How Do I Get My Wife To Give Her Love, Affection, And Intimacy To Me?

Husband, imagine with me for a moment that you are waiting at an ATM machine to withdraw some cash. In front of you is a man who appears to be about 30 years old and he looks just like any other man in every way except one…

He was born without lower arms and lower legs.

He’s standing in front of you balanced on artificial legs. He’s using the half-arms that he has and his lips to withdraw money from the ATM and to put the money in his wallet.

My question to you is this: “How would this man want you to interact with him?”

Do you think he would want you to feel sorry for him? Do you think he would want your pity?

I don’t think so! He’s probably had plenty of that.

Do you think he would want you to gawk and stare at him? Do you think he would want you to laugh at him and make fun of him?

Definitely not! He probably got enough of that during his school years.

Do you think he would want you to treat him as inferior to yourself? Do you think he would want you to point out that he is physically less capable than you?

Nope! He’s probably had enough people do that already.

What would this man want from you?

I’ll remind you of what you already know…

  • He’d want you to LIKE HIM as he is.
  • He’d like for you to CARE FOR HIM…and CARE ABOUT HIM…just as he is…as a real and significant person.
  • He’d like for you to ACCEPT HIM as he is.
  • He’d like for you to skip past his obvious limitations, flaws, and defects and REALLY WANT to know him…and interact with him at that deeper level where the incredible, marvelous, wonderful, smart man that he is resides.
  • He’d want to be IMPORTANT to you.
  • He’d want to do fun, interesting things with you.
  • He’d like to be a part of accomplishing and achieving something meaningful WITH you.
  • He’d want his weaknesses to be no big deal to you…and his strengths a VERY BIG deal to you.
  • He’d like to support you in your dreams…even as you support him in his dreams.
  • He’d want to be more to you…and mean more to you…than just some mere “humanoid” that you use to get something you want from.
  • He would not want you exalting yourself above him…and he would not want you exalting him up above you…but he would want to be your PEER.


It’s what she’s wanted from you for a long, long time…a very long time.

Deep down, you know this…you’ve always known it…when are you going to start giving your wife what she wants so that she is inspired to give you what you want?

And, what about those things that you don’t know about your wife…when are you going to learn those things…so that you inspire her to SHARE ALL THE GIFTS THAT SHE HAS WITH YOU… her love, affection, intimacy, desire, passion, sexuality, and more?

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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  1. Calle,

    It never ceases to amaze me the depth and simplicity of your words. It is as many sources of knowledge in my life are put together in a single, coherent, direct, and simple, teaching.

    As we accept the other, we are interest in the other, we care for the other, we love the other; it all comes from not wanting the other to conform to ourselves but by granting people the liberty they already have. Denying that freedom is to incarcerate ourselves under our own attempts to control the other, and therefore to deny our own freedom.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful article. I think that love is not really about finding the perfect person. Instead, it is about discovering what is perfect in the imperfect person. Looking for ‘good’ in someone is the key to all love.

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