How do I protect my marriage?

how to protect my marriage

Husband, have you ever thought about how hard…or easy…it would be for some other man to steal your wife?  And, have you ever pondered the question, “How do I protect my marriage?

Well, I am not trying to put you in a state of paranoia…but these are important questions because there are a lot of sharks roaming around who think it would be funny to unleash carnage in YOUR marriage, home, family, and life.

Every day of the week, marriages get desecrated by a husband or wife stepping outside of their marriage to be with someone else.

Speaking to you as a man, every day of the week, husbands find out that their wife has been with some other man.

Marriage deceptions and desecrations really happen…every day of the week…and far more of them than you could ever imagine.

So, here are my questions to you…

  1. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be far better for you to be a husband of such caliber and quality that it is virtually impossible for some other man to steal your wife?
  2. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be far better for you to be a husband who has developed your male/female relationship skills such that you know exactly how to bring out the best in your wife so that you can actually enjoy a good marriage and life with her?
  3. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be far better for you to be a husband who has proactively found the answers to the question, “How do I protect my marriage?“…than to blow it off until some shark comes along and desecrates your marriage?

The fact is, if your wife is anywhere close to being a decent woman, then there ARE plenty of unethical males HOVERING around who would love to take her away from you.

And, all one of these unethical males needs is for your wife to crack the door open the tiniest little bit…for just a tiny bit of what she thinks and claims is “harmless fun that doesn’t mean anything”…

And as soon as the door is cracked open, the unethical male will go to work slyly implanting the thought in your wife’s mind that her marriage with you isn’t as happy or satisfying as she would like for it to be…

…the unethical male will slyly give your wife lots of attention, interest, and affirmation…

…until she becomes convinced in her mind that it would be a whole lot more satisfying to be with the unethical male than with you.

At that point, you have lost your wife’s mind and her affections.  At that point, your wife is building a fantasy in her mind that does NOT include you.  At that point, you are an obstacle to your wife’s happiness and satisfaction in life.  And, it is only a matter of time until her body physically follows where her mind has ALREADY went.

So, have you realized yet that, “It is important for me to protect my marriage?

The message here for you is this:

Get the answers to the question, “How do I protect my marriage?” NOW before the unthinkable happens in YOUR marriage and family.

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