Is Your Happiness Dependent Upon Your Wife?

Way too many men are obsessed with their wife and obsessing over her.

In some cases, their ego and their self-worth is totally wrapped up in HER looking good and other men noticing her – which then makes them feel important and special.

The weird thing is, as much as they want other men to notice their woman so that they get validation and a feeling of worth as a result of that attention, they get major depressed when their woman does what she’s going to naturally do – respond to that attention from other men.

And, as is frequently the case, when she goes so far as to actually do something with another guy, well, then he really gets upset – so much so that he’s almost suicidal.

In other cases, men have their ego and self-worth wrapped up in whether or not their wife is noticing them and paying attention to them. And if she’s not, then he becomes very upset – often becoming violent and abusive – if not physically, then certainly verbally and emotionally.

In either case, the result is that he ends up projecting a powerfully negative mood which means he becomes ESPECIALLY REPULSIVE to his wife.

Now, his insecurity and neediness comes shining through bright and clear and it really REPELS his wife.

What about you?

If you tend to have negative mood swings based on your wife paying attention to other men OR not paying attention to you, then LET THAT BE YOUR SIGN that you need to…

“Disconnect your well-being from your wife (or your job or any other external person or thing for that matter) and ENTIRELY connect your well-being to the inevitable, unfailing, dependable love, goodness, and providence of God Almighty and the ability He has given you to both learn, develop and enhance yourself and to achieve and accomplish good things.”

For some people, that’s hard to do. It’s hard for them to LET GO and trust that God will arrange good for them behind the scenes if they’ll do their part of putting forth the necessary effort.

But, those who do LET GO and LET GOD and focus their energy and thought towards LEARNING, APPLYING, ACOMPLISHING, and ACHIEVING find that life becomes a much happier, much more enjoyable experience AND that they become a much more attractive person.

Think about it…if you didn’t need your wife to draw the attention of other men in order to feel good about yourself, isn’t it true that the odds of her “fooling around” would be way less?

Think about it…if you were to choose to be happy and to seek out the pleasant and positive in everything – regardless of whether your wife was directing her attention towards you – wouldn’t it be easier for your wife to WANT to direct her attention towards you?

Clearly, the answer to both questions is a resounding, “Yes!”

That means it’s to YOUR benefit to disconnect your well-being from people and things and to connect it entirely and totally to God through Jesus Christ.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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