Can I turn my marriage around?

Men frequently tell me their wife is just not affectionate or sexual and they want to know if it is even possible to get such a wife to be affectionate and sexual.

The answer is, “Yes!”

There ARE men who create the marriage they want with a wife who was previously blocked, locked, and shut-down.

But, they did NOT create the marriage they wanted by just WANTING their wife to be different.  They did NOT create the marriage they wanted by being frustrated all the time because their wife was not what they wanted her to be.  They did not create the marriage they wanted by trying something for a few weeks and then giving up and going back to their previous mode of operation.

These men created the marriage they wanted by becoming the kind of man who their wife could be attracted to and turned on by.

Imagine for a moment that your wife was a 450 pound woman with nasty and missing teeth, foul breath, lots of facial hair, matted, dandruff-filled hair, arm-pit odor that you could smell across the room, and so on — a woman who just totally grossed you out.

If your wife really was like this, in terms of you wanting her sexually, would it matter how nice she was to you?

The obvious answer is no.  If she’s nice to you, that might make it easier to get along with her but you will NOT want to partake of her sexually.

Well, hopefully you are not physically gross to your wife…but if she is not turned on by you, then that means the emotional connection you have with her AND your mode of operation around her IS gross to her and that is why she isn’t interested in sharing her affection or sex with you.  So, that is why a man must learn how to become an attractive, appealing, desirable, sexy man — so that he doesn’t “gross” his wife out when it comes to affection and sex.

How EXACTLY to become this kind of man IS explained in my digital books and in my private forum.  But, it DOES takes work, effort, diligence, and discipline to become this kind of man.  But then again, these ARE some of the very traits that make a man attractive — so these are traits a man SHOULD WANT.  No, it is NOT easy.  But, it is FOR SURE that a woman is NOT going to be attracted to a man who is physically, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually lazy.

And, getting another woman DOES NOT fix a man’s problems.  If a man were to get another woman, it would be just a matter of time until he was in the exact same situation.  It would be just a matter of time until the new woman started reacting towards him just like his current wife does.  This is true because a woman is always reacting to the man…so without any changes on the man’s part, the specific details would be different but the outcome and results would be exactly the same because the character and nature of a relationship stems from the man’s way of thinking and the man’s mode of operation.

Here’s a way to think about things that can get a man going in a good direction: if I wanted my wife to be just like your wife, how would I get her to be that way?  What would I have to do so that my wife would be like yours?  What would I not do?  How would I have to think?  What would my mindset have to be? How would I have to interact with her.  What kind of person would I have to be?  What would I have to make my life like?  How confused and unclear would I have to be about my wife’s wants and needs?

Think about your relationship with your wife from all of these different levels because there IS a MENTALITY and PROCESS to creating the outcomes that you are currently experiencing.  And, as you become more aware of the mentality and process that creates what you currently have, THEN you will become more aware of how to shift your mentality and process to one that works better for you and that creates the outcomes that you desire.

Here’s another way to think about things that can get a man going in a good direction: if a certain kind of man was to walk into your wife’s life, she WOULD have a positive, affectionate, and sexual reaction and response to that man.  What kind of man would such a man be?  What would he be like?  What would he do?  What would he NOT do?  What would his mentality be?  What would his life be like, etc.

Again, all the solutions and answers are IN my digital books and in my forum.  But, the common problem for many guys is that they have such STRONG MENTAL PROGRAMS running in their own head that they can read the books and do a few EASY things different … but the SAME strong mental programs are still firmly running in their head which means their wife is STILL going to have the SAME exact response to her husband — except she will perhaps be a little nicer towards him.

Stated differently, it is EASY to see what another guy is doing wrong in his relationship … while it is HARD for a guy to see what HE is doing wrong in his relationship.  And THAT is why a man must become able to SEE HIMSELF in the way that his wife sees him.  And WHEN he begins to see himself accurately, THEN he can make the appropriate shifts and changes…THEN he can change his habitual way of thinking and operating…so that he can get a different and better response out of his wife towards him…one that he enjoys way more than his current results.

So, if what I have said here resonates truth to you, then I encourage you to do yourself the favor of turning your marriage around.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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