Husband, Your Wife’s Sexuality May Need Some Help From You…

wife's sexuality

Husband, your wife’s sexuality may need at least some help from you.  Your wife’s sexuality may even need a lot of help from you.

For many females, they are preached at by everyone in their environment to avoid and abstain from all things sexual the whole time they are growing up.

Usually, the message…whether spoken or insinuated…is that sex is wrong, bad, taboo, dirty, nasty, sinful, evil, or even harmful.

Eventually of course, a young woman’s body and mind begin to suggest a different message. Eventually, her mind and body begin to suggest to her that sex is a wonderful thing to be shared and experienced with the right man.

Unfortunately, if your wife is anything like the typical wife…after a relatively short period of being married..her conditioning, programming, and upbringing experiences decidedly overrode what her young adult body felt and her young adult mind thought prior to marriage.

Stated differently, if your wife is anything like the typical wife…then her newly-wed bliss, curiosity, and excitement passed far too quickly after the wedding ceremony…and your wife’s sexuality was back to being squelched and hindered by her conditioning and programming.

Moreover, until you develop the skills to help your wife get past her conditioning and programming…

…until you develop the ability to influence your wife into believing that it is safe, fun, right, good, exciting, and wonderful for her to be fully sexual with you…

…your wife’s sexuality will continue to be stunted, restricted, denied, and withheld…

…both you and your wife will continue to be unhappy…

…and, both you and your wife will continue to be sexually unfulfilled.

You cannot afford to underestimate the power that upbringing, programming, and conditioning holds over your wife’s sexuality!

For many females, the net result of their upbringing, programming, and conditioning is a strongly-felt, earnestly-held, vigorously-defended conviction that, “I am not supposed to need, want, or like sex…and, I am supposed to disapprove of sex”.

This conviction is so deeply installed both consciously and subconsciously that these females continue to live in a “Sex is bad and should be avoidedmental world…even after they are married.

Consequently, because of their mental world, “Sex is bad and should be avoided” becomes their physical reality.

This in turn means that the man they happen to be married to gets to live in a marriage where his wife’s sexuality is such that she more or less condemns and avoids sex with him.

Now, it may be true that a married woman:

  • Intellectually understands that married sex is acceptable and approved of.
  • Was sexually rebellious and quite promiscuous during her single young adult years.
  • Has born multiple children.
  • Talks a lot about sex with her girlfriends.
  • Reads magazine articles related to sexual topics.
  • Watches all the steamy sex scenes in her favorite soap opera or TV series.

And yet, none of these points mean that this wife’s sexuality has been developed and blossomed into what it can and should be with her husband.

Granted, there is the occasional woman who does not allow past programming and conditioning…or societal pressures…to rule and control her mind or body…and thus she is able to blossom her sexuality of her own accord. But, most cannot.

Let’s take this deeper…

A look at the relationships section of a bookstore…or an online scan about relationships…can easily lead you to believe that the only thing that is missing is for you (the man) to learn a certain set of sexual techniques.

In our society, there seems to be a pervading belief accepted among men…and bizarrely, among women too…that women are just waiting for “Mr. Sexual Expert”…the guy who knows all the “ancient Oriental and Indian sex secrets”…the guy with paranormal sex skills…to come along and take them into heights of ecstasy that is beyond anything they have ever experienced or imagined before…all without any initiative or effort on their part.

This is the stuff that fantasies are made out of…both for men and women.

But, here is the truth that you need to know: such a concept is UTTER NONSENSE!

Now, you may be one of those husbands who has went searching for some of these “super-secret sex skills”…

You then tried them on your wife…

And they were a total flop! Not only did the “secrets” not work for her, she either didn’t like them at all…or they weren’t good enough for her to be interested in doing them again.

And you, like many other husbands, were left scratching your head, wondering if the problem was with you…or with her…or both.  And then, you headed off searching again for that one “super-sex secret” that would finally change your wife’s sexuality towards you.

That brings us to the next truth you need to know: any wife who falls under the bell-curve of normal does not need her husband to be Mr. Sex Expert who knows all the so-called ancient sex secrets.

