How Was Your Valentine’s Day?

Husband, how was your Valentine's Day?

Fellow, how was your Valentine’s Day? I sincerely hope you enjoyed exactly the kind of Valentine’s Day with your lady that you wanted to enjoy.

For the sake of curiosity, let’s go ahead and take a moment to compare the kind of Valentine’s Day you had to that of other men:

1) A few rare men enjoyed a loving, affectionate, intimate, and sexual day with their lady…these men and their lady had fun with each other…they teased each other…they played with each other…they talked dirty to each other…they “accidentally” and “purposely” touching each other’s sexual organs…and so on…culminating with a lovemaking session that rocked both of their worlds…lovemaking that was exciting, passionate, erotic, and deeply sexual…lovemaking that was satisfying and meaningful…lovemaking that was the ultimate expression of love, connection, and affection. These men went to bed with their lady in their arms and a smile on BOTH of their faces…reveling in the connection and togetherness that they shared.

2) Many men spent a lot of money buying their wife a nice gift, buying her flowers, paying for a nice date, and so on…but frankly, they could tell that the sex their wife gave them afterwards was out of duty and obligation…after all, what kind of woman would she be if she wouldn’t “put out” after her husband had spent all of that time and money on her? But, deep down, each one these men could tell that his wife was not really into the sex with him…he could tell that the passion, connection, and meaning was missing…he could tell that his wife was just giving him a “sexual gift” back because she knew that is what he wanted…but he could tell that it was NOT a gift given from her heart. Worst of all, while they were having sex, he could tell that his wife just wanted it to be over with. In the end, these men went to bed feeling cheated and defrauded…they had done their best to connect with their wife…they had done what they were supposed to do…they had “went through the motions”…but the connection just did not really happen…and these men fell asleep with a nagging concern about their relationship and their future with their wife…because after all, if they couldn’t pull off a real connection with their wife on Valentine’s Day, then somewhere down deep, there was a real problem…but they didn’t quite know what it was…or how to go about fixing it.

3) There were some men who went into Valentine’s Day with a wife who wanted nice gifts from her husband…and a big date…but honestly, she really wasn’t interested in getting intimate or sexual with him. So, she was relatively warm and friendly on the “front-end”…she may have even led her husband on…giving him the impression that IF he put on a big production that pleased her enough he MIGHT get “lucky”…and the husband “put out and put up” to the best of his ability…but on the “back-end”…when it came time to go to bed…when it came to the part where the sex was supposed to happen…well, “suddenly”, the wife wasn’t feeling well…or she was just too tired…or one of the kids was running a fever…or whatever excuse it was that she used.

4) A lot of men had high hopes for the day…hopes that their wife would step out of her normal closed off state…hopes that their wife would step out of her normal non-affectionate, non-intimate, non-sexual mode…hopes that their wife would get into the Valentine’s spirit so to speak…and that she would open up to connection, warmth, intimacy, and sex. Unfortunately, most of these men went to bed disappointed, frustrated, and hurt…not able to understand their wife’s refusal and rejection of love and connection with them.

5) Some men went into Valentine’s Day with a wife who did NOT want to go out with her husband at all. In fact, many of these women told their husband up front NOT to get her anything and that she did NOT want to go out on a date. In spite of this, many of these guys went ahead anyway and got their wife a gift, flowers, or whatever…in hopes that she would warm up and come around at least a little bit. In most cases, their wife just got mad at them for having given her something when she had told him specifically that she did not want anything from him…and these guys went to bed heartbroken…desperately wanting to just make a positive connection with their wife…and being thwarted from even being able to do that.

6) Some men went into Valentine’s Day alone…because their wife had already left them…their wife was unwilling to be with them anymore…their marriage relationship had languished in dissatisfaction for so long that their wife had finally given up…ended the relationship…separated…and now wants nothing to do with her estranged husband.

Now, the men who have learned, absorbed, and implemented the things I teach in my program enjoyed a Valentine’s Day like I described in #1 above. Pretty much all the other men…with the exception of those who are newly-wed’s…most likely experienced one of the other not-so-satisfying Valentine’s Day.

