A Wife, Her Husband, And Porn: An Illuminating Article For Wives And Their Husband

Husband, Wife, Porn : Husband watches porn

There IS a reason why so many wives have a husband who watches porn.

And in this article, we are going to explore in-depth the reasons why so many husbands watch porn.

Now, in most of my articles, I chastise husbands for their lack of sexual maturity, their lack of development in male/female interaction, their lack of awareness…both of themselves and of their lady…and their lack of understanding about how to create and lead a happy, affectionate, intimate, romantic, satisfying, passionate, and sexual relationship with their wife.

The fact is, until a husband purposely develops himself so that he can create this kind of relationship with his wife, he will continue to suffer in misery and unhappiness in his marriage.

Moreover, as long as a husband wants or expects his wife to be the creator of HIS happy, fulfilling relationship…as long as a husband is just a relationally-undeveloped guy who wishes his wife would be more sexual with him so he could be happier…well, that is how long that husband will remain in an unhappy, unfulfilling, and not-very-sexual relationship with his wife.

But today, I am going to reveal why so many husbands regularly watch porn. So, if you are a husband, get ready to feel a bit of satisfaction as I stand up for you. But if you are a wife…well, you probably are not going to feel warm and fuzzy about the truth I am going to reveal herein.

Now before I start, everything that follows is based upon the typical marriage scenario created by the typical husband and the typical wife. I understand that there are exceptions and inverses to every rule.  I understand that there are extremes and fringes.  But, what I am talking about here is the mainstream marriage of the mainstream husband and wife.

With that, here are my responses to the most common things that wives say to me about their husband and porn…

#1: “As a normal wife, I cannot compete with the sexed-up girls in porn. There is no way!”

You can’t?

Who said you can’t?

What do girls in porn have that you don’t have?

Take your clothes off and go stand in front of a mirror. You will find that you have exactly the same equipment as the girls in porn have.

Now having said that, your husband does not want you competing with the girls in porn.

What he wants is you to enjoy sharing exactly what you have with HIM.

What he wants is you to want him in the same way you did before the two of you got married.

And, if you go back to that point in time, he was VERY happy with you.

Now, why was he happy with you back then?

Was it because you were a porn starlet?

No!  Of course not!  It was because he could see the womanly passion and sexuality in you and THAT was a big part of what he wanted to enjoy WITH you for the rest of your lives.

The fact is…at any point…ANY woman is capable of using her mind in the same sex-positive, sex-enjoying way that ALL highly sexual women do who live a satisfying life.

And, all a woman has to do to get there is put away the negativity, pettiness, and resentment she is focusing upon in relation to her husband and get back to being a sex-positive woman.

After all, your husband IS more or less the SAME man he was BEFORE you married him…and at that point, YOU thought he was fabulous and wonderful…or you wouldn’t have married him!

So, get back to thinking the same way about your husband NOW as you did back then and watch how the happiness in your marriage blossoms…both for YOU and your husband…and notice in particular how the porn thing becomes a complete non-issue.

#2: “Knowing that my husband watches porn leaves me feeling emotionally abandoned and sexually devalued.”

Ah, now YOU are feeling what your husband felt FIRST from YOU.

All the times you withdrew, abandoned, and rejected your husband…even when you could see that he was doing everything he could FOR you…as you watched him wash dishes and take care of the kids and so on…all so that the two of you could be together as husband and wife…so that the two of you could come together as lovers…and yet, no matter how much he did…no matter how much he tried…you STILL turned him down more often than not.

After all, BECAUSE OF HOW YOU WERE USING YOUR MIND, a happy and sexual marriage relationship wasn’t important to you.

As you watched your husband struggle to try to win with you, a happy and sexual marriage relationship just wasn’t that important to you.

And, you felt like it should not be important to him either…right?

Do you have any idea how emotionally abandoned and sexually devalued YOU have caused YOUR husband to feel all these years?

But, I guess in your mind…based upon your duplicitous double-standard…it is okay if you have caused your husband to feel this way…but it is absolutely NOT okay for him to cause you to feel this way…right?

#3: “I am very distressed by my husband’s use of porn. His continued use of porn threatens the stability of our marriage.”

I do believe that you are “distressed” by your husband’s use of porn…but not because you are concerned about your marriage.

