The Mystery of Female Ejaculation – Solved!

First the background story…

It started with a girlfriend. We were out parking one night and I had her backed up against the passenger-side seat of my pickup with me standing up outside and I was do’in her. We were both having a great time when all of a sudden there was this “explosion” of liquid that blew all over me – it was like she was having a massive pee on me.

I had never encountered anything like this before but instinctively, I knew it was good. Admittedly, my first thought was that she had pee’d on me but I was ok with that because I knew I was making her feel really good. But my second thought was that there was no smell of urine so I decided that it wasn’t urine. I flat out didn’t know what it was but again, I instinctively knew it was good.

The funny thing was, she was even more shocked and surprised than I was and she got all embarrassed and started apologizing.

Sensing an opportunity, I took on the “air” of “stud” and “this is what it’s like with a real man” (LOL) and calmly, confidently assured her that it was ok and perfectly natural and that I liked it when she did that.

Well, for the next year, it was like the tidal wave was unleashed. Every time we had sex on a bed, 10 – 15 towels minimum were required.

And then, it stopped. Totally. Completely. No more “gushers”. No more towels needed. I couldn’t understand it. She would still orgasm multiple times – real, lose-control, contractions all over her body – but no gushers.

I couldn’t figure it out. I even asked several older women who I trusted and they didn’t understand it nor could they explain it either.

Eventually, we parted ways. With all the other ladies, there was never any kind of moisture release when she orgasmed.

For years, the question remained in my head, “Why did one woman “gush” for a period of time and then stop? Why did none of the other women gush?

Then, by happenstance, I came across Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot by Deborah Sundah. I bought the book and brought it home for my lady to read.

The next day she called me at my office screaming with excitement, “I did it! I did it!” After I several minutes of trying to get her calmed down, I asked her, “You did what?” “I ejaculated” she yelled excitedly, “I read the book you bought me, did what it told me to do and I more than filled up a cup with my ejaculate!”

Well let me tell you, I couldn’t wait to get home that evening so she could “show” me. She did show me and now Female Ejaculation is a regular and exciting part of our sex life.

Now, the explanation part…

Every female alive is capable of ejaculating. It’s just that most never discover or learn of this capability. And, there’s a very specific reason why most women never discover it. It’s because their G-Spot is located approximately 1.5 – 3 inches back inside the top of their vagina.

In contrast, those women who are “natural” gushers have G-Spots that are approximately 1.5 inches or less inside their vagina. In other words, their G-Spot is very close to the outside of their vagina. As such, it is much more easily stimulated by normal sex in the right way that leads to ejaculation.

On most women who are “natural” gushers, if you gently “pull up and out” the top-front of their vagina with your fingers, you can literally see their G-Spot – it’s that close to the front.

For women whose G-Spot is a little further back, they are still able to ejaculate with sex but they may require a specific position in order to get the right stimulation.

For women whose G-Spot is still further back, they tend to only be able to ejaculate by use of a vibrator / dildo. Now, before anyone goes and develops a penis-size complex, all it takes is a 3 or 4 inch vibrator with the diameter of a pencil and she can ejaculate.

So, it’s not that your penis-size isn’t sufficient for her. It’s just that her G-Spot is located in an area where you can’t really get to it to give it the right kind of “upward” stimulation that she needs to ejaculate. That’s ok. In fact, in my opinion, it’s much more interesting to watch a woman ejaculate than it is for her to ejaculate with my penis inside of her where I can’t see the ejaculation actually happen.

Next, you need to know about the “switch”. Let me explain the “switch” in analogy form. If you have central heat & air in your house, then you have a thermostat that serves as the “switch” that turns on or turns off the heat & air. A simple “flick of the switch” to the “off” position and there’s no more air. The equipment’s all there but there’s no air. It’s off.

In the same way, women have a “switch” that if it’s off, they CANNOT ejaculate. They absolutely have all of the “equipment” but they cannot ejaculate. Where is this switch? It’s the BRAIN! And, it’s any form of negative emotion that turns her “switch” OFF! If your lady is upset at you for some reason, she cannot ejaculate.

That’s why my “gusher” girl stopped ejaculating. After being together for a while, I started doing things that “upset” her and generated “negative emotions” and sure enough, her switch flipped off. The problem was, I was too ignorant to know any of this at that time.

The point is, until a woman totally resolves and releases her negative emotions or hurts, she will be able to turn the switch back on so that she can ejaculate.

Here’s the next thing. Ejaculation is not the same thing as orgasm – although many women can develop their ejaculating ability so that it coincides with their orgasm.

This of course, leads to the question, “How does it feel for a woman to ejaculate in comparison to an orgasm?” Well, women tell me that it feels “nice” or “very pleasurable” but it doesn’t satisfy like an orgasm – they still want the orgasm in order to feel fulfilled.

As far as a woman learning how to ejaculate, just get her the book – it explains it very well.

I will add that there is a video available as a companion to the book but I do not recommend getting it because it’s expensive and even worse, it’s confusing. It shows 3 couples – and the lady ejaculates – but it doesn’t really explain how to do it like the book does. In other words, a woman can learn how to ejaculate from the book. She probably wouldn’t be able to figure it out from just the video.

I hope this is helpful for those men who have not yet experienced Female Ejaculation or those who are confused about it like I used to be.

Also, if you’re interested in getting the book, you can get it here:

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