How To Eliminate The “I’m Too Tired” Excuse

When you hear your lady say she’s too tired to make love, you need to understand that more often than not what she’s really saying is:

  • I have given all I’ve got to everyone else and I have nothing else to give.
  • I need time for me.
  • I want someone to hold me.
  • I want someone to talk to me.
  • I want someone to be my “nurse” for a little while.
  • I need someone to care about “me” for a change.
  • I want someone to make me feel better

Now that you understand what she’s really saying, you have a couple of choices to make. You pick the result you want from the following choices and carry out the instructions:

Result #1: 0% chance of S E X for the next several weeks

Tell her you despise the day you married her and that if there weren’t kids involved, you would dump her in a minute. Then, ignore her while making it very clear you are extremely mad at her for not putting out.

Result #2: 10% chance of S E X tonight

Turn on your “best-behavior” and tell her you love her and that you understand how she feels. Ask her if you can get her a cup of hot tea or something. Then ask her if she would like for you to rub her feet.

Do it different tomorrow…

The real point is that you are too late. You didn’t take responsibility for making sure she was turned on and ready by bed time.

That’s right! As a man, you are the one who needs to take responsibility for turning your lady on so that she is ready for you.

Unfortunately, you may well be too late to change anything for tonight. But, the good news is that tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow, you can cause things to be different.

What are you going to do to turn your wife on? What needs to happen so that you get a different response besides “I’m too tired” from her?

Find the answers and then implement!

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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