Want A More Harmonious Marriage? Then Read This.

Far too many marriages have become complex, emotionally-driven interactions of disharmony and discord.

And there is such a simple, easy way to make all of that disharmony and discord go away…

But, it does require that one set aside all false pride, selfishness, and spitefulness.

For every given circumstance, situation and condition, there’s a certain way you want to be interacted with, dealt with, or treated like.

And, for that same circumstance, situation and condition, your spouse likewise has a certain way – and possibly a quite different way – that they want to be interacted with, dealt with, or treated like.

Therein is the secret to creating and enjoying greater harmony in your marriage…

For each and every circumstance, situation or condition that your spouse finds themselves in, have the respect for them to put forth the effort to interact with them, deal with them, or treat them in the way THEY want and like.

In simple terms, treat your spouse the way they want to be treated – not the way you want to be treated and definitely NOT the way you THINK they ought to want to be treated.

Likewise, take the time to lovingly EDUCATE your spouse on how to interact with you the way you want when you’re in that same circumstance, situation, or condition.

Here’s an example… How do you like to be dealt with when you’re not feeling well – say with a cold or a bad headache?

It may be that you’re like a grumpy old bear who doesn’t want to be touched, talked to, or messed with – you just want to be left alone.

And, just because that’s what you want and like when you’re sick, IN NO WAY does that mean that’s what your spouse wants and likes when they’re sick.

When they’re sick, they may very well want you to pay close attention to them, stay by their side, baby them, and or pamper them.

Again, just because you want things a certain way in a given situation doesn’t mean that your spouse wants them that way when they are in that same situation.

And when you recognize this, and begin to interact with your spouse in the way they want and your spouse begins to interact with you in the way you want, all that disharmony and discord will just melt away – leaving peacefulness, respect, appreciation, and lovingness in its place.

And ultimately, that’s a big part of what you want out of your marriage, is it not?

The truth is, creating and enjoying a beautiful, harmonious marriage really is as simple as both marriage partners choosing to treat their spouse the way they want to be treated.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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