Think Your Wife Isn’t Sexual? Think Again.

See if this sounds familiar…

Your wife doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in sex.

If you initiate she’ll go with it…it’s not like she refuses…but she’s clearly just not that in to it.

And, if you don’t initiate, she doesn’t seem to miss it. If you try to hold out on her, it doesn’t seem to bother her — at least as far as you can tell.

All in all, it just seems like your wife just isn’t very sexual, right?


I can assure you that your wife IS a VERY sexual woman and all she needs is a man with a certain skill set — one who is strong enough to break open her shell and pull all of that sexuality that’s buried and hid deep inside of her up to the top and out into the open — one who knows how to create a safe, open environment wherein she is free to express herself sexually — one who knows how to go the distance and satisfy her once her clothes are off.

Actually, what I should have said is YOUR WIFE dreams of and craves a man with this skill set.

How do I know this?

It’s because on a daily basis men find me and they tell me about how as far as they could tell, up until a few days ago, everything seemed ok. For years, their wife hadn’t seemed to have much of an interest in sex. And so, these men let themselves SETTLE for getting less sex than they wanted and assumed that their wife was getting MORE sex than she wanted.

And boy were they wrong!

Sadly, the way they found out that they were wrong was they discovered that their wife had been with another man…and now, their wife is obsessed with this other man…and all their wife can talk about is how she wants to have sex with this other man…and how good he was in bed…and the husband is sitting there listening to his wife DUMBFOUNDED!

That’s when I get the call or email.

Of course, these men are having a major insecurity crisis now and they are wanting to know what to do.

Well, the first thing to know is that whoever the other man was, he didn’t have anything you you don’t have. Everything he has, you’ve got.

The only difference was HE had taken the time to develop himself…HE had taken the time to EDUCATE himself…HE had learrned how to open up a woman into the joy and pleasure of her sexuality.

And, it’s what your wife has dreamed about ever since she became a woman.

And when that man showed up, he was what she wanted so badly that she couldn’t withstand the temptation.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be smart enough to get educated…

Here are the four areas in order of priority that you need to educate yourself in if you want to avoid finding out that your wife has been satisfied by some man besides you.

  1. Learn what your wife’s needs are, how to meet those needs, and meet those needs on purpose.
  2. Learn how to operate in a way that makes you attractive and sexy to your wife.
  3. Learn how to seduce your wife’s mind.
  4. Learn how to really please a woman in bed so that she gets TRUE satisfaction and pleasure out of it instead of having to fake pleasure.

And, the exciting news is that if you’ll get yourself educated, you will have the upper hand…the advantage…because intimacy and sex based on a mutually loving, trusting, exciting relationship will ALWAYS be far superior to anything that might happen in a short-term fling.

The moral of the story; your wife IS a very sexual creature.

I don’t care how much she tells you she isn’t. I don’t care how much she acts disinterested. I don’t care how much she reassures you that she’s sufficiently satisfied.

If you do not have a warm, loving relationship with frequent intimacy then you can know that your wife is wanting more.

If when you engage in intimacy, you don’t see your wife lose control of her body then you can know that she is sexually dissatisfied.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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