Marriage Relationship Problems? The #1 Marriage Mistake Men Make…

marriage relationship problems

The #1 mistake that the typical husband makes in his marriage is that he waits until there are major marriage relationship problems between he and his wife…and disaster is pending…before he becomes willing or interested in improving himself as a husband.

Stated differently, even when there are significant marriage relationship problems, the typical husband will wait until his wife is threatening to kick him out of the house…

Or she is talking about leaving him…

Or she has started an emotional or physical affair with some other man…

Before he FINALLY gets “motivated”…or even acknowledges the need…to start developing himself into a better husband for his wife…before he finally get “motivated” to develop himself into an attractively-operating man who can successfully create, lead, and manage a happy, satisfying, fulfilling marriage relationship with his wife.

Interestingly, until his wife is on the verge of leaving him, the typical husband…in all of his relationship ineptness, incompetence, and ignorance…thinks and acts as if he is his wife’s “dream husband” and there is nothing on his part that he needs to improve, fix, or change.

Unfortunately, by the time a wife is talking about or preparing to leave…and her husband is “suddenly” HIGHLY MOTIVATED to “work on the marriage”…well, at that point, the wife is no longer interested in “working on the marriage” with her husband.

“Working on the marriage” is what she has been doing for YEARS…usually DECADES.

For all of this time, she has been trying to get her husband her work with her to fix their marriage relationship problems.

For all this time, she has been doing everything within her power and capacity to try to get her husband to work with her to make the marriage happier, more fulfilling, and more satisfying.

For all of this time, she has tried in every way imaginable to tell her husband that she is not happy or satisfied in their marriage…all while her husband typically has had ZERO interest in listening to her…or putting forth any effort to make any changes.

The fact is, the husband didn’t care. His wife was giving him sex…she was there for him when he wanted her…so he didn’t really care if she was happy or not.

In his mind, if his wife wasn’t happy, then that was HER problem that SHE needed to fix.

In his mind, his was just being a ridiculous “emotional woman”…and that wasn’t his “problem”.

In his mind, all of their marriage relationship problems were his wife’s fault.

But, it is absolutely amazing how this same uncaring husband SUDDENLY starts caring about his wife’s happiness and well-being AFTER she has made up her mind that she no longer wants to be with him.

So now, let’s bring this down to YOU…

Husband, before your marriage relationship can ever be successful…

Before your marriage relationship can ever be enjoyable on the level that YOU want it to be…

YOU must be relationally-savvy…

YOU must know how to successfully relate to and interact with your wife…

YOU must understand your wife and what she wants and needs…

YOU must know how to keep your wife happy and attracted to you…

YOU must understand how to keep your wife turned on, warmed-up, engaged, and connected with you…

YOU must have the ability to keep your wife open and receptive towards you…

YOU must know how to keep your wife committed and loyal to you.

And, if you do not know these things…if you have not developed the ability and capacity within yourself to do these things…then YOUR marriage WILL manifest marriage relationship problems.  More specifically, YOUR marriage relationship WILL be disappointing, dissatisfying, frustrating, and unfulfilling…if not down-right hurtful and destructive.

Sadly, there are so few truly happy marriages…because there are so few relationally developed and savvy husbands.

Here is what you must understand: with each passing day, valuable time is being wasted. Every day you procrastinate on developing yourself into a relationally-savvy husband, the worse your marriage will become…the more your wife will decide she does not want to be with you anymore…the longer it will take to get past your marriage relationship problems…and the harder it will be to repair your marriage relationship…IF it can even be repaired at all by the time you get around to “wanting” to repair it.

Life is about choices and consequences.

Wait long enough and you WILL lose your wife.

But, everyone is free to choose…and there are some guys whose preferred choice seems to be procrastinating for so long that they end up losing their wife.

I personally cannot imagine selecting that choice…I personally cannot imagine being more concerned about the few dollars that a husband-development program costs than I am my marriage. But apparently, for some guys, they would rather lose their wife than spend a few dollars on a program that can help them become relationally-savvy and operationally-attractive to their wife.

Worded differently, these are the guys who CHOOSE to pay THOUSANDS of dollars…usually a minimum of $5,000…and frequently far more than that…not to mention the loss of children…and the loss of assets…for a divorce they are FORCED into by their wife…because they did not have enough “manly force” within themselves to step up and pay a few hundred dollars for a program that would not only help them save their marriage…but could in fact help them create an AWESOME marriage that they could enjoy for the rest of their life.

But again, everyone is free to make their choices…and each person will infallibly, inescapably reap the consequences of their choices.

So, will you wait until YOUR marriage is falling apart before you become willing to do something about the marriage relationship problems that exist between you and your wife?

Or, will you be one of the few smart guys who recognizes the importance and value of your wife…and your marriage with her…and DECIDE to become a relationally developed and savvy husband who enjoys the AWESOME BENEFITS of a wife who is deeply in love with you and who is highly turned on towards you?

It is your choice.

And, the consequences…good or bad…will also be yours.

May I suggest that you select the choice that produces good consequences…choose today to become a relationally-developed-and-savvy husband!

My I suggest that you do something NOW about your marriage relationship problems before things get worse.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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