I Want My Wife To Have Sex With Another Man

First, a bit of definition: A cuckold is a husband whose wife has had sex with someone else. By having sex with someone else, a wife cuckolds her husband. Cuckolding is where a man watches his wife have sex with another man (or with several other men).

Some husbands foolishly accept their wife cheating on them…they accept being cuckolded…because it is the only way they can continue to keep their wife.  In other words, their wife continues to step out and cheat on them…against their will…as she goes down her black hole of need…as she pursues her self-debasing desire for validation from others…and these husbands can either go along with their wife cheating on them…or lose her.

And to their own shame, misery, and ultimately embarrassment…these husbands are so weak, insecure, and needy that rather than face losing their wife and being alone, they go along with letting her have illicit sex with other men.  By accepting and giving tacit “approval” for their wife’s adulterous ways…they “get” to keep their wife…while she uses, abuses, and disrespects them.

However, every once in a while, a guy comes into my world who WANTS me to help him “get cuckolded”.  He has a cuckold / cuckolding fantasy…so, he wants me to teach him how to make his wife understand his fantasy/desire for her to have sex with other men…and, he wants me to teach him how to get his wife hot for other men so that she will actually go through with the physical act of fulfilling his cuckold fantasy/desire.

Now, such a guy is so blinded by his fantasy/desire that he either cannot see…or he ignores the fact…that this desire/fantasy is the exact opposite of what I am about, what I teach, and what I stand for…and, he is blind to the destruction he is setting himself up for.  Specifically…

Fantasies and desires such as cuckolding ARE INEVITABLY AND INFALLIBLY DESTRUCTIVE!

Any man pursuing or engaging in such fantasies and desires is going to wreck the lives of multiple people…himself included.  It is simply a matter of time.

So, because I am all about helping men create happiness, closeness, and intimacy in their marriage, I am NEVER going to help someone do something that is guaranteed to destroy their life…along with the lives of others…participants and bystanders alike.

Now, knowing that a normal, well, healthy husband is going to be very jealous of his wife sexually…knowing that a normal, well, healthy husband is going to have a strong if not violent aversion to his wife being sexual with another man, let’s ask ourselves, “Why would a husband desire such an unhealthy, unnatural, opposite-of-normal, fantasy?

Ultimately, the answer always boils down to core, internalized feelings that are extremely self-negative…feelings that are typically formed out of weakness, insecurity, fear, inadequacy, or insufficiency…combined with self-loathing, humiliation, shame, and undeservingness (often as a result of abuse and or neglect in their childhood)…but sometimes formed out of jealousy, anger, and hatred or other strong negative emotions.

Note: ALL of the preceding are SELF-inflicted mental and emotional states that have LITTLE to do with reality…and cuckolding and other like destructive fantasies/desires are based upon “stimulating” the mental anguish these negative emotions represent.

To provide some examples…which often overlap in similarity…because they are based upon the same negative emotions…

Sometimes, a husband feels insecure about his penis size…he believes he is unable to satisfy his wife completely…so he wants her to have sex with another guy with a larger penis so that his wife can be “more satisfied sexually”…and the (FLAWED) idea is that he can “vicariously” experience fulfilling his wife sexually through another man.

Sometimes, a husband WANTS to feel strong feelings of jealousy…and that drives him to pursue the cuckolding fantasy. Because of things that have happened in his past, he has a very low sense of self-esteem…and a very HIGH, STRONG sense of undeservingness…and cuckolding is a great way for him to “demonstrate” his undeservingness. He does not feel he “deserves” the loyalty or faithfulness of his wife…and that he “deserves” her infidelity…and he gets a warped, twisted sense of pleasure out of saying “I knew it…I told you so” to himself when his wife receives allegedly greater sexual pleasure from another man.

Sometimes, the feeling of undeservingness drives a husband to push his wife to another man so that he can go through the “challenge” of “proving” he can win her back and keep her as his wife. The flawed idea is that if his wife has been with another man, then he must re-win, re-claim, and re-establish that he is “better” than the other man.

Sometimes, a husband has thought and worked himself into such a state of unhappiness and misery that he WANTS to be cuckolded as a way to “validate, affirm, and prove” his unhappiness…misery…inadequacy…and so on. It is the warped, perverted satisfaction of “proving” one’s negative thoughts and feelings to be “true”.

Sometimes, a husband is so insecure and weak that he derives his sense of “worth and value” by knowing he has an attractive wife…because IF his wife is “something” then that makes him “something”. However, UNLESS other men want his wife…and are willing to have sex with her…he doesn’t really “know” if his wife is high-value…so he embraces cuckolding in an effort to extract feelings of “worth and value” from being the husband of a sexually-desirable wife.

