Why Doesn’t My Wife Want To Have Sex?

EVERYBODY is turned off by the notion of somebody using them. NOBODY wants to be manipulated by someone else who’s trying to benefit themselves but not you.

Given this, I want to give you a counter-example that just might help a whole lot of men in their marriage and sex-life.

Imagine that you just recently married…imagine that you’re a reasonable, practical, logical sort of fellow…imagine that you’ve got one more year in college…imagine that money is in VERY short supply…imagine that the two of you both work evening jobs…imagine that the two of you are living in a not-so-pleasant apartment complex, a place where plenty of society’s dark side resides…and your new wife is obsessed about getting pregnant and having a baby…so much so that every time you turn around, she’s trying to get you to “get her pregnant”…every time there’s a lull in work activity, she’s pestering you to have sex with her…and when you do have sex, she’s not the least bit interested in whether she feels any pleasure, she just wants you to hurry up and ejaculate…although sometimes, she really puts on a show and acts like she just wants to make love with you and getting pregnant doesn’t really matter…but it quickly becomes apparent that the whole show was just a pretense and a sham…because once again, she’s just trying to get you to ejaculate…and after you ejaculate, she wants you to help prop pillows up under her backside so it’s easier for the “sperm” to swim to their destination.

Now, really imagine yourself being in this situation…and as you imagine it…

Notice how you don’t feel like you can trust your wife – how your gut tells you her motives are lop-sided and aren’t 100% honest.

Notice how she thinks only of what she wants and is oblivious to the life-long impact it will have on you.

Notice how one-sided things feel.

Notice how your wife gives no indication that she really cares about you, your interests, or your desires.

Notice how you’d really like to have sex – notice how your wife really could be such an attractive lady – EXCEPT this obsessive, selfish drive of hers to get pregnant at a most inopportune time is killing your desire towards her.

Notice how she’s engaging you – not because she cares about your needs – but because she wants something from you.

Notice how she gives no consideration for timing or appropriateness – she just wants what she wants without regard to what works for you.

Notice how she hasn’t bothered asking you what you might want – she’s too concerned with what she wants.

Notice how irritating it is that your wife is constantly hounding you to have sex with her so she can get pregnant – and how her constant nagging on this point is like the biggest turn-off in the world.

Notice how the whole ordeal is such a huge turn-off to you and the automatic resistance to having sex with your wife.

Can you feel the feelings I’m describing?

Can you hear her nerve-grating nagging to get pregnant?

Can you look at her and see how repulsive her selfish neediness is to you?

If you can, then you have a good take on what most women feel, hear, and see in relation to their husband and his incessant desire for sex.

It’s not that she doesn’t want sex too. She absolutely does.

She just doesn’t want it in the way he’s trying to engage her in it.

So, if your wife does not want to have sex with you very often, then that means you have not YET developed yourself into an attractively-operating man that she WANTS to be affectionate, intimate, and sexual with.

It is your choice of course. You can leave things as they are for a while longer if that is what you choose to do. But, you could also go ahead today and get started developing this attractive mode of operation within yourself so that you cause your wife to more regularly and more frequently feel sexual interest and desire towards you.

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