Not Enough Sex: How Should A Man Address This Problem With His Wife?

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Husband, if there is a problem with the amount of sex you are getting in your marriage … if there is a problem with the quantity in your sex life … if there is not enough sex happening between you and your wife … the WORST thing you can do is:

  • Talk about it with your wife.
  • Complain, gripe, and whine to your wife.
  • Try to guilt or obligate your wife into giving you more sex.
  • Get mad at your wife, pout, and throw a fit.
  • Carry out schemes designed to manipulate your wife into having more sex with you.

Unfortunately for the typical husband, these are the exact behaviors he exhibits when there is not enough sex happening between he and his wife…and these behaviors infallibly cause his wife to become EVEN LESS SEXUAL with him … such that now, there is really not enough sex happening between he and his wife.

Correspondingly, there is something that every husband needs to thoroughly understand about his wife. Specifically, a wife wants (and in fact needs) her husband to be the kind of man who knows how to attract her and turn her on towards him so that she can in turn unleash all of her romantic love, affection, intimacy, passion, and sex on him.

Make sure you get that: in the long run, a wife can only let loose, set free, and give her romantic love, affection, intimacy, passion, and sex TO a man who knows how to think, process, operate, conduct, carry, interact, and relate in a way that is attractive to her and that turns her on towards him.

I say “in the long run” because most females have a tendency to build and respond to fantasies in their mind…which means all the typical female needs is some guy to plug into her fantasies and she will respond to that guy with substantial romantic love, affection, intimacy, and passion…which is precisely what most guys experienced with their lady when they first started dating her and when they first married her.

But, here comes the problem. After a wife gets to better know her husband…and she starts discovering and experiencing the fact that he is actually quite different from what she had going on in her fantasies…different in a BAD way…then she begins WITHDRAWING her romantic love, affection, intimacy, passion, and sex from him…because again, a woman can only give her romantic love, affection, intimacy, passion, and sex to a man who knows how to attract her and turn her on towards him.

Now, coming back to the focus of this article, when a husband engages in the behaviors listed above…he is in fact saying and doing things that CAUSE his wife to LOSE attraction for him…and that CAUSE her to be turned-off towards him…which is exactly why the affection, intimacy, and sex drops off even more after he engages in the above-listed behaviors.

So, spare yourself a lot grief in your marriage…NEVER exhibit any of the negative behaviors listed above that are guaranteed to worsen any “not enough sex” problems that you have with your wife.

Or, if you are already guilty of exhibiting these behaviors, then at least spare yourself from making your marriage relationship with your wife even less affectionate, intimate, passionate, and sexual … by never again TALKING or ACTING NEGATIVELY about the amount of sex you have with her.

That raises this question: how are you as a husband supposed to address and fix the “not enough sex” problem that you are having with your wife?

The answer is that YOU focus YOUR attention and efforts on YOU being and doing the things that attract your wife to you and that turn her on towards you. You will find that this works much better for you in terms of the amount of sex you get to have and enjoy with your wife.

If you are not clear on what you need to be and do in order to be attractive, appealing, desirable, and sexy to your wife such that you are consistently able to turn her on towards you, then get my program and FIX THAT PROBLEM NOW!

There is no reason for you to suffer in a “not enough sex” marriage relationship when a proven solution is right here waiting on you.

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