Husband, How You Were Set Up To Fail In Your Marriage

Too many husbands were set up to fail in their marriage before they ever got started. Specifically…

Too many boys have grown up under a dominating mother and a passive dad…IF a dad was even in the picture.

Too many boys are taught by their mother to subjugate themselves to females.

Too many boys are taught by their mother to put females first and themselves last.

Even worse, there are too many Dad’s who teach this to their boys…by example…and by words.

Too many boys are conditioned to take their cue’s from females.

Too many boys have been taught that in order to be a good Christian, they must sacrifice themselves to trying to please the female(s) in their life.

The result is that these boys become husbands who destroy their wife’s attraction and turn-on towards them as a result of their erroneous conditioning and teaching.

These boys become men who operate in a male-subjugated-to-female model…a model that absolutely strips all sexual desire out of a wife towards her husband.

Of course, the be-a-domineering-abusive-jerk model does not work either. The jerk model will just as reliably shut down a wife sexually too…just in a different way and for different reasons.

But, there IS a right way for YOU to be a MAN…a way that IS very attractive, desirable, appealing, and sexy to YOUR wife.

There IS a right way for YOU to be a MAN who fires up your wife’s desire for affection, closeness, intimacy, and sex.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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