Are You A Husband Who Has This Intimacy-Killing Fear?

Have you ever considered how absurd certain kinds of fears are?

For instance, does it not seem strange that elephants with all of their size, power and strength are afraid of a tiny little mouse?

This is just one of many examples that exist within our world where a fear seems mismatched or inappropriate. But, there’s one in particular that I want to deal with in this article…it’s this one…

Many men are afraid of a woman.

For many men, the moment they find themselves in the presences of a woman that they don’t know very well – especially one who has any level of physical attractiveness – they suddenly start feeling all awkward and self-conscious.

A man may be very successful in his business endeavors. Physically, he may be quite strong. He may have all sorts of heroic actions credited to him. He may be a world class speaker who is able to quickly develop rapport with large groups of people. He may jump out of airplanes, race cars, boats, or motorcycles, ride dangerous bulls or bucking horses, fight terrorists, or any number of other highly dangerous things.

But, put him in a one-on-one situation where he needs to interact with a woman who isn’t his Mother or sister and suddenly, he morphs into a gangly, stuttering, clumsy GOOF.

And, here’s the problem… A woman cannot be attracted to a man who is afraid of her.

What about you? Have you ever found yourself in the presence of a woman and felt this awkward, self-conscious feeling start creeping over you?

Well, if you have, then here’s what you need to know…

That feeling is a response to certain kinds of thoughts.

Feelings are ALWAYS responses to thoughts. Feelings are ALWAYS preceded by thoughts.

Remember that!

It just so happens that our thoughts usually occur so fast that we don’t even notice them. All we notice are the resulting feelings.

What are thoughts? They are mostly mental pictures and sounds that are either created or remembered.

So, the question is, what kinds of thoughts did you have prior to feeling awkward and self-conscious in the presence of that woman?

Here are the thoughts that most men have some variation of…

They mentally reflect back to their early teenage years…a time when they were scrawny – or maybe they still had a lot of baby fat…a time when they had a lot of pimples…a time when their voice cracked…a time when they were clumsy…a time when they were at their least attractive stage in life…and they felt so ugly compared to the angelic beauty and grace of girls at that same age.

They JUDGED and EVALUATED themselves compared to something that was REALLY IMPORTANT to them – girls – and they judged and evaluated themselves as INFERIOR which GENERATED that awkward and self-conscious feeling.

And now, years later, when they get in the presence of a woman they UNCONSCIOUSLY recall that comparison they made way back then which causes them to RE-ASSOCIATE INTO the same feelings they felt back then.

My fellow man, that’s no longer appropriate!

It’s NON-USEFUL to be afraid of women.

Stop it!

Women are meant to be beautiful and graceful.

Men are meant to be strong and brave achievers.

Let yourself be comfortable with women being what they are supposed to be. At the same time, be comfortable and confident with what you are supposed to be as a man.

God didn’t make any mistakes. He made you to be attracted to your beautiful wife. He made your wife to be attracted to her strong, brave, achieving husband.

You’ve got nothing to worry about. You’ve got nothing to be afraid of. You are no longer that gangly adolescent.

You’re now a grown, attractive man!

It is time for you to stop being afraid of your woman.

And when you do, notice how you become more attractive to her.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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