Do You Want Valentine’s Day Affection? Set The Stage For Closeness, Affection, Intimacy, And Sex.

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Husband, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and IF you are wanting Valentine’s Day affection, then NOW is when you need to be preparing for that. Now is the time for you to set the stage so that YOUR Valentine’s Day includes affection, intimacy, sex, and passion.

To that end, here is something for you to consider…

Have you ever stopped to really notice how a genuinely kind person makes you feel on the inside?

Have you ever noticed how that when a person speaks kindly to you they make everything seem so SAFE and OK?

Have you ever noticed that when some person deals with you in a kindly way, they make it seem as if it doesn’t matter that you are less than perfect and that you are plenty good enough?

Have you ever had someone in kindness make you feel as if you should bring your gifts out of hiding and bring them forward where they will not only be accepted but even appreciated and valued?

Have you ever really messed something up or fallen short of the desired standard…and yet in kindness, you were given the opportunity to try again…even when someone else probably could have done it better and faster?

Have you ever watched someone handle another person in kindness even though they had the authority, power, right, and even good reason to treat them otherwise?

Did you notice the feelings of admiration you felt towards that kind person?

Do you remember telling others about how impressed you were with that person?

Maybe, even as you are reading these questions, you can start feeling some of these feelings again and notice how wonderful they feel.

And, if these are such good feelings for you, can you imagine how much more pronounced these feelings would be for your wife…someone who is even more in tune with feelings than you?

Well, let me tell you…when YOUR WIFE experiences you as a kindly and manly man, it invokes a particular response in her…it makes her want to get closer to you…and surrender herself to your “SEXUAL LOVING CARE”.

Now remember, I AM talking about you getting to enjoy Valentine’s Day affection with your wife.  Continuing on…

For this surrendering response to happen in your wife towards you…in order for your wife to respond positively to you in this way…your kindness has to be a certain form of kindness.

Kindness that is expressed for the sake of getting your wife to like you…or to do something for you…or to accept you…or to approve of you will NOT work.  Neediness will NOT get you the Valentine’s Day affection that you are wanting to enjoy with your wife.

What WILL work are expressions of kindness coming from you as a man who is not arrogant or condescending…as a man who is strength-filled and has power-in-reserve…as a man who has attained a measure of success but yet he remains humble because he remembers his own past mistakes and failures.

What WILL work is being gentle when you could be rough…being respectful when you could be disrespectful…being kind when you could be unkind…being loving when you could be unloving…being complimentary when you could be uncomplimentary…being approving when you could be disapproving.

What WILL work is making your wife feel safe when you could make her feel unsafe…or making her feel good about her self when you could make her feel badly about her self…or making her feel valuable and worthwhile when you could make her feel valueless and worthless.

When you are a man who has this kind of strength so much so that you are able to be BIG ENOUGH to treat your wife with KINDNESS, it will translate into a VERY SEXUAL feeling inside your wife towards you.

Bottom line…

Between now and Valentine’s Day, treat your wife with the manly KINDNESS and see for yourself what happens. I am quite sure you are going to enjoy the Valentine’s Day affection that results.

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