You Don’t Really Want An Over-Sized Penis And Here’s Why

There are people who are abnormal.

For example, the tallest man in the world towers above the average man while the shortest man in the world must look up to the average man – even one who is sitting down.

While both the tallest and the shortest man are human beings who deserve all the goodness that every human being deserves, when compared to the average man’s height, they’re abnormal.

And, given the problems and difficulties faced by these men with their height abnormalities, the average man would rather just be average height.

In like fashion, there are a tiny percentage of men who have abnormally large penises. Just as before, because of their abnormality, they face problems and difficulties that most men would rather not have. Let’s see why…

Because of the business I’m in, I’ve made acquaintance with several men who possessed abnormally large penises.

There was a common thread in every single one of them…

They all had significant health problems – although the specific health problem seemed to be different for each man.

Apparently, the genetic “malfunction” that gave them an abnormally large penis size also gave them undesirable health problems.

One of them – a man who worked with me for several months – will serve as a good example.

On the outside, he looked just like a normal man. His height, hands, feet, and overall build were just like those of a normal man.

But, underneath, there were two things that were definitely not normal.

One, his penis was twice the size of an average male – a full 12+ inches when erect. He liked to talk and brag about it and even show it to anyone who would look…when he wasn’t dealing with #2 that is…

Two, he had major problems with seizures and spasms.

(NOTE: In no way am I insinuating that seizures and spasms are linked to penis size. I’m simply stating the health problems this particular man dealt with.)

There was another problem too…

It only took a few minutes for women to discover that they weren’t at all interested in this man – in fact, many appeared to be quite repulsed by him. This was because it quickly became apparent to them that this man was all about his penis.

And, a normal woman wants far more from a man than just a mere penis.

In other words, a multi-dimensional male is far more interesting and appealing to a normal female than is a one-dimensional penis – and therefore, a female is far more interested in having a relationship with a normal man than she is with an abnormal penis.

In all the cases of men I’ve known with abnormally large penises, they admitted it was nice to be the envy of the other guys when they were in a locker-room setting. They also admitted that it was nice to see the shock and amazement on a woman’s face when she first saw their penis.

But, those were the only benefits they enjoyed because they also admitted that their abnormally large penis was a definite disadvantage when it came to the physical act of sex – mostly because their large penis created discomfort and even pain for the woman.

And, because of her discomfort and pain, these men were unable to fully penetrate and unable to fully thrust both of which minimized the sexual enjoyment for both them and the woman.

In other words, it is body to body contact with a penis and a vagina in between that provides maximum sexual pleasure for BOTH men and women.

Think of it like this. No woman in her right mind desires to be suspended atop a pole by her vagina. In contrast, every woman who IS in her right mind, enjoys the pleasure of sitting atop an average-sized penis – as her body connects to her partners body.

You can get a sense of how true this is if you ever watch a woman masturbate. As one hand works her vulva area, the other hand is ALWAYS touching other parts of her body.

More specifically, while her other hand will certainly touch sexual body parts such as her breasts, she will also spend significant time touching non-sexual body parts such as her abdomen or leg or cheek or chest or any number of other body parts.

Why does she do that?

It’s because the touching and stimulation of both sexual and non-sexual body parts gives her the maximum amount of pleasure.

Bottom line, be thankful that you have a normal, healthy body with a normal-sized penis because that is exactly what you AND your lady need to for you BOTH to enjoy maximum sexual pleasure.

Make up your mind that this is true.

Let go of the myth that an abnormal penis would serve you or your lady better.

Instead, begin to turn your attention and efforts towards creating feelings of sexual excitement within your lady.

That’s what will take things into the STRATOSPHERE for both of you…

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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