Men, Don’t Let This Happen To You

Men who have never been through a divorce seem to generally have a perspective that there was some hidden flaw in the men who have been through a divorce that caused them to deserve what they got.

Further, men who have never been through a divorce have this mindset that should they ever find themselves in divorce court, they will be entitled to a fair trial.

Both of these beliefs are totally inaccurate.

While there are certainly exceptions, most men who have found themselves in divorce court were NORMAL men who went through all the normal gyrations of life – just like you are used to.

And then one day, he comes home from work only to find that his wife has either packed her stuff and left with the kids or that she has thrown his belongings out into the yard, changed the locks, and locked him out of his own home.

The “wife” has “pulled the plug” and decided that she isn’t interested in him anymore – and there is NOTHING the man can do – which leads to the next point…

In a criminal court, we all know that a defendant is entitled to a fair trial by jury.

And, while there are always exceptions and there are certainly flaws introduced by people in our legal system, we know that the accused person more or less gets a fair trial.

But the moment you find yourself in a Family Law Court, everything changes.

There is no fair trial. There is no jury.

The FATE of you and your relationship with your children is TOTALLY in the hands of some judge or some court-appointed evaluator.

By the way, just in case you don’t know this, the vast majority of the people in the Family Law system are ANTI-MAN, MAN-HATING people.

Now, to be fair, there are good judges and family evaluators. But be warned, more often than not, the Family Law Court System is set up so that the man loses, the children lose, and the woman wins – although she almost always loses in the end too – just for different reasons.

The only people who really win in a divorce situation are the Divorce Attorney’s – and they win BIG – at your expense!

Now, you may think that I am painting a totally pessimistic, negative, and unfair picture of our Family Law System and the people that are within them.

Well, if you think I am making this all up, I challenge you, take a morning off and go sit in a divorce court for a few hours.

I promise you will leave with your hair standing on end, your heart shattered and pounding, and fighting for all you’re worth to keep the tears held back – and it won’t even be you that’s going through it – at least not yet.

I guarantee that you will be shocked at how cavalierly people’s lives are treated and handled – and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Again, there are always exceptions. There are men and women who have split amiably without a nasty courtroom experience. But, what I want to bring home to you is that this is the exception and not the rule.

If you should ever find yourself on the receiving end of a woman’s wrath within a court of law, you will soon find that the system is designed for you to lose.

Consider this statistic, 1 in 5 men end up bankrupt after a divorce.

So, how does a man keep himself out of this nasty divorce situation?

Well in this free article, I’ll only mention some simple basics…

Realize that your lady needs to feel important and special. She needs to feel equal and considered. She needs to feel like she is heard and respected.

If she doesn’t get these feelings from you, then she is VULNERABLE to the first man who comes along and gives her these feelings.

This in turn puts you in a VULNERABLE position where you could easily find yourself in divorce court.

Wake up before it’s too late and start meeting the needs that your lady has.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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