My Wife Is Talking About Getting A Divorce And I Want To Save Our Marriage

“Calle, my wife has mentioned the word divorce. I 100% do not want a divorce. What I need is a way to create some sort of spark for us to build off of. Any suggestions?”

I have good news for you: whether your wife is at the preliminary stage where she has brought up the idea of divorce as something she is considering…or she is further along and actively comparing the pros and cons of getting a divorce…or, she is at the stage where she is asserting that she wants to get a divorce…or, even if she has already initiated a divorce proceeding…there is a reasonably high probability that you can win her back and save your marriage…IF YOU satisfy two imperatives.

The first imperative is that YOU embrace and hold the proper mindset. The second imperative is that YOU use the proper approach to win your wife back.

Now, what I can tell you is that when the typical husband hears his wife bringing up the idea of them divorcing…well, his “survive, prevent loss, and maintain status quo” instinct kicks in…at which point he distinctly goes into the wrong mindset…and he tries one wrong approach after another to get what he wants…namely, for his wife to not divorce him.

For example, if your wife has brought up the word divorce, then probably what you think you want…and what you are searching for…is a “silver-bullet” with which you can make your wife stay with you.

Probably, you are looking for a short-cut by which you can make your wife go along with what you want…instead of what she wants.

Probably, what you think you need is a technique you can use to make your wife love you again.

Probably, you think an ideal solution is one that will make your wife be intimate and sexual with you again.

Well, what you need to understand is that if any of these are even remotely true, then YOU have the wrong mindset and YOU are using the wrong approaches…and YOU ARE going to fail with your wife… you WILL lose her…guaranteed!

So, what is the right mindset and the proper approach?

Well, IF you will embrace the mindset of becoming the most attractive, appealing, desirable, manly man that your wife knows…IF you will determine to become a man who understands your wife better than she understands herself…and, IF you will commit to being a man who understands how to lead, handle, manage, and channel your wife…then that will enable you to approach her in the right way…and the odds of your success become quite high.

Sure, it will take some time…but the time is going to pass anyway.

Going deeper with the time element…you have been married for X years…perhaps even Y decades…and your wife has heard many promises from you before. You have successfully raised her hopes and expectations many times…only for her to find herself disappointed and let down by you. So, what has taken you years or decades to create is NOT going to be undone in an afternoon by some silver-bullet technique.

Stated differently, as of right now, you are NOT going to be able to create a “spark” in your wife towards you…because your wife is as dead as a junk car’s trashed battery relative to the current version of YOU.

It is ONLY when you learn how to relate, interact, and operate as an attractive, desirable, appealing, and sexy man…and you prove and demonstrate over time that this is the kind of man you NOW ARE…only then will you be able to swing your wife around to being open to feeling a “spark” with you.

Of course, becoming an attractive, desirable, appealing, and sexy man is hard, takes time, and is not fun…which is why the typical husband tends to revert back to operating from the wrong mindset and approaching his wife in a variety of guaranteed-to-fail ways…all of which just deadens his wife towards him that much more…and increases the likelihood that his marriage is over with.

But, if you will study the materials I have created for men…and firstly learn to NOT do the things that push your wife away from you…to NOT do the things that turn your wife off towards you…things you aren’t even aware of…things that cause your wife to be angry or resentful towards you…and then secondly learn how to be the most attractive, desirable, appealing man that your wife knows…then short of her being so irrational that she will spite her own self and block her own self from what she most deeply wants, she will come back to you…in time…IF you will continue the think, behave, operate, interact, and relate as I teach in my program.

Here is the next thing for a husband to understand: it is highly unlikely that you can win your wife back and save your marriage by yourself! That is why, in conjunction with the materials, I have created a private forum where a husband can get ongoing, private, personalized, customized help and support at no additional cost. Inside this private forum, a husband whose marriage is in trouble will find a great group of men who have already used my materials to turn their own marriage around and who are more than happy to help newcomers do the same in their marriage.

Now, let’s go to the pressing matter: what do you do when your wife is saying she wants a divorce?

Well, you DO NOT give up and “throw in the towel”. You do not get rattled by what your wife has said or done. Instead, just keep diligently studying, absorbing, applying and implementing my materials as best you can…knowing that there are things in my materials that your wife does not want from you right now…but that’s okay…just give her what she will receive from you…and practice the rest of it on other females (any daughters, nieces, sisters, family friends, etc.)…and let your wife see the other females enjoying the joy you have learned to invoke from my program…and she will most likely come around once she believes that your changes are for real THIS time.

Now, what if it really is too late? What if you are unable to save your marriage? Well, in the unlikely event that your marriage does end…all of the work, development, and learning I describe above is STILL the exact right thing to do…because it will set you up to succeed in your next relationship and to never, ever again end up in the situation that you are now in.

In other words, this is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to you…and IF you will absorb and implement my teachings, then this situation will soon enough become the best thing that has ever happened to you…and the entire rest of your life will be the better for it.

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