If you really and truly cared about your marriage, you would NOT have been treating your husband the way you have for all these years.

If you really cared about your marriage, you would not be holding onto all the offenses, grudges, resentment, and anger that you feel towards your husband over mostly petty, insignificant little things.

If you really cared about your marriage, you would be giving a lot more respect and appreciation to your husband…he would be a lot more important to you…it would be way more important to you to give him the things you know he wants to share and enjoy with you.

The fact is, porn should be the LEAST of your marriage concerns because porn is merely a symptom of a much bigger and deeper problem. Hopefully, you will understand that by the time you finish this article.

Even though you won’t admit it, what you are really “distressed” about is that your control over your husband and the blessings, security, and stability he provides you are at risk.

As long as your husband weakly and slavishly follows your lead…as long as he is dependent upon you…as long as he gives you whatever you want…as long as he is doing without while giving to you…as long as you know he is on your “leash”…you do not feel “distress”.

And, you do not care one WHIT about all the “distress” you cause him to feel, do you?

Your husband is a man who committed his life, resources, and dreams to YOU…the one woman in the entire world that he gave his all too…his ONE most valuable prize…and he willingly gave it all up for YOU.

But, what he has ended up with is anything but a prize…what he ended up with in exchange for giving you his all is LITTLE TO NONE of the intimacy he THOUGHT he was going to get to enjoy with you.

But, it’s all about you, isn’t it?

In your mind, the sole purpose of a man is to give and do for you…to dance like a monkey…and work like a dog…trying to put a smile on your face and keep it there…right?

#4: “I discovered my husband has been secretly looking at porn for quite some time. Now, I’ve lost all trust in him. Now, I can’t respect him. Now, our marriage has been shattered. That’s why we are separating and why I am divorcing him.”

So, in your mind, it is absolutely okay for you to be a woman who disrespects and disregards her husband for years…to hold him in low esteem…while you SECRETLY DREAM about sexy men like the ones in your romance novels, soap operas, chick-flicks, and steamy TV series?

What about THAT secret life of yours?

Is your “secret” life any less wrong than your husband’s?

I don’t think so!

If anything, I question whether your secret life is MORE wrong because yours is more of an emotional desire…while his is merely a biological physical desire.

Yes, your husband may have sought sexual release with the aid of porn, but he feels nothing in his heart for any other woman except you.

But, I wonder how embarrassed and ashamed you would be if your husband was suddenly able to see into the secrets of YOUR heart…and the ill feelings you have felt towards him and the “attracted” feelings you have felt towards other men?

In other words, your husband may have been brought by the circumstances of his marriage with you to the point that he sometimes expresses his physical desire in the realm of porn.

But, he still FULLY loves you and remains loyal and devoted to his relationship with you.

Otherwise, he would have already left you for another woman…one who was warmer, more sexually open, and who had more respect and appreciation for him.

Continuing on…could you honestly declare before God that you have been fully loving towards your husband?

Yes…yes…I know about all the things that you “do for him”…which in reality are things that you WANT to do…things that mean something to you…things that make you feel good about yourself.

But the real truth be told, you could care less whether the things you “do” mean anything to your husband…and, you could care less if you did any of the things that he has told you are meaningful to him.

So again, could you really declare before God that you have been fully loving towards your husband up to now?

Just in case you aren’t sure, let’s remember what turned your husband to porn in the first place…

He FIRST tried EVERYTHING he could think of to get you interested in being his lover.

MANY, MANY, MANY times he has initiated lovemaking with you…only to be rejected, belittled, denigrated, etc. MOST of the time.

And at some point, he gave up and moved on to something else…porn…which you are allegedly not happy about now…right?

But, I am curious about something…

IF you do not want your husband sexually…as you say and act like…then why would you care if he uses porn as his sexual release outlet instead of you?

It seems to me like you would be glad that he is finally leaving you alone???

Based on the “attitude” you have projected towards him for years over his desire for sex with you…it seems to me that you would be happy he has finally decided to stop pestering you for sex???

Are you really such a fickle person that you are unhappy if he asks you for sex…and you are unhappy if he doesn’t?

#5: “I’ve heard that guys who use porn would rather look at porn than a real naked woman.”

This notion is utter nonsense.

