“How Do I Succeed With My Wife?” Here Is What You Need To Know…

How do I succeed with my wife? How do you succeed with your wife?

Have you ever wondered, “How do I succeed with my wife?” And yes, we are talking about the kind of success where YOU enjoy a happy, loving, affectionate, intimate, amorous, passionate, and sexual marriage relationship with your wife that gets better, sweeter, and richer with each passing year.

Well, let’s explore…

Picture in your mind a battery-powered, variable-speed, multi-gear, reversible drill.

Now, WHAT is this imaginary drill going to be and do in YOUR hands?

Well, it depends upon:

  • What YOU put into the receiver.
  • Which position YOU have PUSHED the directional switch / button into.
  • How YOU squeeze the trigger.

Next, HOW well is this imaginary drill going to work in YOUR hands?

Well as before, it depends upon:

  • How well YOU have charged the battery.
  • Whether YOU have properly tightened the chuck.
  • Which gear YOU have put the gear-selector switch in.
  • How well YOU have matched up what is in the receiver with what you are working on and trying to accomplish.

Now, we are still answering the question of, “How do I succeed with my wife?“…and to this question, here is the big difference between the drill analogy I just shared with you and your wife…

Operating a drill does not require much development or understanding because there are a limited number of buttons, switches, and triggers that are readily visible and easily discernible.

In contrast, your wife’s “buttons, switches, and triggers” are far more numerous, nuanced, varying, complicated, situational, and often irrational…not to mention INVISIBLE.

Altogether, this means you MUST develop within your self the understanding of HOW to succeed with YOUR wife…and YOU MUST develop the skills within your self to be able to implement the HOW…IF you want to be able to enjoy a happy, satisfying, fulfilling, affectionate, intimate, amorous, and sexual relationship with YOUR wife.

But, the main point I am making here is that your wife is very much like a drill in YOUR hands…and WHAT YOUR wife does relative to YOU…and HOW she does things relative to you…is very much in YOUR hands.

Over and over throughout the years, I have seen case after case where what a woman was with one man…and what she was with another man…was completely different.

It was the same physical woman…but her response to the two different men was as different as night and day…as different as wet and dry…as different as any other contrast you wish to use.

To be more specific, it was the same woman…and yet, in response to each man, she was effectively a completely different woman in terms of her attitudes, behaviors, and responses…including her attitude towards sex, the sexual behaviors she was willing to engage in, and her overall sexual responses.

One husband THOUGHT he was married to the world’s WORST wife. The other husband THOUGHT he was married to the world’s BEST wife.

For the husband who THOUGHT he was married to the WORST wife in the world, the problems were two-fold…

  1. He did not even realize that HE WAS “operating” his wife. That is, he did not even realize his wife WAS reacting to HIM…HE WAS invoking responses in her…HE WAS “leading” the awful relationship that they had together.
  2. He tried to “operate” his wife in dumb way…just as if she was nothing more than a simplistic drill.

But of course, a woman is NOT a simplistic drill…nor will she ALLOW her husband to treat her (operate her) as if she is a simplistic drill.

More specifically, a wife will NOT (at least not for very long) be sexual with a husband who has NOT CHOSEN to develop himself, his understanding, and his skills of how to successfully “operate” her.

Now, I am guessing the answer to, “How do I succeed with my wife?” has already starting to click in your mind…but let’s keep going…

On a higher dimension, God wants men to be more than “dumb drill operators”.

God wants men to be MEN who know how to lead and manage a successful marriage relationship…because the success of all that man’s other relationships stems from his marriage relationship.

To elaborate, God wants men to be developed, powerful, and effective men of integrity and character who get good results in EVERY area of their life.

And, being able to enjoy that kind of life requires development, understanding, skills, discipline, diligence, and commitment.

Unfortunately, the typical guy is not very SELF-motivated to develop himself, his understanding, or his skills.

Moreover, the typical guy is not very SELF-motivated to be a disciplined, diligent, or committed MAN.

And so, God frequently uses the vehicle of his WIFE’S DECREASED SEXUAL RESPONSE to agitate and prod him into developing his understanding, skills, discipline, diligence, and commitment.

Unfortunately for the wife and family of some men…not even their wife’s decreased sexual response is enough to agitate and prod them into becoming the kind of man that God wants them to be…and that their wife WANTS them to be…and that their children NEED them to be…and there are few things more sad in life than a guy who refuses to become all that he is supposed to be and meant to be.

Having said all of the preceding…I will acknowledge there are some women who are such feminists…who have such resentment towards males…or who have had such bad experiences in their past…that no man…no matter how developed he might be…can get a positive response out of them.

But, MOST men do NOT have such a wife.  MOST men just have a wife that they are NOT “operating” properly.  In other words, MOST men are invoking an unwanted, unpleasant, and/or undesirable response in their wife towards their self…and THAT is what they need to fix and change.

Now, I am going to be completely plain and clear so that you can realize what an amazing opportunity rests in YOUR own hands relative to your wife

YOU are the man in your marriage relationship…which means YOU are the one who IS leading…YOU are the one who IS invoking…the KIND of interactions and relationship that you and your wife have.  Whether good or bad, the kind of relationship that you have with your wife is what YOU have invoked.  So, IF you are wanting a more enjoyable, more satisfying, more amorous relationship with your wife, then YOU are going to have to lead in a better way…you are going to have to become the kind of man who INVOKES the kind of response in your wife towards you that you are wanting her to have.

So, here is the answer to the question, “How do I succeed with my wife?“…

You increase your understanding of your wife…you increase your understanding of your wife’s needs…you increase your ability to lead an enjoyable, pleasant, satisfying, and fulfilling relationship with your wife…you increase your male/female relating and interacting skills…you increase your masculine presence and essence until is is attractive, desirable, appealing, and sexy…and you keep on increasing yourself in ALL of these ways until you are able to consistently INVOKE an affectionate and turned-on response in your wife towards you.

In short, as you continue increasing your understanding, presence, and skills relative to your wife, you will soon enough find that, “I easily succeed with my wife!

Now, let’s close with this…

Another man COULD get good results with your wife…which means that you too CAN get good results with YOUR wife.

And, YOU immediately step onto the path that leads to YOU getting good results with your wife when YOU make the decision to increase and improve your understanding, your presence, and your skills relative to your wife.

That brings us to the final point.  After having gone through this article…

It is no longer valid for you to ask yourself, “How do I succeed with my wife?”  The only valid question now is this: “When am I going to get started on CREATING the kind of marriage relationship with my wife that I want to have with her?” In other words, the valid question now is this: “WHEN am I going to decide to succeed with my wife?

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