And, you know what? This Valentine’s Day was a major change for some men…it was a major change compared to previous years…because some of the men who enjoyed a #1 kind of Valentine’s Day with their lady were able to have that kind of day because sometime in the past year or so, they invested in themselves, their wife, and their marriage by getting my program…and they turned their marriage around…such that they are now able to enjoy the kind of marriage relationship with their wife that they want to enjoy with her on an ONGOING basis…and their “hot & spicy” Valentine’s Day was really just a more-or-less “normal” day for them.

On the other hand, there are a LOT of men who have watched their marriage deteriorate year by year…they started out having the good kind of Valentine’s Days…but with each passing year…the quality has dropped lower and lower…now, they have the #3, #4, or even #5 kinds of Valentine’s Days.

Interestingly, pretty much all of these men would say that their wife is the most important person in the world to them…and they would say their marriage is the most important relationship they have…but yet, based upon the lack of time and money they have applied towards learning how to create a turned on wife and a happy marriage, they apparently do not really care…they apparently WANT to end up losing their wife and family.

Bizarrely, they WASTE boatloads of money on frivolous, meaningless things all the time…day in and day out…but nearly choke at the idea of spending even a few dollars on learning how to improve their relationship with their wife.

Doesn’t that seem like the ultimate in silliness, foolishness, and stupidity?

So many guys like to think of themselves as “smart”…but how smart is a guy whose Valentine’s Days used to be the kind like I described in #1 above…then his Valentine’s Day deteriorated to a #2…then a #3…and now, his Valentine’s Days are a #4 or even a #5 and he STILL hasn’t done anything significant or meaningful towards improving his relationship with his wife?

Sure, he’s done a lot of griping and complaining…sure, he’s done a lot of blaming, condemning, and criticizing his wife…but what has HE done that was a serious and real effort towards creating a turned-on wife who wants to enjoy life with him intimately, affectionately, and sexually? Usually, the truthful answer is, “Nothing that cost him any time, effort, or money!”

Now, what does this guy think is going to happen if he keeps on doing nothing to better his relationship with his lady? Does he think his marriage situation will somehow “magically” work itself out and get better? Well, I am here to tell him that it will NOT get any better. A marriage will only get worse…UNLESS A MAN PURPOSELY LEARNS HOW TO CREATE A TURNED-ON RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS WIFE!

Of course, a guy can certainly continue rejecting the idea of taking the lead in creating a happy, turned-on relationship with his wife…and in fact, this is exactly what many men do. But, just so you know, the wife of this kind of man usually ends up giving up on her husband and dumping him for another man who she CAN have exciting Valentine’s Days with.

But, today is a day of opportunity for YOU…even if you are one of those guys who is in the separated/estranged kind of relationship I described in #6 above. Today, YOU can decide to be smart by deciding to get my program…and thereby invest in an awesome future wherein YOU enjoy the kind of relationship with your lady that you (and she) really wants to enjoy.

Time continues on…Valentine’s Day will roll around again in a year…it will be here before you know it.

You KNOW what kind of Valentine’s Day you had this year…and the question is, “What kind of Valentine’s Day do you want to experience NEXT year?”

If you want to have the kind of day I described in #1 above, then TODAY is the day to start creating THAT kind of Valentine’s Day!

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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  1. Hello Calle, Fortunately I have learned much from your work. I had a very memorable, erotic valentines day full of mind blowing sex for both my wife and myself. I purchased some of your material awhile back and it was worth so much more than the small amount of money required. I sincerely thank you for all your work.

  2. Calle, my valentines was early and #1 and lasted 10 days….actually my wife chuckled when down the description you mentioned “it was really #1 but that is what is just another typical day in the life of two lovebirds….”

  3. #1 Calle!! Thanks for the wisdom in your writing. My wife and I would NOT be where we are at if it wasn’t for finding your material. I have always had the lady of my dreams, I just didn’t know where the excel-orator pedal was.

  4. Calle, Through your books and the wonderful men on the forum I for the first time in a decade–maybe even ever, enjoyed a Valentines Day as described in your first description. Thank you so much.

  5. Calle, I have your program and it is without any question the best material available for achieving the kind of marriage relationship all men want and deserve for themselves and for their wife.

  6. Hey Calle, My wife put her ring back on as her vday gift to me. Your program is definitely working! Thanks again!

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