Husbands Beware: Wives Say This Trait Is Unsexy and Unattractive

Unattractive trait in men

There’s one thing that women know for sure…

A man who won’t stand up and courageously address a situation that needs to be addressed is unsexy and unattractive.

A man who won’t take care of a problem – whether it has to do with him personally, someone within his household, or someone outside of his home – is a man that a woman cannot respect, trust, or admire.

A man who won’t handle business that needs to be handled will soon find that his woman resists intimacy and sex with him.

If that doesn’t motivate him to get it together, then she will leave him and find herself another man.

Think about it…if a man won’t do what’s necessary to keep his own life operating well, how can a woman possibly entrust herself to him?

The short answer is, “She can’t!”

If a man won’t respond to getting cut off sexually and become motivated to do something positive, then what else is there that could possibly motivate him?

The answer is obviously, “Nothing!”

A woman realizes that ultimately, there’s nothing she can do to adequately compensate for a guy who won’t man up and be a man.

Sure, most women are quality enough that they’ll work with their man as long as they can see he is honestly working on the situation or problem. At the same time, a woman will cut no slack to the man who isn’t even trying.

In fact, there are few things that turn a woman OFF towards a man faster than seeing him do nothing when he should be doing something.

Conversely, there are few things that turn a woman ON faster than seeing a man who courageously and fearlessly takes the lead in handling a situation or a problem in a professional, classy kind of way.

What about you?

What situations or problems exist in your life and it’s past time for you to tackle them?

Man up and tackle them. And, watch your wife’s eyes light up with a new-found admiration for you.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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