The 2 Kinds of Husbands Whose Wife Withholds Sex From Them

Relative to having a sexual relationship, there is a certain dynamic that men absolutely must understand and it is this:

“A woman’s interest in sex and desire for sex (or the lack thereof) with a given man is a REACTION to that man.”

More than a few young guys have been surprised to discover an attractive young lady they knew – say from school or the neighborhood – a young lady they fully believed to be non-sexual – until they encountered her in a certain environment – say a concert or a new guy showing up at a party – and they were totally blown away by her blatant, promiscuous sexual behavior.

It was usually at this point that these fellows became aware of the fact that when you get a female in close proximity with a certain kind of male she WILL REACT with incredible sexual energy.

Further, it was usually at this point that these fellows realized that unlike the other fellow, they HAD NOT triggered a sexual response in the female – which caused them to realize they needed to make some changes so that they COULD trigger a sexual response in a female.

Let’s go deeper…

In general, there are three different ways a woman will REACT to a man; two of them are NON-sexually and one of them is EXTREMELY sexually. Here, I want to talk about the two NON-sexual ways…

The first way husbands initiate a NON-sexual reaction in their wife is by placing her at the bottom of their “totem pole” of life. In this scenario, the only interest the man has in his wife is sexually. Other than that, his time and interests are primarily focused on his career, his hobbies, and/or his friends. Consequently, he has little time for his wife or family as he consistently pushes them to a “back burner”

Although the wife of this kind of husband may remain sexual for a period of time, her receptiveness to his sexual advances will continue dwindling until eventually she is REPULSED by the idea of having sex with her husband.

Usually, the types of husbands that fall into this situation are the dominant and influencer types.

The dominant type is the husband who is motivated by solving problems, who likes challenges, who likes the big picture, who doesn’t mind taking risks, the kind of fellow who is results oriented and time/task oriented – the kind of man that’s usually referred to as a type-A.

The influencer type – sometimes called the expressive type – is the husband who is motivated and energized by being around people. He’s usually quite outgoing, animated, and persuasive. He has a strong need for people interactions – and the more the merrier.

The second way husbands initiate a NON-sexual reaction in their wife is essentially an inversion of the first scenario…the husband ALLOWS the wife relegate him into a lower-level support/servant role…he ALLOWS his wife to place him at the bottom of her “totem pole” of life.

Usually, this kind of husband suppresses his feelings, wants, interests, and desires which means he subjugates himself to his wife and he thereby trains her to place a low priority on him and to develop higher priorities in other areas of her life such as her job, hobbies, or friends.

This is the kind of husband that takes on the majority of the family responsibilities as he works a job by day and takes care of the home by night (or vice versa). Not only is he working a full time job, he’s also a full time “Mr. Mom”, plus he get’s to be “Mr. Handyman” for all of the odd jobs his wife throws at him. He does his best to make sure he’s always doing the things his wife likes and not the things she doesn’t like. And, by his servitude and passiveness, he trains her to control him, to look down upon him, and to belittle him.

As this happens, the wife loses all respect for her husband, and unfortunately, she is wired in such a way that she cannot be sexually attracted to a husband she does not respect.

Soon enough, no matter what the husband does or how much he does, at best it’s expected and unappreciated and at worst, it’s wrong and he gets a verbal lashing or some similar “treatment”.

Sadly, this kind of husband continues to think and operate along the lines of, “I just want my wife and kids to be happy and my own happiness doesn’t matter” – he continues to deny himself and give to everyone else – and yet he’s extremely unhappy about the fact that he gets no appreciation, respect, affection, or sex in return.

Usually, the types of husbands that fall into this situation are thesteady and conscientious types.

The husband who is the steady type is motivated by helping others, maintaining status quo, and maintaining predictability. This type of husband likes a life that’s full of repetitive tasks and patterns. This kind of husband usually exhibits extreme amounts of patience. He’s the good ‘ol boy that gets along with everyone and doesn’t like any kind of confrontation or conflict.

The husband who is the conscientious type is motivated by following procedures and by finding better ways of doing things. He loves to analyze things. This type likes lots of details and always wants more facts before he can make decision. And, he’s eternally afraid that he’ll make a mistake or that he’ll do something that will make him look stupid or inept. Because of this, he hates any type of risk and doesn’t like change unless it’s within his area of expertise.

Now, here’s what I want you to realize…all of these different types of men have certain kinds of strengths and skills that make them very valuable and important. HOWEVER, it is CRITICAL that a man maintain BALANCE because his strength OVER-EXTENDED becomes his greatest WEAKNESS!

Go back and read the previous paragraph again and think about what that means in your marriage…I think you’ll find it enlightening.

Now, let me wrap up by reminding you of this relationship dynamic:

“A woman’s interest in sex and desire for sex (or the lack thereof) with a given man is a REACTION to that man.”

You may not like this dynamic and it may not seem fair or right to you.

For sure, more than a few men have angrily blurted out, “So you’re telling me my wife’s lack of interest in sex is mostly my fault?”

Well, God is the one who created women to be the way they are…and the feminists hate this…and all the men who are doing without sex hate this…and there’s no value or benefit in arguing with facts or denying truths or trying to get something to work contrary to its nature…

Look around at the men who are generating a sexual reaction in women…you can see them at work, on TV, at the store, everywhere. And then, look around at those men who are NOT generating a sexual response in women…they’re everywhere too.

Sometimes men will try to explain, “You don’t understand, I’m married to a woman who just isn’t very sexual and there have even been therapists who said so!”

Regardless of what anyone has said, it’s safe to assume that your wife is a “normal” woman which means she is an extremely sexual being. So, if your wife is reacting in a NON-sexual way, then that LETS YOU KNOW that YOU are generating a NON-sexual reaction in your wife towards yourself.

Like it or not, when a husband fully comprehends and accepts this dynamic, he will have taken a giant step towards becoming one of those men who enjoys high-frequency sex.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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