How To Get Your Wife To Give You All The Sex You Want

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Husband, I have great news for you…

Your wife CAN and WILL be as sexual with you as you want her to be.

But, there is a catch…

Whatever the level of “sexual woman” that you want your wife to be at with you…that is the same level of “sexy man” that YOU have to be at in relation to her!

If your wife is not very sexual with you, then that means you are not a very sexy man towards her.

Now, you may argue that your wife was plenty sexual when the two of you first hooked up…and that you haven’t changed from what you were then.

Well probably, that is mostly true…and there is a completely logical explanation for why this happened. Your lady had a fantasy playing in her mind that was exciting to her…you came along…and she plugged you into her fantasy…and her response to you…based upon the fantasy in her mind…was the turned on woman you experienced at that time.

The problem is that over time, the reality of your REAL level of sexiness has manifested itself to your wife again and again…until now, your wife had WITHDREW you…she has UN-plugged you…from her fantasy.

And, when YOU are no longer plugged into that part of your wife’s mind that is exciting to her…well, she is no longer going to respond to you or interact with you in that excited, turned-on, sexual way.

Now, I want to make a couple of items clear…

First, being a sexy man is NOT about being super-handsome and ultra-rich.

Of course, no reasonable woman is going to be attracted to a consistently-broke, slovenly, disheveled, pot-bellied, beer and chips in hand, eyes glued to the TV, couch potato. But, assuming you are a reasonable man who takes reasonable care of himself, being sexy is NOT about looks.

What makes a man sexy is the overall set of feelings that he creates within a woman on an ongoing basis.

And, when a man knows how to invoke these feelings within his wife, he will be shocked at how passionate, affectionate, and sexual his wife will be with him.

Second, being a sexy man is NOT about doing nice things for your wife.

Men everywhere are doing all kinds of things to try to get their wife to be sexual with them. They have washed the dishes until they gleam. They have worn the handle off the vacuum cleaner. They have washed the clothes until they are thread-bare. They have bought their wife all kinds of jewelry.  That have taken their wife on cruise after cruise.  And yet, they cannot understand why their wife will not be sexual with them.

Pay attention to what I am about to say…

Doing things to try to bribe your wife into being sexual with you…doing things for your wife that you think she should appreciate and give sex back to you for…is NOT the same thing as being a sexy man.

The man who is forever trying to “nice” his way into his wife’s panties will soon enough find that his wife will use every available, semi-reasonable excuse she can come up with to keep him OUT of her panties.  The man who is constantly doing things for his wife to get her to be sexual with him will soon enough have a wife who “claims” she does not like, want, or need sex.

Moreover, just because you have a job and pay bills…just because you are the father of you and your wife’s children…just because some courthouse has a marriage certificate stored away that states you and your wife are married…does NOT mean you are a sexy man to your wife.

So, the truth remains…your wife will be as sexual with you as you are sexy. Your wife’s level of sexual expressiveness will quickly level off to match your level of sexiness.

What this means is that if you want your wife to be more sexual with you, then you must become a more sexy man. It is that simple!

How do you do become a sexy man?

Well, for every truly good thing that can be had and enjoyed in life, there IS a WISDOM that must be developed and maintained in order to acquire, attain, possess, and retain that good thing…and this most definitely applies to a man who wants to have a sexual marriage relationship with his wife.

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