How To Get Your Woman Out Of A Bad Mood And Into A Good Mood

Listen up men because you’re about to find out how to get your woman out of a bad mood and into a good mood – one that you can enjoy being around.

First, realize that many women wish their man would help them with their mood – but only if he does it in the right way.

So, let’s talk about what’s NOT the right way…

Suppose you come home to find your woman is in a bad mood. What do you do?

If you’re like most men, in an effort to get her into a more enjoyable mood, you respond in some kind of an over-the-top way. For example, you might:

  • Try to pull her up with boisterous humor
  • Preach at her to cheer up and get some positive mental attitude
  • Ignore her totally
  • Act as if nothing is wrong
  • Start a screeching romp with the kids
  • Touch her in a sexual way

All of these “approaches” to fixing her bad mood are virtually guaranteed to generate an even worse mood.

Probably, you’ve tried some of these approaches yourself and found out that what I’m saying is true, haven’t you?

So, here’s the solution to eradicating your woman’s bad mood…

Using words with appropriately matching body language, you:

  1. Match and mirror her right where she’s at
  2. Say things to her that in her mind are undeniably true
  3. Gently lead and guide her to a more positive mood

Now, let me explain these three items…

When I say match and mirror her right where she’s at, I don’t mean that you actually put yourself into a bad mood and join in.

Rather, you’re an ACTOR who temporarily aligns with her – who goes to her same level – who gets in step with her feelings. You’re an actor who starts the “play” right where she’s at.
And when you do this, it shows that you care, that you understand her, that you’re like her. And, that makes her feel very good towards you.

How you match and mirror her is by using the same body language that she’s using and by saying two to four statements that are on the same level as her current bad mood and to which she can only respond to with a “yes”.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether she merely thinks “yes” or actually verbalizes it – what matters is that she is thinking or saying “yes” to your statements.

Then, after you’ve made these two to four statements on her current bad-mood level, you can then shift your body-language into a more positive position and at the same time, make a more positive statement.

If you’re previous statements have resulted in a “yes” in her mind, then she’ll say “yes” to your more positive statement too – she’ll follow you up to this higher level.

And then, you make two to four more statements at this new, more positive level to which she can only respond to with a “yes”. You then repeat this process until you have led her all the way out of her bad mood and into a good mood.

Keep in mind that when you’re leading, it’s important that you lead in small, incremental steps. Your leading won’t work if you try to stretch it all the way from bad mood to good mood in a single bound.

Instead, you want to break up the range from bad to good into three to seven discrete steps – depending upon how sour her mood is.

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