A Word of Encouragement for Men…

Allow me to give you a word of encouragement.

Let’s start with this: maybe there are certain individuals who hint and insinuate…or perhaps even say it outright…

You are not enough…

Or, you are too much.

You are not good enough…

Or, you are trying to be too good.

You don’t try enough…

Or, you try too much.

You should be more…

Or, you should be less.

You should be farther along…

Or, you are too far out.

You take too much…

Or, you don’t take enough.

You give too much…

Or, you don’t give enough.

You don’t do enough…

Or, you do too much.

You need to be like someone else…

Or, you need to stop being like someone else and just be yourself.

You are too serious…

Or, you play too much and are too childish.

You are not responsible enough…

Or, you take on too much responsibility.

You are not reliable enough…

Or, you are so reliable that you are a bore.

Maybe it is something else that these individuals say…feel free to plug in their message that in essence says they do not like who and what you are right here: _______________________________________.

Essentially, you are damned if you do…and damned if you don’t. You are never enough…and always too much.

Does it sometimes feel like this to you?

Worst of all, these hurtful insinuations / statements often come from the person or persons who you care about the most…and who you most want to please, right?

If these people really understood the load you carry…and all the crap you have to deal with…all because you care about them…and want them to have the best possible…then perhaps they would be a little kinder…and a little more appreciative of you. But, they don’t understand. In fact, they apparently don’t even notice, right?

Does it sometimes seem like everybody thinks that just because you are a man everything is always simple and easy for you…and they have no clue…and don’t care to have a clue…about how not-simple and not-easy life often is for you?

Does it sometimes seem like people believe your job is to give them blessing after blessing…while they give you little to nothing back in return?

Does it sometimes seem like people expect you to make sacrifice after sacrifice for them…while they are unwilling to make any sacrifices for you?

Does it sometimes seem like the people around you care so much about themselves that they don’t care anything about you?

Does it sometimes seem like everybody wants you to do what they want you to do…but none of them want to do what you want to do?

What about those people who have had (or are having) bad experiences…and they throw all the blame at you…and treat you as if their bad experiences are your fault?

How about the cases where other people seem to think that you can just do anything and everything…without limits…and they just keep on piling more and more onto you?

Similarly, what about those who seem to think you are an infinite supply-house…that you can give without limits…and if you can’t, then something is wrong with you…and they throw icy, disapproving attitudes your way to let you know that they think you are inferior, defective, inept, incompetent, and so on.

Well, here is what I want to tell you…

YOU MATTER! YOU ARE IMPORTANT! The lives of the people around you ARE better because of YOU! And, YOUR GOOD WILL INFALLIBLY COME TO YOU! God will see to that.

So, be encouraged.

Continue living your life as a good MAN.

Continue doing good deeds.

Continue keeping your good character.

Continue holding to your integrity.

Continue sharing your love.

Continue cutting the negative, the destructive, and the evil out of your life.

Continue to stop worrying about impressing others…and just be your ever-improving best self.

Continue letting go of your fears…and embrace faith.

Continue letting go of your doubts…and embrace confidence.

Continue to stop living according to the expectations of others…and instead live by your own God-approved values.

Continue to stop living the dream of others…and live your own God-approved dream…with as many people as wish to join you in YOUR dream.

Continue to let go of all arrogance…and embrace humility.

Continue to let go of all egotism, greed, and selfishness…as these states of mind work against you having all the good that you want.

Continue to open yourself up to growth, change, progress, and improvement.

And, when the road of life gets rough…and when circumstances get tough…just keep going. Soon enough, you will come to a much more enjoyable, pleasant, healthy, and prosperous section of life’s road…and at that point you will discover that it was the rough, tough section that made all the good possible.

Continue to let go of the need to control everything and everybody. Continue to let go of the need to micromanage. You already know that just creates problems, conflict, and unhappiness. You don’t drive your vehicle with a locked-on death-grip on the steering wheel. Rather, you hold your steering wheel with a relaxed, comfortable, calm, guiding hand…and that’s how you should go through life too.

In the same vein, passivity never brings about good. Disengagement never brings about good. Detachment never brings about good. Indifference never brings about good. We obviously cannot go through life hands-off, absent, or oblivious.

Continue to never settle for less than you want. Always go for what you really want. Persevere. You CAN do it. You CAN get it. You CAN enjoy it.

But, don’t sit around waiting for what you want to drop into your lap. Instead, start moving towards what you want…start creating what you want…start learning…start changing…start expanding…start increasing…do anything and everything you can…with what you have…right where you are at…and soon enough, you will find yourself enjoying the very thing you wanted.

In short, continue being the quality, valuable man that you are!  It WILL pay off for you!

And finally…

FORGIVE! Forgive those who do not realize what you go through and what you do for them. Forgive them for their failure to notice and appreciate you. They are so stuck in their own shoes that they have no concept of what it is like to be in your shoes.

GIVE! Now, I do not mean give more of what you are already giving. Instead, I mean give the people around you what they are really craving: for you to notice them and appreciate them.

Realize that YOU have all these things that you wish other people would notice and appreciate about you…and in the same way, the people around you have their own things they wish you would notice and appreciate about them. So GIVE them the gift and blessing of you NOTICING them and you APPRECIATING them.

As you begin to give in this way…noticing and appreciating others…you will begin to find yourself receiving more of what you want.

Your rewards will infallibly come back to you. As surely as the sun rises each morning, the rewards for the good deeds you have sown will return to you bountifully.

Be encouraged my friend. You are important. What you are doing matters. And, your corresponding good will come to you.


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Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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