How To Kiss Your Wife In A Way That Gets You Some

This article is only for those husbands who want to know how to kiss their wife in a way that gets her sexual juices flowing. And, if getting your wife’s sexual juices flowing is something that appeals to you, then you need to know how to give your wife a SEXUAL KISS.

Let’s begin…

We usually learn about the power, the magic, the effect of a kiss as children. It’s likely that there was a time when “Mommy” kissed your “owweeee” or your “boo-boo” and there was just something about that kiss that took all the pain away and made everything better.

But beyond this, kissing was probably something that was more or less “gross” until one day…a day you’re unlikely to ever forget…a day that brought excitement to you like you’d never experienced before…that girl you had such a crush on…you finally finagled everything around to where you could kiss her…and you kissed her…

The result was something that was so powerful to you that you could hardly explain it. All you knew was that it was something you replayed in your mind again and again and every time it was just as exciting as when you actually gave that girl the physical kiss.

So, as you think about that, you can begin to realize that a kiss can be way more than your lips physically touching some other person’s body. Your kiss can be something that’s so “charged” that when you deliver it to your wife it – when your kiss is just right, it causes her to:

  • Become aware of exciting possibilities that she wasn’t thinking of before
  • Access that erotic part of her being
  • Notice exciting sensations that she wasn’t feeling before
  • Create thoughts of romance and lovemaking
  • Anticipate feelings of pleasure, fulfillment, and satisfaction all derived from intimacy

All this can happen when you touch your lips on your wife in a certain way.

Now, plenty of wives complain that their husband’s doesn’t know how to kiss. When asked to describe their husband’s kiss, they say things like:

  • He’s like kissing a frog.
  • It’s like my Dad kissing me.
  • He’s like a puppy dog lapping his tongue all over my face.
  • There’s nothing in his kisses, they’re lifeless – there’s no feeling to them.
  • He just “pecks” me and then he’s moving on – it’s so fast there’s no time to enjoy the kiss.

Obviously, these kinds of kisses are NOT going to get a woman sexually excited. So, let’s talk about a kiss that will…

First, realize that your objective is to kiss your wife in a way that causes her to feel a deep connection with YOU and the more intensely you’re able to stimulate that connection she feels with you, the more you’ll transport her into a world of pleasure where the only way SHE can reach closure is by engaging in the physical act of sex – WITH YOU!

As you keep this objective in mind, remember that it takes time to stimulate this connection with your wife so just drop yourself down into SLOW MOTION!

Second, understand that you must TOUCH your wife with your EYES before you ever touch her with your lips. Your eyes are a tool that you can use to stimulate the intensity of the connection your wife feels with you – and as such, you should ALWAYS use it.

I can’t emphasize how incredibly important and powerful this second step is. Your prolonged, LOVING, eye contact with your wife BYPASSES her conditioning and programming and TOUCHES her at a deep primal, instinctual level that triggers sexual response inside of her.

Part of the reason this happens is because it requires strength and confidence for a man to be able to look deep into someone else’s eyes and MAINTAIN that deep eye contact. As such, strong, loving eye contact SUBCONSCIOUSLY communicates DIRECTLY to a woman’s mind that you are in fact an attractive man who is worthy of her desire.

In contrast, a man who drops his gaze, who subverts his eyes, who cannot maintain eye contact communicates that he is weak – maybe even untrustworthy – and definitely not fit to be a mating partner.

So, think of it like this…your eyes are the first thing you use to INITIATE intimacy in your wife’s mind so that she feels the desire to INITIATE intimacy with you physically.

Third, WHILE you are TOUCHING your wife with your EYES,amplify the connection your wife feels with you even further by slightly tensing your hands and fingers so that they will feel firm and strong to the touch and then you TOUCH her GENTLY and LIGHTLY with your FINGERTIPS.

You can put your finger tips on her shoulders – as if you were stabilizing her. You can drape the palm of her hands across your fingertips. You can place your fingertips on the OUTSIDE of her elbows. Or, perhaps best of all, you can cup her face in your fingertips.

Fourth, while TOUCHING your wife with your EYES and FINGERTIPS, now ramp up the connection your wife feels – so that she’s starting to feel sparks – by TOUCHING her with your VOICE.

Say to her, “I’m going to kiss you – just because I WANT to kiss you…there’s just something about you…” Be sure and let your voice trail off on that last part.

Fifth, shift the focus of your eyes to your wife’s lips and begin to move your face SLOWLY towards hers – move just a couple of inches and then STOP – almost as if you were inspecting her lips. Then, relax and soften your own lips and continue moving closer until you’re able to slowly, gently, and lightly nibble your wife’s lower lip. Then pull back a few inches – as if you were doing another inspection – and just for a second or two – and then move back in and nibble her upper lip.

Now, up to this point, if your wife in any way tries to initiate a kiss of her own or tries to get into a more extensive kiss with you, gently but firmly push her face just out of reach of your lips with your hands and tell her, “Uh uh…I didn’t tell you that you could kiss me yet!” and then re-engage in completing the above steps.

Or, if along the way she says something like, “What?” or “What are you doing?” or “What’s going on?” then quietly whisper a “Shhh…” to her and continue moving through the steps.

Once you’ve completed the five steps above, then you’re ready toset off fireworks inside your wife

Sixth, after having nibbled your wife’s upper lip in step five, pull your face back, look deep into your wife’s eyes and say to her quite directly and emphatically, “You excite me!

Next, let a sly smile ease onto your face and say to your wife in a slightly teasing way, “Now, YOU kiss ME – and you better make it good – because if you don’t, I’m going to paddle your sexy little butt and make you start over!

Then, using your fingertips, GENTLY pull her face towards yours so she knows she can now kiss you.

Now, if your wife takes off with an AWESOME kiss, then just let her lead – let her do her thing and follow her lead for a while.

If she gives you a brief kiss and then pulls back, then reach behind her with your hand, give her a light spat on the butt and tell her, “I didn’t say you could quit. Get back up her and kiss me…” and gently pull her towards you (ABSOLUTELY NEVER USE FORCE) to reinitiate her kissing you.

Ok, at this point, I’m going to leave what happens next up to you and your wife. But, don’t be surprised if your wife’s face is slightly flushed with excitement. Don’t be surprised if she’s breathing differently. Don’t be surprised if she drags you off to the bedroom right then and there. And if she does, don’t be surprised if she reaches orgasm incredibly quickly and powerfully. And, don’t be surprised when in the days ahead – maybe even the weeks ahead – she makes comments about and references to you having kissed her…

SPECIAL NOTE: The above process is based on an assumption that you and your wife have a reasonably harmonious relationship. If however, your wife is emotionally and/or sexually estranged from you, then that needs to be fixed before you try giving your wife this SEXUAL KISS.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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