Do You Want Valentine’s Day Closeness? Set The Stage For Closeness, Affection, Intimacy, And Sex.

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Husband, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and IF you are wanting Valentine’s Day closeness, then NOW is when you need to be preparing for that. Now is the time for you to set the stage so that YOUR Valentine’s Day includes the closeness, affection, and intimacy you are wanting.

To that end, here is something for you to consider…

Assuming that you are a normal man, you are a natural-born problem solver. And, you can use this trait to enhance your value and desirability to your wife.

Here is what you do: think about a real problem that your wife has and solve it for her right away. Be THE solution to some problem that your wife has.

Whatever the highest-ranking problem is that your wife has…that problem represents your OPPORTUNITY for Valentine’s Day closeness.

However, there is a major snag you have to watch out for…

Do NOT say anything about solving the problem for your wife, JUST DO IT!

Do NOT make a big production about what you are going to do before you do it…and then another big production after you do it…such that it becomes obvious you are trying to manipulate your wife into giving you something you want in return.

In other words, if you will be the man who solves some problems for your wife between now and Valentine’s Day…in an attractive, non-obligating kind of way…then you will substantially raise your chances of Valentine’s Day closeness.

Now, lest you dismiss what I am saying as absurd or too simple, consider this…

Before your wife married you, she had a problem…she seriously wanted a man with whom she could share a meaningful long-term connection.

Sure, she may have dated other guys before you.  But for whatever reason, the connection just was not there with those other guys. But when you came along, there it was…the connection, the chemistry, the appeal.

YOU solved her problem.

If you consider things in a broader context, when you are a solution-oriented person, people want to get closer to you. Often, they will even pursue after you because you represent greater success and enjoyment to them.

Now, as it pertains to you and your wife, I am going to guess that it has been a while since you conducted yourself as her top-most solution to the problems that she has…which in turn has caused your wife to stop drawing close to you like she did in previous times.

But, you can change that starting today…and set the stage so that you are able to enjoy Valentine’s Day closeness with your wife.

To get you kick-started, consider these questions:

  1. What “problems” does your wife have in terms of intimacy, affection, approval, respect, esteem, and so on that you could be the “solution” for?
  2. What “problems” does your wife have around the house such as something that needs to be put together, repaired, or removed that you could be the “solution” for?
  3. What “problems” does your wife have with someone she knows…someone she cares about that needs something done for them that she is not able to do…but that you could do and thereby be the “solution”?

Put your mind to these questions and see what you come up with. If absolutely nothing comes to mind, then spend the next day or two carefully listening to everything your wife says…and watching everything she does…until you spot one key problem that represents an opportunity for you.

This brings us to another catch…

You actually have to DO SOMETHING TANGIBLE AND CONCRETE.  If you really want to enjoy Valentine’s Day closeness, then you have to do something that is real.

You CANNOT do what many men do…which is just listen to whatever your wife is complaining about and then spew a bunch of verbal advice at her so she can go solve her own problem. That only turns her off towards you because it reveals that you are not a solution-oriented person…it reveals that you are just an armchair advisor..and she is definitely NOT drawn to one of those.

Also, as you listen to your wife, you must filter out all the “chaff”…those things she is just venting about because she enjoys venting about them but they don’t really mean anything to her…and extract out those one or two things that really are important to her…AND THEN GO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO SOLVE THAT PROBLEM FOR HER.

And, just so it is clear, the word SOLVE means you COMPLETED whatever it is you are doing for your wife and that you did it in a way that represents the BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. A guy who only starts something or who half-way does something is ALWAYS a turn-off to a woman.

So, solve a meaningful problem for your wife.  Then, when she finds out what you have done for her, she is going to take a closer look at you…in a more positive light.

It is kind of an odd thing but it is nevertheless true; people are attracted to those who solve problems for them.

Here is the bottom line…

IF you will solve meaningful problems for your wife between now and Valentine’s Day…in an attractive kind of way…then your wife will most likely have a strong, natural, free-flowing desire to enjoy Valentine’s Day closeness with you.

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