractive, appealing, desirable, and sexy way.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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