There are other reasons besides these why some husbands pursue cuckoldry…but the above examples are enough to illustrate the flawed “thinking” and perverted, twisted, warped “drive” that underlay this destructive fantasy/desire.

Now, let’s go into why I say this fantasy/desire is guaranteed to destroy a marriage relationship…and why it will infallibly wreak havoc, confusion, chaos, destruction, and loss in the lives of everyone involved…

The bottom line is three-fold:

One, it positions a husband in a “lesser” position and a wife’s lover(s) in a “greater” position…and given opportunity and time, a female will ALWAYS move towards a “greater” man…and AWAY from a “lesser” man.

Now, this does not mean the lover is truly a “greater” man. But, if he is constantly being positioned in that way, then a woman will soon enough accept and believe what is being “positioned” to her.

Two, while a wife can certainly experience strong erotic excitement from the thought or act of cuckolding her husband in the short-term, it ultimately (long-term) creates the opposite feelings within her from what she wants to experience with the man she shares her life with…assuming she is a healthy, rational, self-esteemed woman.

A healthy and well woman wants to enjoy a certain specific kind of sexual connection with a man…one that does NOT include having to constantly carry, coax, and support that man and the “burden” he represents.

So, a wife who is constantly being called on to talk the “kink” talk of cuckolding to her husband…or to perform the act of cuckolding for him…so that he can “get his thrill”…is soon enough just going to think of him as “creepy”, “weird”, undesirable, and unattractive…she is soon enough just going to think of him as “a pathetic guy with a problem”…which happens to be the kind of guy she does NOT want to be with.

Third, perverted fantasies/desires like cuckolding will infallibly produce destruction because of one over-riding, universally-true reason: God designed sex to be a sacred activity shared only between a husband and a wife.  God intended for sex to be a private and honorable union and connection between a husband an wife…one that NOBODY else in the world would have or experience.  God ordained sex to be a UNIQUE goodness between a husband and wife that nobody else would know or experience. 

Consequently, when a person foolishly steps outside of God’s designs, intentions, and ordinations, it is only a matter of time until the consequences and costs of their “sins” will come home to them.

So, if you care about keeping your marriage intact…if you care about enjoying a lasting marriage with your wife, then I suggest you put away any foolish, destructive, expensive ideas of her cuckolding you.

If you doubt my advice, it is easy to find people on the internet who have “played with the fire” of cuckoldry…and who now are suffering the consequences, destruction, and loss.  These people have the experience to prove and confirm what I have said above.

Or, you can ignore me…

You can cast all reason, sense, and logic to the wind…

You can push forward with getting what you have worked up in your mind to be an exciting idea…

You can seek false-proof that refutes what I have said.  You can easily find people who will tell you cuckoldry is a “great” lifestyle with “wonderful” benefits if you “manage” things properly…

(Just be aware that the ONLY people who can/will serve up this false-proof are those who are at the BEGINNING or MIDDLE of living this lifestyle…those who have not yet reached the END of this lifestyle…those who have not yet arrived at the consequences of their ungodly actions.)

And, if you decide to push forward in spite of my warning, then you DESERVE the pain that is inevitably coming to you.

Sadly, your wife, children, family, and friends DO NOT DESERVE the “fall-out” and heart-break that will infallibly attend your perverted fantasy/desire.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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  1. This sounds very true. Though I have weird thoughts about my wife very strongly. But i don’t know why so many husbands desires for that experience including me. Suggest more if anybody have to avoid these fantasies.


  2. How to avoid?

    Simple…ramp up your love, appreciation, respect, and value for yourself and your wife…and draw closer to her on THAT level.

    Go into ways that you can show these positive emotions to your wife…and connect with her…bond with her…prove to her…on THAT level.

    The closeness, intimacy, and pleasure you feel on that level will far surpass any pleasure you get from “kink”…which is a short-term thrill that leaves you feeling dirty, used, cheap, and defiled the next morning…and in need of another quick “kink” thrill in order to cover up the bad feelings your God-given conscience is giving you.

    Really, the addiction of “kink” is just like a drug addiction…and just as destructive.

    To illustrate the love perspective, a normal father who has normal love in his heart for his daughter(s)…regardless of her age…whether she is 5 or 50…would strongly reject the idea of passing his daughter around to a passel of different guys who are doing nothing more than using her as an object to dump their unloving, unrespecting sexual lust onto and into.

    So, assuming you would not do this to any daughters that you have, why would you do this to your wife…the woman that God meant to be your closest, most cherished, most intimate, partner for life? (And, if you are not opposed to passing any daughters you have around…then you have a black, black heart filled with the darkest vileness and evilness…and you desperately need to pray through to Jesus Christ until you get delivered from the evil spirits that possess you.)

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