A More Sexual Marriage: Husband, How Would You Like To Have One Of Those?

a more sexual marriage

If you are a man in a relationship that is not as sexual as you would like, then I have good news for you: YOU CAN HAVE A MORE SEXUAL MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP.

Yes, you really can.  As impossible as having a more sexual marriage or relationship may seem to you right now, I can assure you that having a more sexual marriage or relationship is entirely possible for you.

However, I must also tell you that creating a more sexual marriage or relationship will require courage, strength, patience, persistence, education, and personal growth on your part.

Here is why…

How a woman views things of a sexual nature depends upon how she has been conditioned to think about them and how she chooses to think of them now.

A person cannot really help it if they grew up being conditioned with thought processes and perspectives that have proven to be ineffective or even harmful.

But as an adult, a person is well able to change their viewpoints, beliefs, and behaviors so that they can get better outcomes in life.

Unfortunately, it is a rare person who chooses to do this…who chooses to think for their own self…and to develop their own attitudes and opinions…when they move into their adult years.

The fact is, most people just continue on for the rest of their life operating according to their childhood conditioning and programming.

Now, that would be okay if most people’s conditioning was geared towards top success in all the important areas of their life…but that is rarely the case.

Relative to the topic at hand…far more often than you might imagine…females are conditioned to believe that sexual pleasure is something that only depraved women like or want.

These women are conditioned to believe that:

  • Sex for the purpose of procreation is tolerated and anything beyond that is degenerate.
  • No respectable woman wants or desires sex.
  • Anything that could be a source of sexual pleasure (whether mentally or physically) should be avoided.
  • Sex is a distasteful, contemptible act that should be viewed and responded to with disdain and disgust.

And, given that the normal woman is unwilling to go against the norms that are a part of her culture, society, and/or religion…it becomes MOST IMPORTANT to these women that they maintain an OUTWARD exhibition and expression of sexual NON-interest.

The problem is, there is an INTERNAL part of every normal woman that craves sexual intimacy and pleasure.

So, some of these women learn to masturbate in secret…a secret they carefully hide from everybody.  And, should the subject ever come up, they vehemently argue that masturbation is “despicable” or “gross” and emphatically state that they have never…and would never…do such a thing.

Other of these women indulge in vivid…sometimes even quite hardcore…fantasies. But again, these women deny all such activity and will in fact “condemn” such behavior in a public setting.

Consequently, these women have a “dirty little secret” that they must hide…and the most common way they choose to hide it is to express an even more anti-sexual sentiment in public.

Now, some of these women who have been negatively conditioned towards sex have the moral stamina to “resist” the temptation to pleasure their self through masturbation…or to entertain thoughts of a sexual nature whenever they crop up.  But, it is such a constant struggle that they remain depressed and despondent most of the time.   This is because they feel dirty, evil, and guilty due to the sexual thoughts and feelings that keep rising up inside of them.

But far and away, the biggest problem with all of these women who are conditioned to be sex-negative is that as part of maintaining their OUTWARD non-sexual appearance, they squelch and minimize their sexuality within their marriage…in many cases to the point of avoiding intimacy whenever possible and rejecting it when confronted with a request.

And of course, these women would never let their self have fun with more erotic sex positions, oral sex, fantasy role-playing, and so on…even though in the deep recesses of their mind, these are EXACTLY the things they want to do.

So, even when such women DO have sex with their husband, their sex-negative attitude and perspective results in sex that is rather boring and not very passionate or exciting.

Sadly, because these women fail to realize that sexual expression is a good thing created by God to be enjoyed within the confines of a marriage between a husband and wife, they behave in a way that often harms or even destroys the very institution that God created for them to enjoy sex within…namely, the institution of marriage and God-ordained, God-blessed sex within marriage.

So, here is the reality that men must embrace and begin to work with now

In order to fix his wife’s marriage-harming, marriage-destroying behavior of sexual denial and avoidance, a man must lead, teach, and help his wife past her sex-negative conditioning and programming until she is able to fully express herself sexually without reservation.

Men want sex and orgasms. Women want sex and orgasms too. And, the lack thereof is a major source of tension, stress, and aggravation within a marriage relationship…not just for men but for women too.

The problem is…your lady’s desire for sex and orgasms may be so hidden away that it never sees the light of day.

That is why your happiness…and your lady’s happiness…depends upon YOU making the decision to find out how to bust open the shell that surrounds and hides all of your lady’s sexual interest and desire.

You CAN have a more sexual marriage…even if your wife has a negative attitude towards sex.

Again, all that is required is some courage, strength, patience, persistence, education, and personal growth on your part.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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