Men, This Will Push Your Wife Into Another Man’s Arms

You can deeply love your wife…

To spend the rest of your life with her can be your greatest desire…

But, if you possess one certain characteristic, you can be assured that two things will happen:

  1. Your wife will first check out emotionally
  2. Your wife will then leave you for another partner (that she’s either already found or will find)

Would you like to know what this one characteristic is so you can avoid it? Yes?

Here it is… Wait… Maybe it’s better that you discover it for yourself in the following…

Do you frequently wonder what your wife’s true feelings are towards you?

Are you always asking her if she loves you?

And, if she does say that she loves you, do you often doubt that she really means it in her heart?

What about phone calls or letters that she receives? Is it really important to you to know who they are from and what was said?

Do you secretly question if your wife is really committed and true to you?

Are you one who likes lots of reassurance from your wife that everything in your marriage relationship is ok?

Maybe, you want constant confirmation from your wife that she’ll always be with you and will never leave you?

And, if something does go wrong in the marriage relationship, do you automatically start wondering if it’s over with and thinking that there’s no hope?

Stop! Have you already picked up on what the characteristic is?

Here it is in a word…


And, the bad news is that insecurity never runs by itself…it always drags along its close cousins of CONTROLLING, NEGATIVITY, and SUSPICION.

The insecure man tries to “control” his wife – although he rarely realizes it – even as he interprets everything about her with “suspicion” and injects “negativity” into everything she does.

That’s why I can assert that an insecure man’s wife will eventually check out emotionally after which she will physically depart the marriage relationship.

It’s a fact…the insecure man IS losing his wife. The only question is how long it will be before she’s gone.

You see, a husband’s continual insecurity wears on his wife. It grates on her nerves. It emotionally drains her.

See, with all of life’s bombardments, one has to work at keeping themselves emotionally healthy. But, when you also have to be an “emotional support system” for another person, it quickly becomes too much…too draining.

At the start of the relationship, although a wife may find it irksome that her husband needs constant reassuring, she’ll go ahead and give it to him. But, she quickly reaches a state where she’s given out all of her reassurance and she has no reassurance left for herself.

Even worse, she’s not getting the reassurance from her husband that she craves… She’s always giving out reassurance but never getting anything back in return.

This wife quickly tires of having to constantly reassure an insecure husband. She tires of giving. She tires of trying.

On one hand, she DREAMS of being with a man who causes her to feel alive and exhilarated. On the other hand, she LIVES with a husband whose nagging insecurity leaves her feeling drained and exhausted.

And so, a wife who is married to an insecure man goes through a progression:

  1. She starts to view her husband as UNATTRACTIVE. (And the husband starts complaining that his wife’s desire for sex is declining.)
  2. She progresses to resenting her husband’s WEAKNESS. (And the husband becomes even more unhappy because his wife won’t hardly have sex at all now.)
  3. Finally, she reaches the stage where she literally HATES her husband. (And the husband is really unhappy now because he and his wife virtually never have sex anymore.)

These three steps are the wife’s “checking out emotionally” phase that I referred to at the beginning.

And, once she’s completed this process of “checking out”, she WILL leave. She will leave as a matter of SELF-PRESERVATION – as a matter of protecting her sanity, dignity, and peace-of-mind.

Bottom line, it is a foolish man who expects his wife to understand, support, and hang around to be tormented by his insecurity.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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