Now, it is possible that there are a few guys on our planet with such extreme insecurities that they feel it is safer to watch porn than be in a room with a real naked woman.

And probably, there are cases where a man’s wife has let herself become such a gross, disgusting slob that he would rather watch porn than look at her repulsive body without clothing.

But, for all the rest of the mainstream men in this world…put the option of porn in front of them…and the option of their naked wife…and WATCH how quick they toss the porn aside like it is a nasty diaper…and give their wife their full, undivided attention.

In fact, I dare you to prove this point for yourself. Go buy a porno movie and a Polaroid camera and then ask your husband if he would rather watch the porno movie or take pictures of you nude.

(Hint: have a very loose grip on the camera so you don’t get hurt when your husband grabs it out of your hand!)

The fact is, the mainstream husbands I am talking about in this article will ALWAYS prefer the real thing over the fake. And, anything else they are interested in is only for the purpose of spicing up the real thing and keeping it fresh, alive, and passionate.

#6: “Men who look at porn ignore their wife.”

Yes…wives who affectionately and sexually ignore and deny their husband will either lose him to another woman…or end up being ignored by him as he redirects his interests elsewhere.

So, IF you don’t like this, then stop ignoring your husband.

IF you don’t like this, then stop being so hard to get along with.

IF you don’t like this, then start showing your husband some attention, interest, and warmth.

Assuming you haven’t completely burnt his heart for you, he will come around.

#7: “Men who watch porn want porn-style sex with their wife. They want to act out porn-style sex with their wife. And, if a woman gives in to that, then her husband still won’t be satisfied. He’ll want to go into the more extreme forms of porn.”

Certainly, there are extreme, disgusting, sickening, disturbing, and even illegal porn options available for consumption.

And yes, there are those few weirdo guys who “get off” on extreme porn…just like there are those gals who “get off” on certain things that are extreme, disgusting, sickening, disturbing, or even illegal.

But, extreme porn is NOT what the mainstream husband is interested in “acting out”.

What the mainstream husband IS interested in…


Is a sex-positive woman who is open, warm, and willing to POSITIVELY ENJOY sex with him…

A pleasure-enjoying woman who is HAPPY to FULLY share her body with her man…both in a visual sense and in a physical touch sense…

A sexually-adventurous woman who WANTS TO HAVE FUN sex WITH her man…

Sex that consists of straightforward oral sex and straightforward penetration in a variety of positions and locations.

So, is a man “acting out” because he wants this?

Is a man “acting out” because he wants more than a woman who insists on turning off all the lights…who refuses to enjoy oral sex…who says no to any position except basic missionary…or who throws a fit when her husband suggests they have sex somewhere outside of the bedroom?

In the secret confines of her mind, there has NEVER been a woman who ONLY wanted non-passionate, non-romantic level procreative intercourse and nothing more.

But in the real world, there are a LOT of women who use their mind in such a way that they narrow down their marriage bed to restrictive grandpa / grandma level sex.

And then, they have the gall to condemn their husband for trying to open up and expand their marriage bed so it can be a little more fun, interesting, and exciting for BOTH of them.

#8: “Men who look at porn can no longer be turned on by their wife or have an orgasm with her. They have to instead visualize images of the girls in porn in order to be able to perform. They have to pretend like their wife is some porn starlet who they have seen in some porn movie. And, I am not interested in having sex with a man who is pretending like I am someone else…who is imagining he is having sex with someone else.”

What you are talking about here is a strategy that women have been using for eons.

If you could get inside the minds of married women…such that you could see and hear their true and honest thoughts during sex…you would find that the overwhelming majority of them HAVE fantasized about ANOTHER man WHILE they were making love with their husband…and you would also find that MANY of them use this strategy on an ongoing basis.

But, now that SOME men MIGHT be starting to use this same strategy…it is all of a sudden “bad” and “wrong”?

#9: “All the women I know of whose husband looks at porn feel the same feelings of hurt, sadness, suffering, loss, betrayal, jealousy, and abandonment. A husband who uses porn destroys his wife’s self-esteem.”

To all these women…you poor little dears…you are so busy feeling sorry for your selfish, self-centered, self-focused little selves…that you are oblivious to the damage your on-going sexual rejection of your husband has caused HIM…to the point he has often felt like he has zero manhood left…you have “pounded him down” so much and for so long that he cannot even imagine himself ever being in an enjoyable relationship with a woman.

