What To Do When A Wife’s Health Problems Lower Her Libido?

Calle, my wife has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hyper-thyroidism (both of which lower sex drive / libido drastically). Currently, sex occurs once every few months. Can your program help me overcome these health issues?

In general, every problem that a husband is dealing with can ultimately be traced back to one or more of the following:

  1. What a husband…and others…are sending INTO his wife’s mind via their beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, actions, words, and mannerisms.
  2. What a wife is generating WITHIN her own mind.
  3. What a wife is ingesting, eating, and drinking.

Other than a minuscule number of exceptions, one or more of the above “inputs” IS the cause behind any and every problem a wife may have.

Of course, the symptoms exhibited and manifested may be different from wife to wife…but these causal “inputs” are the same for all women.

What makes a marriage or relationship situation harder or easier to fix is a function of how “severe” the “inputs” are.

Less severe inputs typically result in a wife who is simply grumpy or negative.

Moderately severe inputs typically result in a wife who is clinically depressed…a wife who cheats…or some similar form of drastic or destructive emotional behavior.

More severe inputs typically result in a wife who manifests physical afflictions and ailments.

In your wife’s case, the manifestation of what you and others are sending into her mind…and/or what your wife is generating within her own mind…and/or what your wife is ingesting into her body is severe enough to generate polycystic ovary syndrome and hyper-thyroidism within her body.

So, as you go through my foundational program (i.e. Happy, Sexual Marriage Program) and you learn how to improve the inputs that YOU are sending INTO your wife’s mind…and as you get into my more advanced books (i.e. DIY Marriage Counseling System, Unblockable, Wife-Seducer segments, etc.) and you learn to better lead, manage, direct, and channel your wife’s mind…so that she has higher-quality thoughts and feelings flowing through her…so that she is able to have more positive responses to herself, to you, and to others, you will find that her libido and her health will significantly improve…or even be restored fully.

Once you have absorbed and implemented my teachings, then IF your wife continues to have health problems, then what she is ingesting into her body is the only remaining reason for her health issues.

But, what most guys find out is that once they have developed themselves into the attractive, desirable, appealing MAN who knows how to lead, handle, manage, and turn on their wife, all the problems just go away of their own accord.

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