Penis Size: What Every Husband Needs To Know…

I frequently have men come to me with major concerns about their penis size.

In spite of all the reassurance they have had from their wife and from other people about their penis size, they STILL have major concerns about it.

Why do they have this concern? Why do they have such a concern over this that they literally squelch all their wife’s attraction for them?

It’s because they have a major desire to give their wife the greatest sexual “pleasure” she has ever felt. They very much want to pleasure their wife to her maximum threshold. In and of its self, this desire and intention is a good thing — but the problem is that they have linked the size of their penis to how much pleasure their wife can feel sexually.

Moreover, they can look around and see 100 other guys with penises the same size or even smaller than their own but that doesn’t mean anything to them because they saw this one guy at a bar one time…or in a porn movie…who was way bigger than they are…which means in their mind…because of how they have linked penis size to female sexual pleasure…that they cannot possibly please their wife to her maximum sexual threshold…and that is a very “bitter pill” for them to try to swallow. Consequently, they continue to struggle with concern over the size of their penis.

So, allow me to address this concern from an angle you’ve never heard before…

Your mouth and tongue is designed by God to experience various sensations. If you want to experience a “sweet” sensation, all you have to do is put a piece of candy in your mouth and you WILL experience the taste sensation of sweetness.

Do you need a GIANT piece of candy in order to be able to experience “sweetness”?

Well, if you are a normal person, the answer is emphatically, “No!” There is no relation to the size of a piece of candy and its ability to generate a sensation of sweet taste.

If you take two pieces of the same kind of candy…one large and one small…the sweetness will be exactly the same. You cannot tell any difference as far as the taste sensation is concerned.

If anything, the “big” piece of candy is “uncomfortable” and LESS enjoyable.

This is EXACTLY how it is with the female vagina. The female vulva and vagina is designed to feel various sensations and particularly the sensation of sexual pleasure.

Let’s start with the clitoris. If you are pleasuring your wife orally, does the size of your tongue affect in any way the pleasure she feels?

Nope! Absolutely not.

Her clitoris is designed to feel pleasure sensations when physically stimulated IF HER MIND AND EMOTIONS ARE IN A CERTAIN STATE — and there is no relation to the size of your tongue and the sexual pleasure she can feel. Stated differently, she will feel the same level of sexual pleasure regardless of the size of your tongue.

It is EXACTLY the same with her vagina. The level of pleasure a woman can feel from a penis is exactly the same regardless of what the size of that penis is because the pleasure is NOT derived from the size of the penis.

“Expansion” is NOT what generates the feeling of pleasure within a woman’s vagina!

Rather, it is MOVEMENT on/within a woman’s vulva/vagina that causes her to feel sexual pleasure. And in particular, it is certain movements delivered in a way that matches the mental and emotional state of that woman that generates pleasure within her.

So, if your penis was to magically grow into the world’s largest penis ever, you could not possibly give your wife any greater sexual pleasure than you can right now with the penis you currently have.

But wait!” you say. “I’ve heard a few women say that size does matter…which tells me that it matters to ALL women but most women just won’t be open and honest about it…so how can you say that it doesn’t matter?

Well, it is true that the size of a penis does matter to a FEW women. However, IT IS NOT because they can feel any greater pleasure from a bigger penis. Rather, they have developed an erotic excitement over penis size which is a MENTAL thing — NOT a physical thing.

It’s sort of like a guy who is turned on by a blonde-haired woman…or a big-breasted woman. He MENTALLY finds the idea of having sex with a blonde…or with a big-breasted woman…to be erotic and exciting…but the color of her hair…or the size of her breasts has ZERO bearing on the level of pleasure that he physically experiences from a sexual encounter with such a woman.

It is the same with a woman. She may be turned on by the idea of having sex with a man who has an above-average penis size…but it is entirely a mental thing that has ZERO bearing on the level of physical pleasure that she experiences from a sexual encounter with such a man.

But, this is no reason for you to be concerned about the size of your penis because there are two things you need to know that are generally true about these FEW women who say they care about penis size:

1. They are generally women who are “bar-fly” types who have associated some/much of their self-worth with whether or not they are able to attract a man to themselves who has an above-average-size penis. If they can find and bed such a man, then they feel like they are something “extra” special…that they are somehow “better” and “superior” to other women…they get an emotional “hit” and “high”. Of course, the high doesn’t last because it is a foolish criteria upon which to base one’s self-esteem anyway…and so they are back to the bars and dives looking for another above-average-size penis.

I promise you, the normal wife…one with whom a man can enjoy a long, happy, healthy life with…DOES NOT base her sense of self esteem upon the size of her husband’s penis size. Consequently, ALL of those women who have told you that penis size does not matter were healthy, balanced, quality women who WERE TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!

2. Women who have encountered an above-average size penis readily admit that it was not a very satisfying sexual encounter for them. Why? It wasn’t exciting or satisfying because the guy was all about his penis size…he “knew” he was above average in the size department…and he had bought into the myth that size generates pleasure.