In fact, that is WHY he is still with YOU!

Do you think he likes being in a miserable relationship with you?

Well I can tell you, he does NOT like it.

It is just that your darkness and negativity has so brought down HIS self-esteem that he cannot imagine being able to attract another woman…and so he feels like you are his last and only hope…and that is why he is still with you.

And that is lucky for you…because IF he was a high self-esteem man, he would have long ago dumped you for a more enjoyable and satisfying woman.

What I can say is that when these same men finally reach the conclusion that their wife will always refuse to be a wife to them…when they finally give up on their wife and decide to move on with their life WITHOUT HER…they are always pleasantly surprised when they find out that there are a LOT of women interested in them…women who find them attractive and desirable…women who WANT to be affectionate, intimate, and sexual with them.

What I can also say is that as a wife, you should have thought about what you were losing and abandoning when YOU as a wife were creating the loss of your husband.

In other words, you did NOT just “lose” your husband. Rather, YOU CREATED his abandonment of you by your actions, attitudes, and behaviors towards him!

#10: “Marriage is founded upon exclusivity, trust, sexual fidelity, and intimacy. So, when a husband uses porn, he is tearing down the foundation of his marriage…his use of porn threatens the marriage relationship and will likely destroy it if he continues using it.”

I agree…so women should STOP using their minds in such a way that they turn themselves off.

Women should STOP using their mind in such a way that they subvert and deny their sexuality.

Women should STOP withholding sex and intimacy.

Women should STOP all their destructive behaviors…women should DROP their negative attitudes…because THEY ARE threatening their marriage relationship!

Lady, you are a smart girl…it is not hard to figure out…that WHEN you open up…when you warm up…and share your sexuality with your husband…he will no longer have an interest in porn.

Now, you can blame and condemn your husband for as long as you want…but the BIG issue STILL always comes right back down to YOU and your willingness to share your sexual nature with your husband.

#11: “Why do men want sex all the time? Why do men expect their wife to be sexually available to them all the time?”

Why does the sun shine and the moon reflect?

Why do you get wet when you stand in the rain?

Why do 13 – 21 year old single girls dream and fantasize about a hot, passionate, intimate, and SEXUAL relationship with a man…to the point it is the ONLY thing they can think about, talk about, read about, or watch?

Because that is how it is…that is why!

But on the flip side, what is worse to a woman than a man who ONLY wants her for sex and has no other interest in her?

The answer is a man who has no sexual interest in her!

The woman who feels the ugliest and the most depressed is the woman who does not have some man directing his sexual interest at her.

But, there is another aspect to this…

The person who proclaims the selfishness of others is usually the one who is the more selfish person.

The person preaching that others should be more tolerant is usually the most intolerant person of all.

And in this same vein…there are women who love to preach that men should just accept them as they are…and be happy with them as they are.

It is kind of interesting however…if not downright funny…how these same women are not the least bit interested in “accepting” their husband watching porn.

Moreover, there are women who love to preach that husbands should just accept whatever relationship “crumbs” the wife happens to feel like doling out at the moment…AND BE HAPPY ABOUT IT.

But, let the husband of any of these women drop into being a “crumb” provider and watch how quickly they “draw a line” and issue an ultimatum.

Having said all of that…let’s ask this question…

Why is it any more “right” for a woman to subvert her sexuality…than it is “wrong” for a man to not subvert his sexuality?

Why is it any more “right” for a woman to use reasons and excuses to justify her negative state of mind towards her husband…than it is “wrong” for a husband to maintain his positive desire and interest in his wife?

And, while we are condemning men, let’s keep in mind that what men want is EXACTLY the same thing that women want.

To illustrate the preceding point…

Let’s suppose someone wrote a romance novel that more or less mirrored you and your husband’s meager, plain-Jane, boring life.

Suppose that this book spoke of how the “heroine” was using her mind in a negative way to keep herself emotionally unhappy and sexually turned off most of the time.

Suppose that this book spoke of how every time the “hero” tried to romance the “heroine”, she would just shut him down and push him away…perpetually.

