Will The Man Next Door Bed Your Wife?

Recently, a certain husband was complaining about his wife with phrases like the following:

  • “She’s very unorganized. The house is always a mess…”
  • “All she does is sit around and watch TV…”
  • “She’s always nagging about one thing or another…”
  • “She’s losing all energy and enthusiasm to do stuff…”
  • “Whatever she does now, she does with negative energy, complaints and regrets”

Are you a husband who can relate to these quotes?

If so, I hope to challenge you in this article.

First, stop and imagine yourself in a dead-end job. Everything you are asked to do is totally menial and beneath you. Co-workers don’t do their job which in turn, creates more work for you. When you finish your job, you get to start all over and do the same thing again.

Further, your boss has no appreciation or respect for you. In fact, he regularly tells you what an idiot you are to both you and everyone around. There’s no end to the things that your Boss says and does to make you feel stupid.

And, imagine that if you tried to leave and find a better job, all of society would look down on you, black-list you, and your friends and family would disown you.

How are you going to feel?

How are you going to respond?

What are you going to turn into?

Now, picture in your minds eye a certain man next door to you. While you are at work having all this fun, this man starts having conversations with your wife. He starts telling her:

  • How important she is.
  • What a special person she is.
  • How neat he thinks she is.
  • How attracted he is to her.

He starts doing and saying things that “breathe life” into her, that give her meaning and value.

You know and I know that even though she may resist for a bit, it won’t be long and she’ll start responding to this man.

She’s going to get a new sparkle in her eye.

She’s going to start going out of her way to “run into him”.

She’s going to start changing her behaviors to live up to the reputation that he’s given her.

Good things are going to happen.

Eventually, funky music is going to start playing in the bedroom.

The woman this man would be interacting with wouldn’t be anything like the NEGATIVE person described in the “quotes” I listed at the start of this article.

Now in truth, marriage is still meant to be a sacred relationship and in fact, there may not be some new man next door hitting on your wife.

However, the suggestion that I made to this man may be one that you would do well to consider in your own home and in your own situation…

Pretend like it’s you next door and you want to “pick-up” your lady.

Decide that your lady is attractive to you.

Go to work romancing her. Start providing her with meaning and value. Make her feel special. Start making some positive things happen…

…before some man with lady skills and lust shows up in your lady’s life.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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