The truth is, in order for a woman to have a pleasurable sexual encounter, she needs a certain kind of mental and emotional connection with her man — and he cannot make such a connection with his penis. It’s his mind generating certain thoughts and feelings within her mind, followed by certain physical touches and movements by which MAXIMUM SEXUAL PLEASURE is generated.

I promise you, the normal wife…one with whom a man can enjoy a long, happy, healthy life with…wants a man who is more INTO HER than he is into his penis.

So, here is my advice to you: stop worrying about the size of your penis and start creating a mental, emotional, and physical connection with your wife. The more you worry about your penis size, the more you ARE turning off your wife towards you. The more you stew and fret over your penis size, the more your wife wants to avoid having sex with you. It is just WAY TOO exhausting to your wife to have to deal with your NONSENSICAL insecurity and concern over your penis size.

In your wife’s mind, the size of your penis is irrelevant…and she just wishes you would let it be that way in your mind too…so that the two of you can get on with enjoying a good sex life…instead of you bringing a big negative cloud with you to every sexual encounter.

And, in the event that your wife has indicated in some way that she wants a bigger penis, then you’ve got a woman in your life with serious self-esteem issues…which means her mental and emotional problems are a way bigger problem for you than is the size of your penis.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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  1. I agree with this. For most of my life i wasnt worried of my penis size until ive read this erotic story, like a week ago, about a man with a very big penis and how he simply states that fact and then he gets numerous calls and bones wives in front of their husbands in a cuckold fetish. Well this story really made me furious and downright shameful. I didnt enjoy it at all.
    Also, it was posted in the real stories section.
    So at first i said: oh well its just another mythomaniac. Anyone experimented with true erotic stories in forums nows that a fourth to an half of the stories are fake, posted by mythomaniacs who get an ego boost or sexual pleasure out of making other guys lust over their stories or something.
    But there was also this chance, the only fact that it was not *impossible* that continued troubling me. I know its stupid.
    Then i went on to check on the internet and it didnt help it. Half of the people said shit about penis size being linked with better genes and being an alpha male and thus it turned women on by instinct.
    I had to find the truth in all this shit. The fact that mythomaniacs are roaming everywhere on the internet meant that i couldnt take anything anonymous people said on forums as facts. Also there are penis enlargement companies that write articles about how penis size matters.

    So it made me remember about this evolutionnary psychology book i read about the sexual differences in males and females. Basically females have very different means of being turned on. With a male point of view, it is very easy to fall in the “big dick matters” zone because males are turned on visually and they instinctly assume that women can or should be the same. But they are not.
    The proof is that hardly any woman likes porn. A lot are disgusted by it, especially hardcore porn. Normal Women are not turned on visually. Also, women’s magazines in the 70s tried to follow the sexual emancipation movement by integrating visuals of naked males. The magazines that put even one picture of a totally naked man saw the number of female readers drop while gay men bought more of it. Also, a study went on to say that women are much more prone to be turned on with romantic movies or novels, even if those dont show any full nudity or in the case of novels, elaborate explicitly on sexual acts.

    So now i could turn to the case of those few women who did enjoy big penises. The book went on to say that women that enjoyed casual sex the most were also the ones with the least social status, and this, in all forms of society. While laws differ a big deal on what sort of casual sex is tolerated with both sexes, all cultures share the double standard that promiscuous females are *sluts* and promiscuous males are *studs*. Also, women which enjoy casual sex are much more prone to have boytoys with big penises and date multiple sexual partners at once for different reasons. It was also stated that multiple sexual partners was often a *stage* for those women, where they would, with time and as their fertility and actractiveness wane, look for more stable relationships that are more commitment, longterm and family oriented. Another category, cougars, were postmenopausal divorced women who, while still wanting to marry a man, couldnt find one they liked so settled with multiple sexual partners, often with one big penis’d boytoy.

    So with this I conclude that penis size is not important for any serious and worthwhile relationship.

    I couldnt care less if immature, slutty women wouldnt want me because of my average penis size has I have no time to dedicate to such low-class individuals. I also don’t plan on dating cougars.

  2. Weeooo thanks Calle Zorro, Now i can throw away the search of penis enhancement. Thanks once again.
    and hey i like the resemblance of enjoyment with candy … like it

  3. I have lost all trust in today’s modern women. Why do so many wifes resort to penis size put downs at the end of a marriage? Just to inflict hurt and destruction? Are there any limits to a wife’s vengence ? After nealy 30 yr. marriage wife shocked the ___ out of me by stating: ….’if you think your small ___ is why I married you, ……”. Now I have the ruler out and wonder…. Trying to cope with this shocker after all these years …it is hard to even type this post. Any advice? Verbal abuse of men is pervasive and accepted in today’s culture. TV sitcoms and movies show kicks to the groin and slaps to the face of male actors without any uproar from the public. Grey’s Anatomy every other episode with each male lead actor being slapped by a female lead. The wife of Tiger Woods is widely admired in the press and on talk shows for the obvious assult she committed and will not be prosecuted. What protection do males have from verbal and physical abuse in a marriage when the culture has made it an acceptable joke?

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