Men, Here’s Where Your Wife Is Getting Her Sexual Needs Met

There’s a secret place that women go to in order to get their sexual needs met.

Men seem to be mostly unaware of this place…and TOTALLY unaware of what’s really going on inside…

If asked, many husbands would tell you that their wife just isn’t very sexual. They would tell you that sex is WAY DOWN towards the bottom – if not at the bottom – of their wife’s list of what’s important.

And, these men have no clue how wrong they are about their wife.

If they could somehow sneak into their wife’s mind for just one day, they would be SHOCKED at just how sexual their wife really is.

These men think they are married to a “cold fish” and they don’t even know that their wife is a very sexual person – and she’s personally taking care of getting her sexual needs met…

Without him!

Now, you can breathe easy knowing that most of these wives aren’t engaging in physical sex with other men…

But inside their minds, inside their most INCREDIBLE SEX “ORGAN” (their minds), all sorts of sexual thoughts are going on.

Hardly a day goes by but what these wives make sure they find a time and a place where they can let their mind take flight off to a wonderful land of sexual fantasy.

And, whereas a man’s sexual fantasy usually has a primary focus on the visual and physical aspects of sex, a woman’s sexual fantasy usually has far more “story” to it.

This is because a lot of what turns a woman on is EXPERIENCING a dichotomy of emotions – its contrasting feelings that do the trick for her.

So, when she can experience a story of highs and lows, the familiar and the mysterious, the known and the unknown, the friend and the stranger, the deceiver and the deceived, the loss and the gain, the new and the old, etc. in the realm of dating, romance, and marriage, it becomes a very sexual experience for her.

In other words, as a woman EXPERIENCES the TENSION created by the dichotomy of emotions contained within her “story” she TRANSMUTES the expression of her sexuality from the physical realm into the mental realm.

She dare not tell her husband – or any man for that matter – but it’s nevertheless true.

So, do you now see where you’re wife is getting her sexual needs met? She’s getting them met in her mind – with the help of prop’s like romance novels and soap opera’s.

Maybe, you can do a little investigation for yourself…

Go take a stroll through your nearest used book store. You’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the aisles and aisles of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves FILLED with romance novels.

And notice, these books are NOT collecting any dust – they’re flying off the shelves as hoards of women are buying, selling, and trading them.

If that’s too much of a trip for you, just waltz over to your wife’s bookshelf – and notice all the romance novels that she has.

Then, take a stroll over to the TV that she watches – and check out the GIGABYTES of soap operas that she’s recorded…

All designed to help her meet her sexual needs – all designed to help her create that dichotomy of emotions – so that she can get sexual “release” without you.

She’d rather it be WITH YOU…

She’d rather you TUNE IN and CHECK IN to her sexuality…

She’d rather you be the one who provides her with that emotional excitement that’s so sexually stimulating to her…

She’d rather you be the one who “takes her on a journey”…

…so that she can enjoy sex at the physical level too.

Here’s something you can do…buy a romance novel and ask your wife to let you read it to her. As you read, pay attention – pay attention to the dichotomy of emotions being created by the story. Pay attention to the responses and reactions of your wife. By paying attention, you’ll LEARN – from both the romance novel and from your wife.

You may think this is a stupid idea but if you’re smart, you’ll try it – and you’ll find out for yourself that it definitely takes your relationship in a sexual direction.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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  1. Are you kidding? What idiot totally lacking in insight wrote this article?? When women’s sexual needs are not being met in their marriage, they have affairs, just like men do. Actual, physical affairs, often long-term.

    I don’t know what century you are living in, in your mind. “Romance novels and soap operas” are NOT fulfilling women. Loving, giving, sexually strong men are, outside of their marriages.

    Sorry…somebody had to be the bearer of Truth here.

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