Suppose this book spoke of how the “hero” and “heroine” shared a mostly friendly but always platonic life together…both of them going to their boring jobs during the day…and then coming home and sharing boring chores and tasks…and then both of them putting on their grandpa / grandma pajamas and heading off to their own separate bedroom.

Is that a book that you would buy?

Is that a book that ANY married woman would buy?


The fact is, the kinds of books that married women are interested in are SEXUALLY-CHARGED books…books like “Gone With The Wind” and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”…as evidenced by the fact that these kinds of books are ALWAYS listed in ANY “Top 100 books for women” list that you care to look at.

So, let’s put the shoe on the other foot…

Why do you as a woman think about and want sex all the time?

Oh wait…I forgot…you don’t call it sex…you call it romance!

Whatever…it IS still the same thing!

You want the same thing your husband wants…and yet, when you block giving him what he wants, you block giving yourself what you want.

Your unhappiness…your lack of satisfaction…your lack of fulfillment is FED by what you dish out to your husband.

And, if it is the case that you have actually recessed and devolved to the point that you really do not ever think about or want sex…then that is a SIGN to YOU…that is YOUR warning signal…that you have so shut-down and subverted your sexual nature…that the ONLY direction your life CAN go is downward UNLESS you change things FAST!

#12: “As a wife, I feel like there is no way I can measure up to the women in porn. If I cannot give my husband what the girls in porn give him, then how can I possibly expect to hold onto him?”

Your concern is absolutely in the wrong place. It is the resistant, rejecting, withdrawing, bitter, resentful, hateful, spiteful, denies-her-sexuality wife who cannot “hold” her husband.

A man WANTS a strong and erotic bond between himself and his wife. A man WANTS to have a warm, loving, affectionate wife to share his life with.

And, the moment a man’s wife opens herself up to ENJOY being that kind of woman WITH him, is the moment his wife will get to start enjoying the kind of marriage relationship she dreamed and fantasized about when she was single.

Now, let’s regroup…

Is all of this to suggest that I am a supporter and proponent of porn?


For most husbands, porn is a safe…albeit weak…way of retreating from a wife who is quick to reject sex…or who triggers feelings of inferiority, insecurity, or anxiety within him.

Consequently, I am against porn because it is a way to avoid the problems between a husband and a wife rather than facing up to them and fixing them so that they BOTH can get on with REALLY enjoying life.

I am against porn for the same reasons I am not interested in watching standard TV programming…life is to be LIVED and enjoyed not watched.

I am against porn because I want men lusting after their wife…and wives lusting after their husband…instead of some stranger.

I am against porn because it sometimes does have certain over-stimulating, desensitizing effects upon those who consume it.

I am against porn because it triggers insecurity and fear instead of boosting confidence.

I am against porn because it is LESS than the best.

The love-life and sex-life that my wife and I share and enjoy together day by day is FAR SUPERIOR to anything either one of us has ever seen in the world of porn.  What we share is REAL compared to the predominantly FAKE and PRETEND stuff shown in porn.

And, a real love-life and sex-life is what I want men and women EVERYWHERE sharing and enjoying together.  That is what I want married couples modeling to their children…so that the negative marriage relationship statistics of our world can be reversed.

Now, I am going to speak specifically to the husband…

No matter how much you agree with what I have said within this article…no matter how “broke” you think your wife is…no matter how inappropriate her mindset, attitude, or behavior towards you is…such a conclusion STILL does not fix your marriage relationship problems.

When it comes bedtime, your wife is still going to be just as not-very-sexual as she was before. And, she is going to continue being this way UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW TO CREATE A DIFFERENT REACTION IN HER TOWARDS YOU.

That is just the way it is.

A woman ALWAYS reacts to a man with one of two reactions…turned-on or turned-off.

And, if your wife is not highly sexual with you, then that means YOU ARE invoking the turned-off reaction in her towards you.

But, THERE IS a way to become the man who invokes the turned-on reaction in your wife.

Those guys who already know how to invoke a turned-on reaction in their wife WERE NOT born that way.

Rather, they LEARNED how to create that kind of reaction in a woman.

And, if they can learn it, so can you.

The only difference between them and you is that they encountered their “learning environment” earlier in life than you did.


Now, the “learning environment” is here waiting for you to step in and find out how to create that turned-on reaction in your wife so that you can REALLY enjoy life with her for the rest of your life!

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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