The fact is, the normal wife can quickly and easily have an orgasm every time she engages in sex with nothing more than simple, basic sexual stimulation…IF:

  1. Her husband has led her into appreciating, valuing, embracing, and enjoying her sexuality.

Now, here is the thing about #2…

Ultimately, ONLY a woman herself can determine what works best for her sexually. No man alive…no matter how much he knows…no matter how experienced he is…can determine that for her.

Granted, a sexually knowledgeable and experienced man can “guide” a woman…based on generalities and similarities that he has learned from other women…and perhaps even take her to sexual heights that are beyond what she has experienced before. But, NO MAN can take her into her highest heights sexually until she FIRST explores, discovers, and learns for herself what it is that works best for her mind and her body.

Here’s the thing: just as every person is uniquely different from every other person in the world, each man and woman’s sexual triggers and expression are unique and different from every other person’s sexual triggers and expression.

Yes, there are always generalities, similarities, and commonalities…but each person is still a unique package when it comes to sexual triggers and expression…and that “package” can ultimately only be found and experienced FIRST through SELF-DISCOVERY and then through MUTUAL-DISCOVERY.

Lucky for us guys, many women need a man to help guide them into this self-discovery.

It is because of how a woman thinks about sex…due to her upbringing, programming, and conditioning…that blocks her from FULLY exploring and developing her sexuality on her own.

A woman has to first believe and accept that it is her womanly right to learn about and enjoy HER OWN sexual pleasures…and that it is her wifely right to share and enjoy her sexual pleasures with her husband.

And again, your wife probably needs you to help her with fully accepting and embracing her sexuality.

But, here is the catch: your wife needs you to be a certain kind of man before she will LET you help her.  Specifically, your wife needs you to be a man with a certain kind of masculine presence and a certain set of male/female relationship skills before she will accept you tampering with her long-held beliefs based upon her programming and conditioning.

If you are NOT this kind of man…if you lack the required presence and skills…then you will be firmly blocked out of the inner depths of your wife’s sexuality with no way to change her sexual attitude and behavior towards you.

But, when you ARE this kind of man…when you do possess the masculine presence and male/female relationship skills…THEN your wife will open up and let you take her on this journey of self-discovery…THEN your wife will open up to sharing her full sexuality with you in mutual-discovery…THEN you will be able to help your wife blossom her sexuality with you.

In short, because of their past conditioning…and because of the constant negative insinuations related to sex…too many wives need a developed, skilled husband…who they love, trust, and respect…to make it possible for them explore, discover, and learn what it is that works for them sexually…and then to be able to share their sexuality with their husband in full.

And, once a wife has taken that self-discovering journey…and she has experienced the thrill of fully sharing herself sexually with her husband without inhibitions or guilt…she will forevermore be a woman who expresses herself sexually.

And, why shouldn’t she?

She now has the key to quick and easy orgasmic ecstasy.  Now, sex is fun, exciting, and fulfilling.

Before, sex was laborious, difficult, disappointing, frustrating, and unfulfilling…all because of HER conditioning and programming.

Before, she had an orgasm “once in a blue moon”…all because of HER conditioning and programming.

Now, she is fully assured of wonderful pleasure every time intimacy is initiated.

So, really bring this home to yourself…

Being a man of superior sexual prowess…who can take his sex-negative, sexually-squelched wife into the throes of ecstasy…is utter nonsense…a totally bogus concept.

Conversely, being a man who KNOWS how to please his wife sexually…because you have helped her take the journey of sexual self-discovery and learned from her what it is that works for her…because you have led your wife into appreciating, valuing, embracing, and enjoying her sexuality with you…THAT is where the “magic” is at.

That is when you become the man that your wife sexually dreams about…except it won’t be a dream…it will be a reality.

While your guy-friends complain that their wife would rather clean house than have sex, your wife will be destroying the house with you…as you regularly engage in passionate, fulfilling sex.

The ONLY  the only requirement for having this kind of highly-sexual wife is this: you must FIRST develop yourself into a man who possesses the right kind of masculine presence and the right set of male/female relationship skills.  After you have met this requirement, you will be amazed at your wife’s sexuality.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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