How Do I Get My Wife Thinking Sexual Thoughts? 5 Starter Ideas…

how do I get my wife thinking sexual thoughts

Husband, have you ever pondered the question, “How do I get my wife thinking sexual thoughts?”  Well, it is a good question because when you are able to get your wife thinking sexual thoughts, it won’t be long until she is wanting to be sexual with you.  To that end, following are five basic ideas you can start out with.

1. Touch your skin to your wife’s skin in unusual and different ways. For example, while facing your wife, connect the area between your wrist and your elbow to that same area on her and just hold the connection for several seconds and look at her arm(s). You can do it with both arms or just one while you use the other hand to tickle your fingertips across the skin on her forearm or underneath her forearm.  However you decide to initiate an unusual skin-to-skin contact with your wife, just be careful that you do it in a relaxed, natural, approving way.  Definitely avoid being awkward, clumsy, or critical.  If you do it right, your unusual or different way of touching your wife will break her out of her daily-grind trance…and reconnect her with you mentally and emotionally…which may well cause your wife to start thinking sexual thoughts towards you.

2. When you are tired and ready for YOU time and just do not feel like giving any more to any one else…that is when you go ahead and summon up enough extra energy to connect with your wife in a non-sexual way.  Specifically, tell her that that you are exhausted and tired…but that she is such a pleasure and a joy to you that you want to bask in the sunshine of her presence and company for a few minutes…then teasingly warn her that she might need to turn her “sunshine” down a little…lest she “rejuvenate” you to the point she turns you into a sex-maniac. And then, set aside all sex thoughts or talk…and just really connect with your wife in a totally non-sexual way for 15 – 30 minutes. You might just find that the attention you have given her…in spite of being tired…causes her to start coming on to you…and that you have “just enough” energy left…  At the very least, your attention may well trigger some sexual thoughts that she will want to act upon in the near future when you aren’t so tired.

3. The most sexual, erotic thing you can give a person is YOURSELF. In fact, one could say that “giving yourself” is sex. And, with that thought in your mind, carefully consider what it is that you are giving your wife. Is what you are giving your wife resulting in the kind of sex you want? Or, is it time now to change what you are giving so that you get a different kind of sex? Either way, give yourself in a different or unexpected way tonight that will cause your wife to have sexual thoughts…even if you have to step outside your comfort zone.

4. Be brave enough to tell your wife what you want from her sexually.  Depending upon your wife’s processing style, it might be best to tell her at a time when she will have some time to process it alone and prepare herself appropriately in advance…like some morning when you have just a few minutes and then will be parting ways for the day.  Or, if your wife is more the type who likes to act in the moment, then just make sure your timing is such that she has the time and ability to act upon what you tell her.  Either way, most people don’t realize just how appealing it is to their spouse when they are straightforward and honest about what they want sexually.  And, you may find that being open and direct about what you want to do with your wife sexually gets her to thinking the sexual thoughts that cause her to want to do the same thing with you.

5. Let your wife know that you would NEVER cheat on her as long as she is your woman. Let her know that even when there are issues that need to be dealt with – even when there are problems affecting attraction and intimacy that you want to work through those issues and problems but that you will not cheat on her because you respect and value her too much. Let her know that the relationship you have with her is far more important to you than a mere fling with someone else.  One caveat here: be careful that you do not communicate this message in a way that leaves your wife thinking you will stick with her no matter how much she ignores you or misbehaves.  The idea here is to inspire your wife with your love and faithfulness to her…such that it gets her appreciating you and thinking sexual thoughts about you.  And conversely, the idea is NOT to lead your wife to believe that she does not have to participate with you in your marriage.

So there you have it…

Five simple starter ideas that you can use in answering the question, “How do I get my wife thinking sexual thoughts?”.

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